Textile Interview Questions and Answer from 5 Top Company

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Textile interview questions from five different companies can be valuable and helpful for candidates who are preparing for a job interview in the textile industry. By reviewing these questions, candidates can get a good sense of the types of questions that they are likely to be asked and they can prepare their answers accordingly.

Textile interview questions and answers

Important for the Freshers:

Intertek Bangladesh:

Question 1: Introduce Yourself.

Question 2: Tell us about your family.

Question 3: Tell the Dyeing procedure.

Question 4: Why scouring is done?

Figure: Textile Interview Questions from 5 Textile Companies

Question 5: What is Desizing?

Question 6: Why enzyme is done?

Question 7: why does the enzyme need to be deactivated?

Question 8: Tell the names of Laboratory tests.

Figure: Intertek Bangladesh Website
Figure: Intertek Bangladesh Website

Root Scouring Limited:

Question 1: Introduce yourself.

Question 2: What do your parents do?

Question 3: Do you like to Travel?

Question 4: what types of fabric have more shrinkage?

Question 5: Tell me the name of newly invented chemicals that can be used for scouring and desizing.

Question 6: What is the function of Binder?

Question 7: What is more important talent, management, or leadership?

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Figure: Root Scouring International Limited Website
Figure: Root Scouring International Limited Website

Radial Knitwear Limited:

Question 1: Introduce yourself.

Question 2: Can you do data entry work?

Question 3: Can you do Microsoft ExCeL work?

Question 4: What is your Expected Salary?

Figure: Radial Knitwear Limited Website
Figure: Radial Knitwear Limited Website

Fashion Tex Limited:

No viva was faced by me,

I participated in the written test:

▶️ 100 Marks Question

Question type: class(8-10) general maths(70%),

Textile related(30%).

Then Phycology test,

After that, Group discussion in English

Topic: How to increase the Textile Trade in the world?

Figure: Fashion Tex Limited Website
Figure: Fashion Tex Limited Website

Fariha Knit Tex Limited:

Figure: Fariha Knit Tex Limited
Figure: Fariha Knit Tex Limited

Written 60 & Viva 40

Written part:

purpose of washing, washing faults, the definition of washing, fiber properties, finished fabric faults(hole, loop, running shade,) 4 points system, 5 habits of yours, CVC, function reducing agent, oxidizing agent, CSP (count of yarn, IPI, spirality, rubbing fastness, color fastness, tagging, grinding).


1. Introduce Yourself.

2. What is yarn count?

3. What are the relations between Direct and indirect Count?

4. What are the primary colors?

5. What is pH?

6. Some process names of Washing?

7. Water pH?

Note: I forgot some questions because I faced the interviews around 4 or 5 months ago,

But the accuracy is 99%.

Note: If you are a fluent English speaker then it will boost your priority.

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