Acid Wash Recipe in Denim | Flowchart and Process

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There are different kinds of washing is widely used to achieve desired shade and effect in garments. Example: Normal wash, bleach wash, enzyme wash, pigment wash, acid wash recipe, etc. Among all of them acid-wash is widely popular in denim industry. Becuase it’s cost effective, uniform and precise effect.

In this content we will discuss about acid washing process including standard washing recipe.

What is Acid wash?

Garments made from denim and heavy jeans fabric are usually considered for acid wash. Fading affects are produced in irregular pattern by use of pumic stone. Used for trouser and  jackets frequently.

Acid Wash Recipe in Denim


Batching and Loading
Desizing/ Pretreatment
Stone Preparation
Acid Wash

Acid Wash Flowchart

De sizing / Pretreatment: 

  1. Add Garments and liquor ( consider M : L = 1 : 5)
  2. Add de-sizing agent 2g/L
  3. Raise temp. to 600C
  4. Continue processing for 20 mins.
  5. Drop liquor and again load water.
  6. Continue wash at 500C for 5 mins.

Stone Treatment: 

Acid Wash Recipe in Denim
  1. Soak pumic stone in 100 l water and 1 -2 kg KMnO4
  2. Dry the stone for 60 – 90 min ( air dry)
  3. Load pre treated garments and soaked stone in 2nd washing machine and run the m/c for 5-7 minutes only. Due to bitting and brushing action by pumic stone, the garments become faded in spot pattern.

Add Acid-wash:   

  1. Add store treated garments in 3rd washing m/c with 1 : 5  liquor ratio.
  2. Add 1% detergent with 300 ml H3PO4.
  3. Raise temp. 400C ( Garments surface will be cleaned from adhering molten stones and faded areas will be prominent)
  4. Again load water and 0.5% FWA. [FWA/ FBA- Fluroscent whitening / Brightening Agent] Process for 5 mins.
  5. Hydro-extraction
  6. Dry.

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