9 Best Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses You Can Try

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Every bride deserves to look and feel their best on the big day. That is why it is essential to choose a dress that will make you feel at ease and gives you confidence.

There are many options if you are from Mexico or want a traditional Mexican wedding dress. All the traditional Mexican wedding dresses are colourful and give off a festive vibe.

9 Best Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses
9 Best Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

In this article, we will discuss all the different types of traditional Mexican wedding dresses you can try so that you can decide which one to go for.

9 Best Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses You Can Try.

1. Huipil Wedding Dress

The Huipil is a traditional Mexican dress, and you can also find them as a wedding dress. Indigenous styles inspire these dresses. Such as, the Mayans, Aztecs and various other women from the ancient indigenous period of Mexico were seen to be wearing bright clothes. Most of their outfits were vibrant coloured skirts along with blouses in cactus-based textile or cotton. Aida Coronado is one of the well-known designers to handmade some of the Huipil wedding dresses which can be found in the market.

This dress has intricate embroidery detail and is made using all-cotton fabrics. Moreover, the price starts from $240, which is more affordable, considering the price of wedding dresses is always quite steep. Anyone from small to extra-large can get their fit customized, which is a good thing for most brides worldwide.

2. Flamenco Perla Wedding Dress

While searching for wedding dresses in Mexico, you will find that many of their traditional wedding dresses are Spanish-influenced. The Flamenco Perla wedding dress is a Spanish-inspired traditional Mexican wedding dress. It is a dress with a fitted body, and the skirt is flamenco inspired.

his dress is more on the costly side, which is around $950. That is because the dress consists of Chantilly lace and some rhinestone embellishments. The dress features a prominent heart-shaped neckline and lace overlays on the bodice. Moreover, these dresses are manufactured in Spain, most of which are shipped from there.

3. Hand Embroidered Wedding Dress

Mexican hand-embroidered dresses are one of the most famous things you can find in Mexico. The traditional Mexican wedding dress also comes in a hand-embroidered form, and the brides love it. It represents culture, beauty and elegance all at once. The designer Claudio Toffano has some of the most exquisite hand-embroidered traditional Mexican wedding dresses. He is known for his beautiful art and creativity, which has created some masterpieces. Most of his wedding dresses have designs inspired by Mexico’s history, culture and art.

However, these wedding gowns are custom, and the price starts from $4,000, which is very high for a wedding dress. The classic hand-embroidered design consists of big colourful flowers and leaves of different sizes. Some other designs also offer hand-embroidered traditional Mexican wedding dresses. Still, they are more costly as the details are very intricate.

4. Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

In Mexico, you will notice a lot of women wearing off-shoulder tops and dresses. This style is prevalent there, which is why you can also find them in wedding dresses. There is a lot of traditional Mexican wedding dress which is also off-shoulder because brides deserve to feel their best at the wedding.

Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress
Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

These off-shoulder wedding dresses are white and have a lot of white lace details all over the dress. Frida’s Closet features off-shoulder wedding dresses with a price range of around $250 and can be found in any size. Bridal

5. Flamenco Bata de Cola

Another dress which is a Spanish influence is the Bridal Flamenco Bata de Cola dress. This dress features red ruffles and white lace, representing how the traditional Spanish culture has influenced Mexican culture. The dress is fitted and has an elongated bodice. The skirt is flamenco styled, ruffled and usually found in red colour. This dress features a V neckline, both at the front and back also the sleeves are made according to preference.

In most cases, the dress will come with a train with four large ruffles, but you can detach it if it does not fit your style. You do not have to worry about the fit as these dresses are made according to the customer’s size preferences. The price range of these dresses is around $1000, which is not a lot for a traditional Mexican wedding dress.

6. Church Influenced Wedding Dress

One of the unique traditional Mexican wedding dresses is the church-influenced wedding dress. This dress features a multi-tiered skirt comparable to Mexico’s traditional cultural influences. The dress is an embroidered sheath gown and has three-quarter sleeves. Altogether, it combines church and Mexican cultural influences. Mon Cheri Bridals offers a range of church-influenced wedding dresses.

Moreover, according to Mexican wedding cultures, you must dress modestly if you marry under the Catholic church. For this reason, the traditional Mexican wedding dresses for cathedral weddings or church feature a high neckline and three-quarter sleeves. This makes this church-influenced wedding dress a classy, elegant and modest dress for your wedding while ensuring that you are dressed modestly in a Catholic church. The dresses can be found in any size from extra zero to extra double 26W.

7. Strapless Wedding Dress

Strapless wedding dresses are not always the cup of tea for every bride out there, but if you want to get one for yourself for your big day, then there is no one to stop you. These dresses look the best when the wedding takes place right by the beach or outdoors.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses in Strapless Wedding Dress
Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses in Strapless Wedding Dress

The traditional Mexican wedding dress also comes in the form of a strapless, which features a rich embroidery floral detail along the chest area. The dress is usually made of a lightweight white or silver satin fabric to keep the bride cool during the hot weather.

8. Pajaritos Del Amor Mexican Wedding Dress

If you love hand embroidery, then the Pajaritos Del Amor Mexican wedding dress is for you. This is a perfect representation of the traditional Mexican wedding dress as it features hand embroidery using all the vibrant colours in the dress.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses in Pajaritos Del Amor Mexican Wedding Dress
Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses in Pajaritos Del Amor Mexican Wedding Dress

The colourful flowers offer a bohemian look and look beautiful at any outdoor wedding. The skirt comes with ruffles along the hemline and a detailed lace that falls over the skirt. The price range of this dress is around $790, which is not steep considering other dresses.

9. The Omar Wedding Dress

This is a beautiful strapless wedding dress from Rosa Clara. This belongs to their ballgown-style line. The dress has a sweetheart neckline and a flamenco-inspired style skirt. Moreover, the dress features a fitted bodice, which almost every bride wants in their wedding dress. Like the other dresses, this dress is also entirely white and has many intricate lace designs all over it.

If you want, you can custom stones or pearls to your dress, adding more elegance to the piece. This strapless dress is timeless and classy. You can also pair a simple diamond or platinum necklace with tiny droplet earrings to complete the look. Some brides add a matching bolero to the dress, which is detachable and mostly made using the same fabric as the dress.

Final Words:

Suppose you are planning to get yourself a traditional Mexican wedding dress. In that case, buying one from stores in Mexico rather than buying one online is best. It is because how the outfit fits you is one of the biggest concerns regarding the wedding gown. Moreover, you need to love the dress before purchasing it; otherwise, you might only be paying for something you do not like. There are a lot of traditional Mexican wedding dresses to choose from, and we hope this article has helped you choose one that would suit your preference.

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