10 Choice for Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors

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Are you looking to invest your time and money in drop shipping due to not having a lot of cash? It is important to rethink your decision! 

For you, drop shipping is the wisest alternative but before that, you must investigate the wholesale clothing industry to buy inventory maintaining both qualities at competitive prices. Not only the current brands are working hard to meet your expectations but also they take care of your belongings from receiving the order to shipping the product. After all, who hates to have this luxury treatment? To get your tasks easier, we bring to you the 10 ‘First Choice’ luxury wholesale vendors here in this article brief. 

Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors List 

1. Alibaba 

Alibaba is a global hub, although China-based, for luxury clothing and trendy items. The ranges are wide, and so are the designs and patterns. Most importantly, prices are relatively low. For those who want clothing of luxury at budget-friendly prices, Alibaba can be one of the selected vendors. From one-piece cloth to two-piece items, everything is quite relatable. Before getting them to hand, make sure you have read out the trade assurance and other logistical services that they provide.  

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Alibaba


BrandsGateway, a leading clothing wholesale platform, was established in the year 2017. Yes, it is not very long. Yet they manage to connect buyers like you to over 100 brands globally. Originally, BrandsGateway is a Sweden-based vendor. But there are fashionable brands to get authentic luxury products. The benefit of having Brandsgateway is that their shipment is fast enough with 9 global partners from a warehouse. Also, their blind dropshipping services are intimidating as well.


First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 

3. Designers Distribution 

Designer distribution is another vendor, or you may say the trading company which focuses on the supplies of the top luxury fashion brands. From the brands, they inherit the best category of products and provide discounts according to the seasonal collection. The clothing is not only for women only but also for men and children are included to have luxury products.  

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Designers Distribution

4. Maxi Collection 

Italian wholesale distributor named Maxi Collection is one of the luxury wholesale clothing vendors based in Milan. Since 1991, the company has been serving over 2500 clients worldwide. It deals with fashion products from designer brands, sourced in a direct process. They have a showroom in Milan Downtown where weekly arrivals are always welcome to advance to this B2B platform. 

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Maxi Collection 

5. Griffati 

Griffati, an Italian-based wholesaler of luxury apparel, offers clothing solutions for women as well as men. The products are carefully gone through and quality-checked since products are what help them create a long-term relationship with customers. They feature all the premium branded products and serve the most registered retailers all over the world. 

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Griffati

6. Luxury Market 

New-York based Luxury Market has a wholesome relationship with many many designer brands for providing wholesale supplies to retailers. The authentication council is their close partner which helps them to investigate and review each vendor. Besides, the Luxury market has a quick shipping facility globally.  

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Luxury Market

7. Luxury Distribution 

Luxury Distribution is another Milan-based successful luxury clothing vendor. The entire team consists of experts who have gone with a long-standing relationship with luxury supplies. They are more than a service provider. Because they work as a bridge between retailers and brands. More than 20,000 items are available in their showroom. Moreover, They are also available online! 

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Luxury Distribution 

8. BrandsDistribution 

You may take BrandDistribution as the B2B wholesale distributor. This brand is from Italy based with 10+ years of industrial experience in providing luxurious designer clothing. In total, they have 120 superior brands with high growth. Discounts and competitive prices are high and exclusive distribution channels are the best for supporting dropshipping.  

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: BrandsDistribution 

9. Top-Down Trading 

Top-drown trading, an e-commerce wholesale clothing vendor, based in the UK, has been offering exclusive luxury clothing globally. Multiple brands have been partnered with. Retailers are their best shop customers. Their liquidation discounts provide the best-branded clothing at wholesale cost. 

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Top-Down Trading

Contact Info: Address: 6 Peerglow Estate, Queensway, Enfield, London, United Kingdom – EN3 4SB 

10. Matterhorn Wholesale 

Matterhorn wholesale, an independent brand designer, has been a successful wholesale vendor of luxury clothing. From women’s fashionable outfits to any maternity apparel, they have all served gracefully. Headquartered in Poland, Matterhorn wholesale, came into being in the market in 2004. The finest part of their business is, there is no Minimum quantity to place an order and fast shipment is always welcomed. Although the number of shipping countries is not many their payments are secured.  

First Choice Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendors 
Figure: Matterhorn Wholesale 

Contact Info: 

  • Address: 51 KatoWicka, 41-400 Myslowice, Poland  

What to Look for in Getting the Best Luxury Wholesale Clothing Vendor? 

Getting the best luxury designer wholesale vendors is not an easy task, but rather intimidating to hold on to your research. Here are some tips and tricks to follow when looking for a wholesale vendor of luxury clothing. These are: 

  1. The clothing vendor you choose must have a shipment policy within a few days. 
  2. Make sure all your inventory comes with the original tags.  
  3. Return of product is available in that wholesale vendor brand. After all, do not set for less than what you provide.  
  4. The up-to-date system of the new collection. 
  5. Discounts availability in bulk orders. 
  6. Acceptance of suitable payment method.  
  7. Having ‘no minimum quantity’ is great, if not, make sure, the ‘trial and error’ products are less in quantity.  
  8. Dropshipping services availability in replace of wholesale.  

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The market size of luxury clothing globally was around $73 billion in 2020 as per the research of Grandview Research. Meanwhile, it was projected in the same report that, by 2025, the market size would reach $84.05 billion. All these statistics indicate how lucrative the industry entire is.  

That is why, the retailers like you or individuals who want to have wholesale clothing vendors in the form of brands, it is very significant to have the products at a great price. It is expected that quality will not be hampered at any cost. We believe our mentioned 10 luxury brand wholesale vendors are the best for you as per your requirements. Do not forget to tell us about your experience! 

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