Affordable Black-Owned Clothing Brands in 2024: All-In-One

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A new edition and fashionable alternatives are the affordable black-owned clothing brands that make dressing eco-friendly, durable, and versatile aligned with a sustainable strategy. From covering jewelry to accessories, black-owned clothing brands consistently serve the industry to bring inclusivity. 

Here are the affordable black-owned clothing brands that cover all your needs in one place.

Black-owned Clothing Brands

Fashion brands today are affordable and sustainable, all thanks to the community of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Some promising, established, and affordable black-owned clothing brands are color-washed jumpsuits, t-shirts, activewear, dresses, and stylish pieces.

Affordable Black-Owned Clothing Brands
Black-Owned Clothing Brands in 2024

The growing focus in the fashion world is based on diversity and inclusion. As these brands produce top-notch and innovative designs, they make sure your style goes beyond the traditional area. 

No matter whether your focus is on sleek dresses or comfortable wear, there are a plethora of brands that meet the need for both assimilations of creativity and attention.

Popular Black-owned Clothing Brands
3 Popular Black-owned Clothing Brands

From streetwear to smaller black-owned brands, popularity is what the given brands deserve all year long. Here are 5 black-owned clothing brands with descriptions:

1. Tier

Tier was founded in the year 2014 by Nigeria Ealey, Esaie Jean Simon, and Victor James as it is a cultivated one-stop shop for purchasing any sweatsuits. The everchanging color variety and easily identifiable icons have made Tier one of the recognizable brands among millennials. A Collegiate-themed collection was published for the Spring/Summer 2024 to uphold the culture and community. Tier is the brand that stays true to its motto titled, “Art Never Does.”

2. Telfar

Telfar is founded by Telfar Clemens who is a Black Queer Fashion Designer. With the ambition of creating a clothing brand that justifies both unisex and genderless ideologies. Soon, Telfar started to incorporate luxury accessories, apparel-Hoodies, Hats, and Denim Jeans. So far Telfar has collaborated with popular brands, for instance, UGG, Eastpak, and White Castle. High-quality leather fabric is one of their raw materials.

3. Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner is popular for its ready-to-wear collection. If you look closely, you will witness the diverse cultural patterns, blends, and influences of African and West Indian norms. From trousers to T-shirts, each of the products is well-made by the exquisite craftsman team. 

4. Winnie New York

Winnie New York is an NYC-based brand that is mostly based on menswear. The brand had its first show in Paris in 2020 that displays the techniques. Besides, the brand fully covers menswear, and sporty streetwear in neutral color palettes. For everyday cool fashion, this brand is completely trend-driven and comes up with wool blazers, mohair cardigans, and other crosshairs. Also, they bring wool trousers, and cashmere trench coats in elegant pieces that you can pair up with any ensemble. 

Black-owned Streetwear Brands

Black-owned brands now come up with streetwear fashion to cover the needs of the young generation.

Black-owned Streetwear Brands
5 Examples of Black-owned Streetwear Brands

Some of the black-owned streetwear brands are:

1. 10 Deep

10 deep is well-founded in 1995 by Scott Sasso. It is a pioneering streetwear brand in New York. It deals with the premier streetwear brands during the Karmaloop era in the late 2000s and early 2010s. 

2. Wata

Wata is a well-known brand for its hand-dyed, long-sleeved cotton T-shirts. Jasmine Plantin, the designer of a Haitian-American, started hand-dying shirts. Plantin’s brand is well-highlighted in ComplexLand’s Brand.

3. Brownstone

Brownstone is the brainchild of twin brothers named Warner and Waverly Watkins. The brand has been making waves within the streetwear modes of the brand since the brand’s launch in 2016. Besides, the brand has started to continue expanding in the line of elevated essentials. Besides, the release of strong cuts and sew-offerings both matter. Also, the brand offers custom-dyed shirt jackets, mohair hoodies, and other streetwear. 

4. Circulate

Circulate is a Los Angeles black-owned streetwear brand. Corey Populus is the brand owner. The Leimert Park native launched this circulate brand in the year 2018. This brand has a notable collaboration in the activation with PacSun dubbed ‘Circulate Market.’ It showcased black-owned brands in Pacsun Stores including Carrots, Reserved Essentials, and other stores. 

5. Nicholas Daley

Nicholas Daley, launched in 2015, is the unique blend of both influences- the U.K. and Jamaican. Designs of this brand come up with the design language and perspective. Since the brand sees the growing curve, Daley has now continued to focus on inspiration.  It also interprets his history and displays it in a fresh way. 

Black-Owned Online Clothing Stores

There are a handful of Black-Owned Online Clothing Stores, for instance:

Black-Owned Online Clothing Stores
Online Black-Owned Clothing Stores

1. Feben

Feben is a London-based designer brand and black-owned online clothing store. The brand works on the costume designs for the film Beyonce’s Film named Black is King. The brand is popular for creating authentic designs that tell the journey and the power of each piece. Besides, Feben, a Black-fashion designer has created designs to celebrate the identity of black. 

2. Baby Phat

Kimora Lee Simmons founded Baby Phat, the online clothing store in 1999. Since then, the brand has been opening up an entirely new fashion style. Also, it gives rise to the urban streetwear category. It is one of the women’s line brands in the urban streetwear space. Kellwood Company purchased ‘Baby Phat’ in the year 2004. 

3. Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club was launched in 2003.  It was defined as an entire era of streetwear with the help of Pharrell’s BBC Ice Cream. It created the era of streetwear characterized by bright colors and printed of bold. 

4. Bianca Saunders

Bianca Saunders is an award-winning designer brand that is here to bring menswear with pieces that come up with shape and color. Larda Leather jacket is a grained leather jacket including embossed stripes and stitching that adds creativity. Bianca Saunders highlights the essence of black male masculinity through its collection of fashionable menswear. 

Black-owned clothing stores online for guys

1. A-Cold-Wall

A-Cold-Wall, the brand, belongs to Samuel Ross tracing the lineage of the haute couture. They make highly fashionable clothes and maintain streetwise aesthetics to match up with the culture of Britain’s working class. Besides, the brand is popular for offering meaningful support to the Black community.

Black-owned clothing stores online for guys
Example of Black-owned clothing stores online for guys

Also, this London-based brand takes utilitarian staples and provides a forward spin. They come up with different grants and contemporary services with each of the details attached with a refreshing touch,

2. All Caps Studio

All Caps Studio offers seasonal creativity in their product drops. They make sure the brand’s quality is nailing each of the details. In their products, they mostly incorporate signatures and different unique looks of heavy graphic works.

3. Balmain

Balmain is another clothing brand owned by the Black community that covers clothing to fine jewelry for men, women, and kids. Among their NEW IN category, they have recently dropped the women’s 2024 winter collection and it is already LIVE!  Their products include skinny pants and double-breasted blazers for the mens category. The brand is a home to rock legends and pop star’s fashion hub!

4. Black Boy Knits

The name says it all. Black Boy Knits brand is focused on making knitwear. The brand examines and comes up with the redefined concept. Being Brooklyn-based, the design studio makes unique knit pieces for independent storytelling of the community of black, queer, and immigrants through the fashion-forward design category.

5. The Brooklyn Circus

The brand named the Brooklyn Circus has been one of the most popular boutique brands in New York City for a while. The store offers the perfect mixture of old-school jazz and silhouettes well-coupled with momentous designs.

Affordable black-owned men’s clothing brands

The following brands only cover the affordable black-owned men’s clothing brands:

Affordable black-owned men's clothing brands
Black-owned clothing brands for men’s

1. Off-White

The brand ‘Off-white’ was launched by Virgil Abloh in the year 2012. One of the luxury streetwear brands that exist even today. They have collaborated with Nike in signature graphic hoodies. The owner’s touch is present in all design ethics even though he is not with the brand anymore. 

2. Fear of God

Fear of God is the brand of Jerry Lorenzo. Since the beginning, the brand has become a hub in a fashion that dabbles with everything from Italian tailoring to Essentials. They are quite good at adopting California-centric styling that involves the label and uncountable collaborations as well. 

3. Blackstock & Weber

The founder of Blackstock & Weber is none other than Chris Echevarria. The company has contributed to the making of streetwear staples for instance Hoodies, sweaters, Fleece Jackets, and denim for men. 

4. Connor McKnight

Connor Macknight comes up with an inspirational story that involves the cut-sew collection, functional designs, and workwear. The concept is highly accepted for wearable products. Under different categories-menswear and womenswear, they bring two separate categories of clothing.

5. Post-Imperial

Post-Imperial is founded by Nigerian clothing designer Niyi Okuboyejo in the year 2012. The brand brings distinct colors, patterns, and textures to the menswear category. All of the textiles are well-made in Nigeria using a rare craft named  Adire. It is a wax-resistant technique used in Southwestern Africa. 

Black-owned women’s clothing stores online

This category is for black-owned women’s clothing stores available online. They are:

Black-owned women's clothing stores online
Black-owned clothing stores online for women’s

1. Harbinson Studio

Harbinson Studio comes up with a wide collection of womenswear. The brand explores the central themes, for instance, Ease, Modernity, Sustainability, and cultural flow. It was founded by Charles Harbinson. Besides, he offers fascinating and conceptual designs with a singular and luxury lifestyle aesthetic. 

2. Autumn Adeigbo

Autumn Adeigbo is well-known for the bold, and colorful printed contemporary designs. It is a New York-based brand that embraces with sustainable practices while purchasing products in quantities. 

3. Lurelly

Lurelly is the brand for the party attendees! The brand offers innovative clothes for females in the category of gowns, accessories, and dresses. 

4. Maximilian

Maximilian Davis founded the brand Maximilian in the year 2021. It is a black-owned clothing brand that has already impressed fashion-centric people. The brand is more popular for people to embrace both elegance and heritage. 

5. Taylor Jay

Taylor Jay, baked in San Francisco Bay Area, is a sustainable black-owned clothing brand that creates comfortable pieces. It adapts to the ever-changing bodies of women in a wide range of sizes. 

Black-owned luxury clothing brands

Some of the black-owned luxury clothing brands are:

Black-owned luxury clothing brands
Examples of Black-owned luxury clothing brands

1. Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies comes up with culture-focused symbols in their products. They collaborate with other brands that prefer personal freedom in the captured moments. 

2. Martine Rose

Martine Rose is one of the designer clothing brands where there is a blend of unconventional touchups with a timeless approach. This luxury brand is only for menswear so far but the design exhibits the colorful stars and cultural tastemakers. 

3. House of Takura

House of Takura is a lifestyle brand. It focuses on high-end designs with unique story of African traditions with a bit Western Influences. Most of the products are well-manufactured in the home continent of the owner, Africa. 


If you want to try out every black-owned brand we covered here in this article, you must go through each of the categories. Not only we have tried to simplify your shopping haul but also we have kept in mind the expense and quality. It is an opportunity to be completely blended as an ally for these black americans and support their community by shopping them around. These affordable black-owned clothing brands are now the trendiest tastemaker in the business today.

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