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Jeans are one of the most used clothing items for men and women. For everyday clothing, jeans are a staple for most as they are flexible and affordable. You will also find jeans in various designs so they can be styled with numerous outfits.

There are a lot of different stores that cater to various types of jean styles, which are for people with ecstatic style. Small business owners always try to find clothing suppliers that would sell them items at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Jeans Suppliers USA
Wholesale Jeans Suppliers USA

In this article, I will discuss wholesale jeans suppliers in the US from my relevant experience.

1. TB Wholesaler

The TB Wholesaler is a company that specialises in selling and purchasing vast quantities of hip-hop urban wear for youngsters and teenagers. They are always on the run to stay on a date with the latest fashion so that they can cater to items that are hot on the market.

TB Wholesaler Website

You will find various colours of jeans at a wholesale price on their website. But aside from that, there are other clothing items on the website. Not only for men, but they also have products for women. Joggers, shoes, hoodies, hats, and t-shirts are also available.

2. DS Wholesale

Are you searching for premium-quality jeans and clothing apparel? Then DS Wholesale has many options to choose from. Their products have top-notch quality, and the price is astonishingly low. This is one of the best wholesale jeans suppliers in the USA because they have many other items.

DS Wholesale website

If you visit their website, you will see various types of pants. They have different jeans colours, and you can find ripped or non-ripped ones. The prices are affordable, so you can purchase in bulk without breaking your wallet.

3. Apparel N Bags

You will see many women’s and men’s jeans from Apparel N Bags. They have a variation of jeans, such as black denim, bootcut, ripped,  loose-fit, skinny-fit, tapered-leg, carpenter, straight-leg, flannel-cut, baggy, and much more.

Apparel N Bags

The jeans come in different colours, so you can purchase ones currently in demand. New business owners are always searching for US wholesale jeans suppliers to provide them with good quality and up-to-date fashion clothing items. Their headquarters are in Florida, but they ship to over 100 countries.

4. Blue Age Wholesale

One of the biggest wholesale jeans suppliers in the US is Blue Age Wholesale, which primarily caters to denim and jeans. This fashion manufacturer is in Los Angeles, and they have been in this business since 2005, proving that they have quite some knowledge about their products.

Blue Age Wholesale

Most clothing items follow the latest trend, and the cost is low. The quality of Blue Age products is up to the mark, and you can wear the jeans numerous times without the product going bad. Even though they charge a shipping fee, they deliver products very fast.

5. Wholesale Ymi Jeans

Another wholesale jeans supplier in the US, located in Los Angeles, California, is the Wholesale Ymi Jeans brand. This is a brand that caters to jeans for only women, but there are a lot of styles to choose from. Most importantly, plus-sized jeans can be found at this place.

Wholesale Ymi Jeans

Many brands do not carry plus-size items, but this is one of those without costing a lot of money. Even though this company is mainly based on selling jeans, they have expanded their collection and offer other quality products at a low price.

6. Alphabroder

In the list of the top wholesale jeans suppliers in the US, Alphabroder comes within the top ten as they have eight vast warehousing locations all over the US. This means they deliver items to all the states, and the duration should not be extended.

Alphabroder Website

This company carries various jeans and pants, and most of them are for men. They also have polos, blazers, jogging sets, and sports uniforms. Alphabroder has blank jeans from Shaka Wear and Dickies on their website. The best part is that you can sample but only up to 50 pieces per year.

7. Davi and Dani Apparel

Most wholesale companies will not have only jeans as they try to make their company vast. Davi and Dani Apparel have a lot of different clothing collections to choose from, but their jeans line is God-sent. They have many denim items, and jeans are one of them.

Davi and Dani Apparel

A lot of different styles to choose from, and the company only has items for women. This is a great wholesale jeans supplier within the US, as their products follow the latest fashion trends and do not cost much.

8. Shaka Wear

For urban clothing, Shaka Wear is the top manufacturer for wholesale suppliers in the US. Their products have excellent reviews on the website, and many skateboarders are known for picking their jeans. This means the jeans offer much flexibility and do not lose shape quickly.

Shaka Wear

Even though this brand does not have many styles, the items are good quality and last long. The company caters to only men, and they ship worldwide even though the shipping cost can be expensive. You can pay using all the major credit cards.

9. Diamante jeans

Believe it or not, Diamante Jeans has been in this game since 1973. You can trust their products with all your heart as they know which techniques to avoid. This company is one of the oldest wholesale jeans suppliers in the US, and they have products for women and children.

Diamante jeans website
Diamante jeans website

The company ensures that no product goes past the factory doors without having fantastic quality. As the company has been in this business for a long time, they know the latest fashion. You can also find different clothing items to choose from.

10. Shewin

Shewin, a wholesale jeans supplier in the USA, provides high-quality products and services. As they are one of the best wholesale and dropshipping clothing suppliers, their focus on ladies brings justice to their product serving. Jeans are premium clothing among their wide range of women’s southern wholesale clothing categories. 


The company has no minimum order requirement and ships to any international country. You can customize your products. Such as adding screen printing, embroidery, stones, etc., so that the items stand out. The prices are low when you purchase in bulk quantity.

11. JC & JQ Jeans

Most of the biggest wholesale jeans suppliers are located in Los Angeles, California, as the demand is high within those areas. JC & JQ Jeans offers a lot of fashion-forward styles at an affordable price which is great for new business owners who do not want to invest a lot right at the beginning.

JC JQ Jeans website
JC JQ Jeans website

12. Zooby Promotional

Since 2008, Zooby Promotional has been one of the leading wholesale jeans suppliers in the US. Most of their jeans are manufactured using cotton and polyester, so they are guaranteed to provide immense comfort to the user.

Zooby Promotional

Work jeans are available in various styles to arrive at work fashionably. Some jeans have tapered legs, while others come with a Western-style back yoke. Those are most popular within the southern areas of the US. This brand brings clothing themes for men and women. They also ship to international countries but with a high shipping cost.

13. ShirtSpace

Last but not least comes ShirtSpace, which is a wholesale jeans supplier in the US that offers industrial work jeans in various sizes and colours. People doing heavy-duty work often lean towards sturdy jeans that do not wear out with a few usages.

ShirtSpace Website
ShirtSpace Website

The company has unique, unisex, relaxed 5-pocked denim jeans, handy if you like carrying various things simultaneously. On their website, you will see that most products have a high rating, meaning the quality is outstanding. ShirtSpace also offers no minimum order quantity.

Final Words:

When purchasing wholesale clothing online, you should ensure the website has an excellent rating to lower your chances of getting scammed or receiving low-quality products. All wholesale jeans suppliers mentioned above are within the US and have good ratings on their websites. You can purchase their products without thinking twice, and if you are satisfied, you can start your business with any of the brands.

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