15 Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping

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Online shopping has become more prevalent over the past few years after the Covid-19 pandemic. For such reasons, people tend to lean towards clothing stores that provide fast shipping because who wants to wait long to receive products?

In the online market business, there are a lot of uncertainties that sometimes customers need to consider. One of them is the duration for the parcels to get delivered as there are a lot of factors which dictate how much time it should take.

If you get impatient as soon as you have ordered some new clothes, go through this article to find cheap online clothing stores with fast shipping so that you do not have to wait to receive your new outfit.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores With Fast Shipping

Here are the top recommendations of stores you can shop from that will provide fast shipping and good-quality products.

1. Boohoo Stores

Boohoo is known for providing quality clothes at an affordable price range. When you search for stores that sell quality products at a cheap rate, then Boohoo comes at the top. Often, they offer various fantastic deals on their products, which benefit the customer and the business. You will find children’s clothing items, athletic wear, men’s clothes, and professional attire at an affordable price but of good quality. You also do not have to worry about the sizes as they carry a wide range of sizes for their customers. They offer fast shipping and free delivery on many of their products.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Boohoo Stores


  1. In-house Studio Level Product and factory-level production.
  2. Offers student discount.
  3. Customer approval provides a top-of-production.
  4. They are focusing on sustainability.
  • Address: PO Box 553, Burnley, BB1 9GD.

2. Amazon

One of the most well-known online stores to find cheap clothing. You will find a lot of apparel that belongs outside the cheap price category, but most of them have offers on the prices. But you can locate affordable clothing very quickly from Amazon. Even if the cost is cheap, the quality is remarkable. You will also get the chance to pick your preferred one as their clothing range is extensive. Amazon also accepts various payment methods, so you do not have to worry about your card declining. The most crucial factor is that they are trusted by many customers, which makes Amazon reliable.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Amazon


  1. The sellers are always trustworthy and have good reviews.
  2. The sewing factory is vertically integrated.
  3. Offers various types of products.
  4. Good quality apparel meets all the market standards.
  • Address: 410 Terry Ave N, Seattle 98109, WA.


If you are looking for high-quality clothes such as t-shirts, pants, tops, and other classic clothing items at a low price, then ASOS is the one. ASOS has much to offer, even for formalwear, without breaking your bank account. ASOS offers a speedy delivery service, and there are usually no delays so that customers can receive their products within time. They also offer a fair return policy where the customer can get a refund for any item after 45 days of the product’s delivery. For students, they offer a 10% discount and other offers, which is very helpful since most students do not have a big budget.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping


  1. Good working standards.
  2. Their apparels are sustainable.
  3. Customers approve of most of their products.
  • Address: 4505 Derrick Industrial Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, 30349

4. Old Navy

Everyone knows that Old Navy is the place to get the best deals on jeans since their jeans are among the best in the market. However, you will also find trendy clothing items at low prices. They have store locations in many malls, but their online delivery service is very fast to reach the customers. They have a wide range of clothing options suitable for people who often struggle to find the right size. Old Navy also accepts refunds on clothing so that their customers can be satisfied with their shopping experience at the store.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Old Navy


  1. Products are a perfect blend of budget and quality.
  2. The manufacturing process is virtual.
  3. The services are fast.
  4. Eco-friendly.
  • Address: 2 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA.

5. 6 PM Stores

Looking for shoes of good quality and at an affordable price range? Then 6 PM Stores should be your choice. Not only for shoes, but they also have budget-friendly attire for everyone, regardless of age or gender. They can sell shoes at such a low price because they collect the leftover stock from their sister site Zappos. Their delivery service is speedy, and customer service is excellent, as you will always find someone to assist you at any time of the day. Even though their shipping is not free, you can receive your item within the designated time limit.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: 6 PM Stores


  1. Custom colors are available.
  2. Products are not costly.
  3. Pattern designs are done by technology.
  4. Consultation.
  • Address: 9101 Minor Ln, Louisville, KY 40219

6. Call It Spring

This Canadian store supplies shoes and accessories at an affordable price point. They are well-known on Instagram, which also earns them a good fanbase. If you shop over $60, you will get free shipping and do not have to fast any hassle during online or in-store returns. Call It Spring also offers fast shipping, and you will receive your products within 4 to 6 days, depending on the speed of delivery you have chosen. You can also pick up your product from their in-store locations if you want it to arrive at your home immediately.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Call It Spring


  1. Various types of clothing items can be found.
  2. Products are good quality.
  3. Consultation hours.
  • Address: ALDO Group 905 Hodge Saint-Laurent, QC H4N 2B3

7. Frank and Oak

No worries for people that are cautious about the Earth’s health but also want to keep themselves fashionable as Frank and Oak offers sustainable fashion. Frank and Oak is an eco-friendly fashion brand that makes garments that do not harm our planet. You can find classic clothing items from their shop which do not deteriorate in quality even if you use them over a hundred times. They offer fast shipping, with standard shipping taking between 2 to 7 days while express shipping days 2 to 4 days. The charge for either shipping varies, so you have to choose which one is preferable for you.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Frank and Oak


  1. Custom dyes are available.
  2. Services are fast.
  3. Organic cotton is the primary fabric.
  4. Sustainable products.
  • Address: Chicago, USA.

8. Dynamite

When you always want to stay in touch with the latest trends, you need to have your products delivered within time. Dynamite has become a prominent place for all the on-trend clothing items at a reasonable price range. If you can become a member, then you will get available shipping within 3 to 7 business days, and it is free. As for non-members, free shipping is only available if you shop for over $50. To receive your products within 2 to 5 business days, you must pay $10 for express shipping.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Dynamite


  1. Offers various types of clothing items for women.
  2. Value for the products.
  3. Meets all the market standards.
  4. Provides fast shipping.
  • Address: 160 N Gulph Rd, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, PA 19406

9. Simons

This is a Canadian retail shop that has been around since 1840. This means that they know what the customers want and do not hesitate to provide items that benefit both the consumer and the business. They feature various big and small brands so that you will have a wide range of clothing items. Most of their collection is for party-ready looks, but no one can afford fancy clothing. Not just clothes but also a vast range of bags, accessories, and shoes. Their delivery service is speedy as you will receive your products within 4 to 7 business days. There are no hassles regarding parcel returns as it happens through Canada Post.


  1. Carries some of the high-end brands.
  2. Offers products for the house.
  3. The customer approves of the products.
  4. Stores in Canada and USA.
  • Address: Arizona Mills, 5000 S Arizona Mills Cir, Tempe, AZ, 85282

10. Shopbop

If you are looking for all the high-end clothing items, then Shopbop is your place to go. They are known to curate all the high-end and best brands worldwide. They offer 1 to 3 free business day shipping, a huge plus point as customers are always eager to receive their products soon. Shopbop is a subsidiary of Amazon, so they are expected to have speedy shipping. Most of their clothing items are fancy, so if you are looking for clothes full of bling and something you will not wear to any casual event, then Shopbop is your place to choose from.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Shopbop


  1. Has a mobile app and offers 15% off on the first order from the app.
  2. Can form memberships and members will receive rewards.
  3. Returns are easy and hassle free.
  • Address:1245 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703, United States.

11. Unshy

Unshy used to be named ClothingUnder10, and this place offers clothing items at a very affordable price point. You can purchase products for as low as $5 or sometimes even lower than that. Their dresses are inexpensive, but the quality remains strong over time. Unshyhas good customer service, but their shipping procedure often gets delayed. Most of their clothing items are made in the U.S., and they do not offer free shipping to any part of the world. But their return policy is pretty straightforward, which benefits many people.

Fig: Unshy


  1. Wholesale products are available.
  2. Full-scale production.
  3. All the clothes are affordable.
  • Address: North Miami, FL 33179, United States.

12. Target

Now comes one of the most anticipated stores that everyone is fond of. Target has everything you can ever imagine because its service is one of the best. They offer a fantastic apparel collection at an attractive price range, successfully gathering various customers’ attention. They offer free shipping if you purchase at least $35 or up. Target is known for accepting various payment methods, so customers do not have to worry about making payments. You can return any item within 90 days if the buyer is not fond of it, but as long as the product is in acceptable condition.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Target


  1. Stores can be found very easily and in every state.
  2. Offers various types of products.
  3. Their products are always top-notch and long-lasting.
  4. Provides home delivery system.
  • Address: 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403

13. Topshop

A high-end store that offers all the quality clothing items which last a long time. Topshop is precisely what many people are searching for as they are okay with paying a high amount for something that will last a long time. Topshop offers free delivery if the shopper spends more than $20. Their shipping service is speedy; you can also return items if they need to be better. You can contact the employees at any time of the day, so their customer service is top-notch.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Topshop


  1. Offers various gift vouchers to gift other people.
  2. Consist of a mobile app.
  3. Carriers skincare products from various brands.
  4. Offers career at Topshop.
  • Address: 139 Williams Hwy, Vienna, West Virginia, 26015, United States.

14. Venus

Venus is an online clothing store that offers cheap clothing and delivers fast. They cater to most of the on-trend clothing items, which will attract more customers. You will find inexpensive clothing items from prestigious brands. The quality is always top-notch, while the price is fine with the customer. Venus is known for having discounts for most of the year, which can go up to 70% off. They are known for providing good clothing items at affordable prices online.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Venus


  1. Clothes can be found of any size and for all ages.
  2. Colour of clothes does not fade overtime.
  3. High-quality apparel that lasts long.
  4. Offers various discounts and sales.
  • Address:11711 Marco Beach Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224 United States.

15. Papaya

Last but not least comes Papaya. This store offers various apparels which are mostly under $20 each. They have trendy clothing items of high quality that can be used for a long time. The best part about this clothing store is that you can pay later for your items, but you will be able to receive them within time. They accept a wide range of payment methods, and you will receive free shipping if the order is very $50. Papaya has good reviews on the internet, which makes them reliable.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Fast Shipping
Fig: Papaya


  1. Research and Development.
  2. The working force is satisfied with the payment.
  3. Customer approval provides a top-of-production.
  4. Excellent service.
  • Address: 5807 Smithway St, Commerce, CA, United States.

Final Words:

Everyone is looking for cheap online clothing stores with fast shipping as this is something people do not want to waste much time or money on. Most people want to purchase a large number of clothes that they can wear for a year at an affordable price point. For such reasons, there are various online or offline stores available that offer fast shipping, and their clothes are pretty affordable. The shops usually have trendy clothing items, so you do not have to search for a long time to find your desired item.

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