Women’s Best Luxury Bags to Start Your Collection

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The world of fashion cannot be understood if there is no symbol of elegance as well as sophistication. Luxury bags exactly enters here to elevate your style with their allure, and unique design. Designer handbags adorn your wardrobe in a beautiful way and you can hardly resist building this paragon of grace. Join us as we bring here the women’s best luxury bags to start collection earlier!

Women's Best Luxury Bags

Defining Luxury Bags: What Sets Them Apart?

Luxury bags are not just an accessory for women. Instead, they showcase the greatest craftsmanship with meticulous details that set them apart from other accessories. The distinct designs, and embellishments all make luxury bags recognizable even among the plethora of elements. Apart from beauty and functionality, luxury bags are highly distinguished due to their artistry, exclusivity, and enriched history.

Women’s Best 5 Luxury Bags to Start Your Collection

We have outlined here women’s 5 Best Luxury Bags to start your collection. Have a look at the following:

i) Hermes Kelly 25

The Hermes Kelly 25 ‘cm’ is a luxurious handbag that knows no timely style and distinctive way of showcasing. Hermes is a brand that renamed this bag after the legendary actress and the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly.

Women's Best Luxury Bags

Since then, it has been one of the fashionable Kelly bags for fashionable women. The key feature of this bag is the size which is 25 cm which makes the bag compact to carry essentials. 

ii) Hermes Birkin 25

There is an interesting story behind Hermes Birkin 25 being live. The executive chairman of Hermes quickly made a sketch of a handbag when the British actress Jane Birkin shared that she could not find a suitable bag for her. From then, Hermes Birkin 25 is another exotic handbag from the Brand Hermes which is ideal for carrying essentials for any day or night event. 

Women's Best Luxury Bags

You can seamlessly make a transition from day to evening events. The Hermes Birkin 25 features the appropriate size, which is 10 inches wide, 7.5 inches high, and 4.75 inches deep. Hermes Birkin 25 comes in three bags in 1, where there is a canvas clutch topped with a leather flap, a leather tote offering side straps and a form of turn lock, and a clutch and tote mixed part as a third feature.

iii) Chanel Le Boy

Chanel brings a boxy silhouette bag including a flap that can be folded over the front part of the bag. Besides, Chanel Le Boy provides ample room for creative improvisation. Chanel Le Boy or Boy Chanel Handbag is a creation of Karl Lagerfeld. The Chanel Boy bag was named ‘Le Boy’ in order to pay homage to Boy Capel,  a figure in the COCO Chanel’s life.

Women's Best Luxury Bags

Compared to Chanel’s other classic flap bags, the Chanel Le Boy is structured and boxy. The bag comes with a front closure, and a rectangular clasp with the CC Logo. Besides, the chunky and heavy strap of leather woven blends with the main body of the bag with elegance and robustness. 

iv) LV Twist MM

LV, Louis Vuitton Twist MM (Moyen Modele), or Middle Model in English, is a handbag or side bag that is crafted with Epi leather. The bag features LV Twist Lock, a signature in polished metal to make the bag fashionable in day-to-evening events.

Women's Best Luxury Bags

Besides, you can double the sliding chain strap to carry in shoulder or cross-body wear. The bag features 9.1 inches in length, 6.7 inches in height, and 3.7 inches in width. 

v) LV Petite Malle

The renowned French Fashion House Louis Vuitton came up with a luxury handbag named LV Petite Malle. It is an addition to their iconic series named ‘Malle.’ Nicholas Ghesquiere designed this LV Petite Malle in a rigid construction with signature metallic pieces. The handbag offers a ‘little trunk’ inspired design with a classic monogram canvas.

Women's Best Luxury Bags

The bag features smooth calfskin trim, sheepskin lining, magnetic closure, and an inside flat pocket. You can either adjust the bag for cross-body wear or remove the strap. The design is a combination of classic and contemporary fashion that pays attention to the brand’s history of luggage and travel.

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Which Luxury Bag Offers the Best Value?

If we answer briefly, the answer would be it depends, more specifically, subjective. It depends on your preference, financial issues, market availability, long-term plans, and brand reputation. Not all luxury bags deserve to be appreciated through the value it provides. The high-quality materials and attention to detail are the crucial determinants of the best value, that luxury bags would provide. Do extensive research on the brand, model, and market trends before making a purchase. If you want to invest in a luxury bag, speaking with specialists or using the services of platforms for luxury authenticity and resale can help you make a wise choice.

How to Start Luxury Bags Collection?

There is no straight-cut process to start the collection of luxury bags from scratch. For most people, making an abrupt decision later turns into an ever-changing lifestyle, hence, the collection starts to evolve as time goes by. But here is the step-by-step process that you can follow:
Step 01: Start researching luxury brands, and their signature bag collection.
Step 02: Set a budget based on which you are willing to invest in the luxury bags collection.
Step 03: Always purchase authentic luxury bags. In that case, be cautious of the reputable sources (Shops, retailers). 
Step 04: Diversify your collection of luxury bags from handbags to clutches to shoulder bags. It will help you to explore unique aesthetics.


Keep in mind that beginning a collection of luxury bags is a personal experience. The tales, experiences, and admiration for craftsmanship that each bag reflects are just as important as the bags themselves. Our mentioned brands will surely benefit you in crafting the long-term plan of your luxury bag collection. Till then, remember that creating a luxury bag collection is a long-term project. Over time, patience and careful selection will result in a more valuable and meaningful collection.

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