Why was sandblasting banned in Bangladesh?

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Sandblasting is mechanicals dry wash process in apparel washing industry. Where sand particle is used to fade out the color of garments.

Image of sand blasting

High pressure and speed creates the fade effect. But it has some drawback as well.

The reason why sandblasting is banned in Bangladesh are as:

i) Mechanic sandblasting exposes workers to silica dust particle. The silicon dust creates respiratory diseases, silicosis

ii) Because of high risk for silicosis in the sandblasters and difficulty in controlling exposure

iii) Pollute water with toxic metals. 

iv) Operator has to withstand high Speed and pressure. Without proper support system, sand blasting gun has thrust to injured an operator.

What is the Alternate of sand blasting?

Alternate of sand blasting
Alternate system of sand blasting
  1. Ozone Treatment
  2. Laser Fading
  3. Enzyme Washing, etc.

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