7 Types of Mexican Embroidered Dresses for Woman

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When you think of Mexico, most of their dresses have hand embroideries which tend to be vibrant. The designs consist of various flowers, leaves, and patterns. These dresses are standard all over Mexico and even if foreign countries.

The Mexican embroidered dresses match the festive vibes present all over Mexico. Most are white, but the embroidery is very detailed and has various colors. These dresses keep you cool as Mexico can get hot in the summer.

In this article, we will elaborate on the types of Mexican embroidered dresses and how to care for them.

7 Mexican Embroidered Dresses You can try
Mexican Embroidered Dresses You can try

 What is Mexican Embroidered Dresses Made of?

Mexican embroidered dress names are as: huipils, blusas bordadas, and vestidos bordados. These are made with common materials such as cotton, wool, bark, agave, and silk. In most cases, the primary material of the dress has a cotton blend that feels soft on the skin and breathable.

Mexican Styled Embroidery
Mexican Styled Embroidery

The materials are lightweight so people can wear them comfortably during the summertime. The typical hues on Mexican dresses are yellow, red, green, or brown. Mexicans tend to use primarily natural components to dye their clothes.

The dresses made using muslin cloth are primarily white and have colorful hand embroidery all over the item. The embroidery is in multicolor threads, and even though the designs might seem similar, they are very different.

History of Mexican Embroidered Dresses

The history of Mexican embroidered dresses can be traced back to 2500 years ago. The embroidery was primarily found in cloaks and tunics to wrap the deceased from the noble families. Embroidery is so vital in Mexico because it connects contemporary people with their Mexican ancestors. Back in the time, embroidery was used during special events.

In some cases, it is also used to express the social status of certain people. European-style clothes, such as blouses and dresses, became more evident in Mexico. The Indigenous garment styles were being replaced with European-style clothing. But the traditional embroidery designs and techniques continued, which is why there are so many variations of embroidered dresses in Mexico. Young women were taught the art of embroidery using various threads from a very young age. This made the trend of embroidery still very alive in today’s time.

Types of Mexican Embroidered Dresses

The Mexican embroidered dresses do not have one specific type. You can find various embroidered Mexican dresses in Mexico and even online. Here is a list of them, along with descriptions.

Traditional Mexican Embroidered Dress

The traditional Mexican embroidery dresses are known as Huipiles. These traditional Mexican dresses are made using fabric woven on a backstrap loom and have heavy embroidery designs. The designs have not only embroidery but also lace, ribbons, stones, and other decorating stuff.

Traditional Mexican Embroidered Outfit
Traditional Mexican Embroidered Outfit

The huipil does not have a specific length as the length can vary from waist-length to a long tunic that touches the floor. The traditional color for these dresses is white, and the color embroidery consists of vines, greenery and vibrant flowers in various sizes. The opening for arms and head also has decorations along the sides.

Mexican Skirt

When you are in Mexico, you will find that they wear a lot of colorful skirts in their traditional festivals. These Mexican skirts are very long and flowy and look gorgeous with any outfit. Many indigenous people still construct a lot of gorgeous skirts by attaching panels of woven cloth by hand in their homes.

Mexican embroidered Skirt
Mexican embroidered Skirt

These are commonly found in their local stores because the locals control the construction of these items. Some of the skirts have embroidery, while others are plain. Even the plain skirts have designs on them and are very vibrant.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress

Most of the traditional Mexican wedding dresses are inspired by Spanish culture. Such as the flamenco, matador, and salsa styles come mostly from Spanish fashion styles. The Pajaritos Del Amor is a Mexican wedding dress representing Mexico’s ultimate tradition. It is because the designs have multi-colored bohemian flowers, and the skirt comes with a lace addition on the hemline.

Embroidered Mexican Wedding Dress
Embroidered Mexican Wedding Dress

Strapless or off-shoulder wedding dresses are also available with hand embroidery. All of them look good and vibrant at outdoor or destination weddings. Most traditional wedding dresses are cotton, and the embroidery is always bright, featuring various colors.

Mexican Shawl

The long rectangular-shaped shawl, known as a rebozo, was invented in the colonial era. Mexican women of every social status and group wore this during the nineteenth century. This shawl represents the emblem of independence and womanhood, so it plays a significant role in the Mexican tradition.

Mexican Embroidered Shawl
Mexican Embroidered Shawl

Some of the shawls consist of embroidery, while most do not. The clothing is given a dye bath to colour them. The rebozo has many functions, such as protecting you from heat and cold and transporting small children.

Traditional Mexican Blouses

The traditional Mexican blouses are like tops and are very versatile. Most of them come in light colours to keep you comfortable during the hot weather. The main attraction for traditional blouses is the hand embroidery which features various flowers of vibrant colours.

Traditional Mexican Blouse
Traditional Mexican Blouse

These tops look good with anything and can be worn anywhere. You can style them with full jeans, shorts or even skirts. They are short-sleeved and have a loose fitting. This ensures a lot of airflow underneath the garment. Most local garment shops sell them, so they are easy to find.

Take Care

Mexican embroidered dresses are easy to take care of because they are made of cotton. The embroidery colors do not come off quickly, so you do not have to worry about washing them with other light clothes in the same machine. That is because most of the embroidered designs are made using good-quality colors.

However, you want to ensure the longevity of your beautiful Mexican embroidered dresses. In that case, there are certain things you should follow. Such as –

How to Take Care of Mexican Embroidered Dresses?

1. Avoid spilling anything on your dress, especially if your dress is white-colored. 2. Even if you spill, ensure you wash that area as soon as possible.
3. Do not use bleach or other optical brightening agents on your dress, even if you have spilled anything. This will take off the embroidered colors’ vibrancy and ruin your dress’s quality.
4. The dress should always be washed using cold water because it retains its quality. Hot water should not be used frequently as it will help make the fabric more wrinkled.
5. Use a mild detergent to ensure your dress’s embroidery looks vibrant and new.
6. Do not rub on the stained embroidery, and prevent from trying to wring out the embroidered articles.

Final Words:

The Mexican embroidered dresses are beautiful pieces of clothing you would want to treasure for as much time as possible. They look perfect upon wearing and are comfortable to stay in them throughout the day. If you are in Mexico, you should get one of the embroidered dresses because the ones manufactured in Mexico have an authentic feel.

Some can also be found on Amazon for people wanting to get them overseas. With minimal and careful maintenance, these dresses can last long without losing their beauty. Moreover, they are also very affordable and common in Mexico because they are usually found in local stores. If you can ever get the chance, get yourself a traditional Mexican embroidered dress and attend one of their festivals. You can get some beautiful pictures and remember the event for a lifetime.

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