Top 10 Traditional Clothing of France

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Traditional clothing in France has got its beauty. The fashion sense of French people is surreal and you can understand us if you are fascinated by seeing pictures or videos of traditional clothing in France.

Native French people wore various clothes in the past.”Beret” is the most popular france national costume. But after World War I French fashion took some exciting turns and modifications as their thoughts on fashion changed. This made Beret reduce its popularity yet loved by most natives. The Paletot coat, the can-can dancer’s iconic dress, and wigs are well-known traditional clothing in France. Apart from this, you can find regional fashion differences.

We will get through the traditional regional dresses of France and details about the most famous traditional dress of France.

Traditional Clothes in France Lists:

Here are the most famous traditional clothing of France and their details:

1. The Can-Can Dress

In the 19th century, Paris was counted as one of the most desirable tourist places for its fun-loving people and historical constructions. Hollywood made it more popular with movies like Gigi.

Can-Can Dress
Fig: Can-Can Dress

The play dancers wore bright short skirts renowned as can-can dancer’s dresses. You can still find girls in this dress in clubs in France.

2. The Paletot Coat

Duke D’Orsay was a popular character in Orsay in the 19th century. He was the most desirable bachelor Frenchman who wore a designer coat. Afterward, the skin was named paletot and became popular at once.

Traditional Clothing of France in Paletot Coat
Fig: Paletot Coat

Paletot coat is one of popular france traditional clothing. There are explicit guidelines about how it must be planned. For instance, it should be long and have outside pockets, six buttons two by two (with the main two continuously staying detached), and wide pinnacle lapels. It should not have a midriff crease or a belt. The term overcoat has since transformed into a cutting-edge Chesterfield coat.

3. The Beret

The beret is a headdress French people wear these days. It was first made in the Middle Ages but in the 19th’s it became popular. Farmers of southwest France used this dress. But again the military adopted it perfectly. They use black, blue, and green berets to determine rank and units. It is part of French traditional clothing.

Traditional Clothing of France in Beret
Fig: France Traditional Beret

They are made from cotton, handwoven wool, and acrylic fiber. They are round and flat in shape. The central fact is they are very soft and perfect for the local temperature and made the list of the traditional clothing of France.

4. Bliaud

Both males and females in the fourteenth century wore bliaut. The male and female Bliaud are not the same. It is an overgarment and the sleeves are uniquely designed.

Fig: Bliaud

Men’s traditional Bliauds are loose than women’s.

5. Chemise

It is an undergarment both French men and women wear on the upper body also called shift.

Fig: Chemise

Its job is to save the outerwear from sweat and odor. The chemise is mostly found in western regions.

6. Breton

The Berton is still worn as a formal dress in almost every region of  France and around the globe. They are striped shirts.

Traditional French berets are blue and white striped.

7. Kepi Caps

kepi caps have been used by the French military since the 19th century. They are very fashionable designer caps. It has a circular top and a round shed in front.

Kepi Caps
Fig: Kepi Caps

It came in various colors, symbolizing a soldier’s rank. On different occasions, these days French men wear these caps, and undoubtedly the most famous traditional headwear of France.

8. Faluche

Faluche is a French traditional dress which is very popular among youngsters for its colorful ribbons and creative badges.

Fig: Faluche

The school students wear this black velvet piece with a beret.

9. Mantua

Mantua is a loose gown typically worn by French women. Women wear this mantua over a robe and petticoat.

Fig: Mantua

They were vastly used in the 18th century by both upper and lower-class women.

10. Pantalettes

It is a shock-type article to cover legs. They were typically worn by women and little boys in the 19th century.

Fig: Pantalettes

Pantalettes still have their popularity as traditional French clothing.

Traditional Clothing of France in General

Traditional clothes of france are as follows:


If you are a traveler and curious about the traditional clothing of France as France is the center of modern fashion. Traditionally men wear chemise as undergarments and over they wear culottes and capotes.

Traditional Clothing of France in General Men
Fig: Traditional Clothing of France in General Men

High-knee socks and hose pants are mostly worn by regular Frenchmen. The French like to cover their head with caps. They wear different hats and headdresses.


Customary French ladies’ clothing has four essential pieces. A chemise is worn under everything and is equivalent to an underskirt or shift. A jupon is like a skirt; more than one is worn to show riches and status. French ladies wear a mantlet, or a short petticoat, on top of a shirt.

Traditional Clothing of France in General Women
Fig: Traditional Clothing of France in General Women

The outfit is done off by a shawl, a square piece of fabric utilizing an unobtrusiveness scarf worn around the neck and shoulders. Practically all customary French ladies’ outfits are finished off by some sort of cap or other headwear.

French traditional clothing Conclusion 

The traditional clothing of France has its pride and represents how they become so progressive in designing clothes. Among the outfits, they wear are overcoats, chemise, fake hair “wigs” and much more headwear. You can grab something for yourself from the shops on the French streets. Enjoy wearing the traditional clothing of France and let us know your thoughts on them!

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