10 Traditional Mexican Blouses You May Try

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Traditional Mexican blouses are one of the most wanted items for foreigners visiting Mexico. Why wouldn’t they be? These clothing items are beautiful and give off an immaculate festive vibe. There are a lot of traditional Mexican blouses to try, and they are very cheap to buy.

Even though some of them are more expensive, that depends on the brand you are purchasing from. If you are about to visit Mexico soon, you will be interested in learning about all the traditional blouses. They have an estimate of which one is perfect for you. So, keep reading the article.

 10 Traditional Mexican Blouses You May Try.

Here is a list of a variety of different traditional Mexican blouses you may try and find the one that suits your fashion best.

1. Puebla Blouse

The Puebla blouse is an ethnic Mexican blouse made in Mexico using 100% cotton. It consists of hand embroidery, specifically around the neck area. Some of the blouses have a lot of designs, while most of them are comparatively simple. The designs are primarily of colourful floral patterns, and the material is also cotton.

Puebla Blouse in a traditional Mexican blouse
Puebla Blouse in a traditional Mexican blouse

Women of any age can wear this as they also come for 5 to 6-year-old girls. In most cases, the top has a loose fitting, but you may also find ones with a relatively tight fitting. These have half and lose sleeves.

2. Off-Shoulder Blouse

The off-shoulder blouse is one of the fan favourites because it looks flattering on almost everyone despite the body type. The Mexican off-shoulder blouses have hand embroidery on the upper part of the top, leaving the rest simple.

Mexican Chiapas Blouse
Mexican Chiapas Blouse

This makes the top an eye-catching garment, and you are sure to make heads turn whenever you pair a Mexican off-shoulder top with a skirt. The mexican embroidery is colourful, as always and consists of various flowers and leaves of different sizes. You will find them in vibrant colours because they radiate positive energy.

3. Embroidered Mexican Blouse

You will not find one Mexican blouse with no hand embroidery because it is one of their staples in terms of clothing style. An embroidered Mexican blouse is just any average top for women made out of cotton and has hand embroidery all over it. The design may consist of small or big flowers, or it is of different shapes.

Mexican Embroidered Blouse
Mexican Embroidered Blouse

These embroideries are always very colourful and bring colour to your monochrome outfit. The neckline varies from top to top, and not one Mexican blouse can have another copy if it is hand embroidered.

4. Chiapas Blouse

As the name suggests, this traditional Mexican blouse comes from Chiapas, Mexico. This blouse is also known as the Chiapaneca top. You may confuse it with the off-shoulder blouse because both look similar, but most of the Chiapas blouses have a V-neckline, which sets them apart.

Mexican chiapas mexican blouse
Mexican Chiapas Mexican blouse

The hand embroidery is alongside the neckline, and most of the design consists of red roses of various sizes. There are also leaves along with the roses, and some blouses consist of different flowers in different colours. These tops have more of a tight fitting.

5. Fiesta Blouse

A fiesta blouse is one of the most festive blouses you can get from Mexico. This traditional Mexican blouse is made of pure cotton and has a loose fitting. You will find them with either hand embroidery all over the top or just on the upper part, by the neckline.

Either way, the design is very colourful and perfect for wearing to one of the traditional Mexican festivals. Some of them also have lace work by the hems, adding more joy to the outfit and a pop of colour. Most of them have a round or v-neckline.

6. Handmade Blouse

It is hard to find a traditional Mexican blouse that is not handmade. In most cases, the traditional Mexican blouse you will find in one of their local stores will be handmade. These also consist of the usual hand-embroidered flower patterns of different colours.

Mexican Handmade Blouse
Mexican Handmade Blouse

The handmade Mexican blouse can have flared, short or half sleeves, and the neckline is also different for each. These tops are perfect to wear to the best, and you can pair them with shorts or skirts per your preference.

7. Organdy Blouse

The latest trend of the organza fabric has infiltrated the tops or blouse world. The organdy blouse is an ethnic Mexican blouse made using organza fabric. This fabric is sheer and made using silk. They are very lightweight, so you can wear them in the summer without sweat.

The organza fabric is shiny and reflects light, so if you are wearing it under the sun, you can be the spotlight. The organdy blouse is not as standard in Mexico, so you must search for it from store to store.

8. Manta Blouse

If you are searching for a sleeveless blouse to beat the heat, then the Manta blouse is one of your top choices. These tops have very minimal designs and are very lightweight, keeping the wearer cool even during the hottest days. This traditional Mexican blouse is made out of manta, hence the name.

Mexican Manta Blouse
Mexican Manta Blouse

The manta is a fabric that resembles gauze and is made of 100% cotton. These are feather-light and have a slight stretch to them. The fabric has been around for a long time and is very soft on the skin.

9. Oaxaca Blouse

A bohemian blouse with short sleeves is the Oaxaca blouse from Mexico. The name is after a city because these blouses are made in San Jose del Progreso town in the south of Oaxaca, Mexico. This Mexican blouse is one of the best sellers, and most foreigners prefer them due to its availability and affordability.

Traditional Mexican Oaxaca Blouse
Traditional Mexican Oaxaca Blouse

A lot of them have strings on the neckline with little tassels on the bottom of the string. But most Mexican blouses have a round neckline with designs around the neck and chest area.

10. Popelina Blouse

The Popelina blouse is also known as the poplin blouse, and they do not look like traditional Mexican blouses. This Mexican blouse looks like usual in regular stores that sell western tops. Poplin or Popelina is a fabric made using 70% cotton and 30% polyester. This makes the top soft and durable.

Nevertheless, some of them also have hand embroidery, a staple for a Mexican blouse. Some have long bishop sleeves, which look elegant if you pair them with a long skirt. You can wear this blouse with any garment you want because it is versatile.

Final Words:

A traditional Mexican blouse is one of the prettiest tops you can get for yourself from your trip to Mexico. Even if you are not visiting the country, you can find them in numerous stores in your country. Most of them are manufactured in Mexico and also consist the authentic hand embroidery, which you will find in a Mexican blouse in Mexico.

There are a lot of fabrics to choose from, but most of the traditional Mexican blouses look similar or the same. That is because of the similar hand embroidery pattern on the tops with similar designs. Nevertheless, all the blouses are pretty and will look good however you style them. They are versatile and very comfortable to wear even on warm days.

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