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Sterling Styles Lamid Limited conducts an exam against the Management Trainee Officer vacancy.

Management trainee officer written exam questions and answers are as follows:

  1. Question Type: MCQ
  2. Time: 2.00 Hours

1. General Question (1 *10=10) Marks

A. System of Bangladesh Government is ……………. .

B. How many domestic airports Bangladesh has ………………. .

C. Bangladesh’s oldest known city site is ……………….. .

D. ……….. Food name contains Vitamin D.

E. Anemia meaning in Bangla ……………… .

F. A normal blood pressure level is less than ……………. .

G. 70% of the Earth’s Surface is covered in ………………. .

H. What Color is the sand on Mars…………………… .

I. Independent day of Bangladesh is……………… .

J. Genghis Khan was founder of ………………. Empire.

2. Short Notes (2*5-10) Marks


B. Automation

C. Strategy

D. Balance sheet

E. Fiber

F. Yarn


H. Compliance

I. Sustainability

3. Mathematics: (2*10) =20 Marks

A. Look at this series: 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, What number should come next?

B. The sum of two numbers is 75 and their difference is 20. Find the difference of their squares.

C. If the seven-figure number 30×0103 is a multiple of 13, then x is?

D. Odometer is to mileage as compass is to……………?

E. 75% of a number when added to 75 is equal to the number. The number is?

F. 2 city building lots are for sale. Lot B is twice as long in each rectangular dimension as Lot a) How big is Lot. b) compared to Lot A? 

G. In lowest terms, 3 5/6-12/3=?

H. Fill in the numbers from 1 to 6 (without repetition) so that each side of the magic triangle adds up to 12.

I. Find the Missing Term in Multiples of 6:6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 54, 60.

J. A, B and C start a business, each investing $20000. After a month A withdrew $ 5000, B $ 4000 and C invested $ 6000 more. At the end of the year, a total profit of $ 69900 was recorded. What is the share of B?

4. Bangla to English Translation (10) Marks :

খাদ্যের শক্তি ও পুষ্টিগুণ জানতে ক্যালরি মাপা অত্যন্ত জরুরি। খাদ্যের ক্যালরি মাপার গবেষণা শুরু হয় উনিশ শতকে। এ জন্য বিজ্ঞানীরা খাবারভর্তি পাত্রকে পুড়িয়ে উত্পন্ন তাপের পরিমাণ মাপেন। সেই প্রক্রিয়া থেকেই ওজন অনুযায়ী খাবারের ক্যালরির পরিমাণ জানা যায়। এক গ্রাম চর্বিতে থাকে প্রায় নয় গ্রাম ক্যালরি, যা এক গ্রাম প্রোটিন বা শর্করা থেকে প্রাপ্ত ক্যালরির প্রায় দ্বিগুণ। এখান থেকেই তথাকথিত “আটওয়াটার ফ্যাক্টর’ পাওয়া যায়। খাবারে থাকা প্রোটিন, শর্করা আর চর্বির অনুপাতকে সংশ্লিষ্ট আর্টওয়াটার ফ্যাক্টর দিয়ে গুণ করে খাবারের ক্যালরি মাপা যায়। এটা একটা সহজ পদ্ধতি। তবে এ পদ্ধতিতে শরীরে কীভাবে এ ক্যালরি ব্যবহৃত হয়, সে-সম্পর্কিত সূক্ষ্ম বিষয়গুলো জানা যায় না।

5. English to Bangla Translations (10) Marks:

It may sound strange, but there are some species of squid that are able to fly. Although only a dozen studies have recorded the flight of cephalopods. But scientists believe that all of them have the same flight techniques. The squid uses jet propulsion techniques to navigate the seabed. By absorbing water through a part of the body, that water is rapidly expelled through another organ called a siphon. And changing the direction of motion by turning the siphon. This technique produces very strong acceleration. Some species can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour with this technique. Using this speed they can throw themselves into the air over the sea surface.

6. Answer 1 questions (1* 10=10) Marks

(Answering Tip: Only bullet points, flowcharts or diagrams)

A. Recently you have launched your new food chain business in Ashulia industrial zone. You want to provide a healthy lunch in a monthly package. Your targeted customer is industrial employees. Please write down step by step promotion ideas of your food chain services for commercial growing bigger and better.

B. In the RMG-based economy nowadays we think a lot about worker wellbeing so does our buyers. Therefore Factory has selected you to make a short film (10 minutes) on lifestyle, hardship, achievement of garments workers. Please write down the film Script and at last explain the message your movie wants to convey to our buyers.

Textile MTO Question
Textile MTO Question: Management Trainee Officer Question 3

7. Essay Writing (Answer any 1 question 1*10) Marks

(Answering Tip: Page limit 1.5 page. Informative, well defined Essay)

A. Which of the following development strategies is most successful in achieving economic growth?

a) Exporting domestically manufactured goods.

b) Closing off the developing economy by imposing severe, Justify.  

B. What is morality? How does an employee make ethical decisions in the workplace?

8. Answer the following question (2* 10=20) Marks

A. Write/ Draw your Resume for a job on one page.

(Answering Tip: In professional format, showcase your all skills and expertise)

B. Give me an example of when you used logic to solve a problem.

(Answering Tip: Employ a Situation/Task Action Result format)

Candidate who will receive average 70 to above marks we will be contacted for face to face textile job interview

Thank You for participating MTO program of Sterling Styles Lamid.

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