12 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors to Start a Business

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The clothing business is a safe bet because you know it can never go wrong. Until you start selling bad quality clothes or the rice is too steep. Other than that, everyone needs clothes and in most places, it is a basic necessity.

If you can keep the price of your clothing items more on the cheaper side while making a minimum profit per sale, then your business is going to bloom in no time.

12 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors to Start a Business
12 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors to Start a Business

In this article, we will talk about all the best wholesale clothing vendors to buy from to start a business.

Wholesale Clothing Vendors

It is pretty easy to find clothing vendors that sell wholesale items. All thanks to the invention of the internet, finding such places has become easier. It is also pretty easy to contact the sellers and discuss the pricing or your needs.

Now, we will talk about some of the best wholesale clothing vendors you can purchase from.

1. AliExpress

Everyone knows about AliExpress and the various items you can find there. This is a China-based online store that sells everything you can need at a wholesale price. They are very well known for being a popular wholesale clothing supplier.

Various business owners purchase from them at a good price from different parts of the world. you will be able to find clothing items for men, women, babies, children, plus-size or petite. Not just that, a different category of items of clothing is also available which means you will be able to expand your clothing business.

2. City Goddess

Searching for trendy women’s clothing at an affordable price point? Look no further. City Goddess offers all the high-style trendy women’s clothing that is so much in demand. There are a lot of styles to choose from which is going to bring variation in your business’s stock items.

City Goddess2

Not only clothing, but you will also find accessories and shoes that are in demand at a good price. Dresses from going out or formal, all can be found on this website. They ship internationally which is a plus point but you have to order over $150. The best part about them is that you can also order individual units.

3. LA Showroom

For all the fashion enthusiast customers, the LA Showroom brings all the trendy and up-to-date clothing items. This is a good option for the merchants because they want to ensure that their stock is approved according to the latest fashion standards.

LA Showroom

Women are not the only ones to find their clothing from this vendor as they also cater items for men and children. But the collection for women’s clothing or fashion items consists of the most variety because the demand for such is much higher comparatively. They also have options for shipping internationally but the order minimums differ.

4. Sugarlips Wholesale

Sugarlips started as a very small sweater manufacturer. They had humble beginnings but kept going strong because no business owners have things easy at the start. Initially, they started in California as a small business brand and then their shop grew into a wholesale manufacturing operation.

Sugarlips 2

They also ship internationally which allows them to ship their clothing to various parts of the world. If you are someone who is not in the US currently but wants to purchase from them then you can order from their website directly. They also have no minimum purchase value so you do not have to worry about that.

5. OrangeShine

Most of the wholesalers do not only cater to women’s clothing but they have a wide range of clothing items for everyone. This is good for the business as it allows you to have more customers which leads to more sales and profits.


Men and children will also find their desired items in this shop. Not just that, but women will also be able to find accessories and beauty products from OrangeShine. The brand is based in LA but they ship all around the world. You will find all the latest clothing collections from them.

6. Influence Fashion Wholesale

A clothing wholesale brand that is not based anywhere in the US. Influence Fashion Wholesale is based in the UK, but they ship all over the globe. The shipping charge for international deliveries is £25 for each order. People within the UK will be able to avail of free shipping if they order at least £400. 

Influence Fashion Wholesale

This is the best thing with wholesale shops that they consider the people that do not live within their area. Most of their apparel comes from Asian manufacturers. If you go through their website every day, you will notice that new product keeps getting added to their collection each day.

7. Zaasmart

This online wholesale clothing brand is based in India. Residents living in India or around India will be able to purchase from them without having to pay a high rate of international shipping fee. They carry items for women, men, and children which allows them to attract more customers. If you want to order jewelry or any accessories then they have those as well.


The best part is that they have a mobile app or website so you do not have to face any casualties. Sometimes they provide discounts or special discounts on some products which is a huge steal.

8. FashionGo

If your target women are women that follow all the latest trends, then this is the vendor you want to purchase from. They sell all the trendy clothing which interests most women and young girls. However, women are not the only people they have items for, but you will also find products for men and children. Starting from handbags, footwear, accessories, or even beauty products, FashionGo has all of them.


They do not have a minimum order amount so you are free to order whichever item that catches your attention. We are not sure if they ship internationally but their shipping range is quite vast.

9. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

The Magnolia Fashion Wholesale clothing vendor only carries women’s apparel. This means that their collection for women’s items is very wide. You will find a lot of size range for women’s clothing, starting from small, medium, and large which goes up the plus-size items.

Magnolia Fashion 1

You will also find clothing have is one-size-fits-all which is pretty rare to find from wholesale vendors. They have a showroom in Miami which is a good option for people that wants to inspect the products before purchasing them. Or, you can also check their website and order directly from there.

10. IndiraMART

Looking for a store with a diverse collection of items? Look no further as IndiraMART has possibly all the things you are searching for. They sell items for men, women, and children and each of their collections is huge. Standard tops for women or one-pieces for kids and toddlers, you name it. Even for safety gear or industrial uniforms, they have it all.


For women, sarees and other Indian traditional clothing items are available. As for men, embroidered apparel and traditional men’s clothing can be found in their stores. They also have other items such as accessories or footwear for everyone.

11. Chase USA International

This brand has a wide range of wholesale items for women, men and children. When you go to their website, you might think that they cater for kid’s clothing mostly but that is not the case. Their stream of new arrivals is very consistent meaning you will always find new clothing from their shop.

Chase USA International

In California, they have their own store which allows the customer to choose items directly. Otherwise, they have a big website and that is where most of their sales happen. The minimum order limit for this brand is $50 or 12 units.

12. Alanic

If you want to start a business for activewear items then Alanic wholesale vendor is the one to provide you with all your needs. For the gym, outdoors or playing sports, they have all the products anyone wants.


Apart from that, they also have wholesale clothing items for men, women, and kids. Besides activewear, you can also order casual clothing options from this brand which is a good option for people that wants to sell activewear and casual wear together in their shop. Not just that, you will also be able to avail custom clothing and private labeling from their website.

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Final Words:

Starting a clothing business is a tricky job because you have to be careful of the products you purchase and if you can make a profit. It is not the best idea to sell products that do not have good quality at a high price point because that will not bring you many customers. That is why you should get your items from the best wholesale vendors which cater to various items and will not handle you stuff which will incur a loss. We hope this article has given you with enough information about which clothing vendors to buy from.

12 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors to Start a Business

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