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You can find plenty of commercial accounts specializing in selling clothes on social media. But the reality is that many make undifferentiated content, posting only pictures of goods with prices. Consequently, clothing brands lose their individuality, dissolving in the mass of same-type pages. On the other hand, the fashion world includes clothing brand giants like Gilt Groupe, BeachMint, and Nasty Gal, which succeed on the Internet because they know how to adapt to the changes in the behavior of the consumer audience. So read this article “Content for Clothing Brand”, if you want to be among the latter. You will get the idea of content for fashion.

Let’s find out clothing brand content ideas.

Content is a New Social Currency

Today we live in the information age, which endlessly pours into our heads through the screens of computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. So, of course, this situation needs to be considered by Clothing brands to survive in the enormous competitive race. It is especially true for the fashion industry which is regularly changing. And today, you are what you create will be a content for clothing brand examples.

Social Currency
Social Currency

If something new and individual appears in this endless sea of duplicate content, people notice it immediately and start buying it. But having the talent and desire to create is not enough to succeed as a clothing brand. You have to learn from the best companies that have changed the boundaries of retail. They realized they needed to master the essential thing operating on the Internet today content.

These clothing brands sell more than just clothes. They sell an online fashion experience. They have an excellent understanding of technology and how to use the “new” Internet, especially social media, as a sales and digital marketing channel. And now that knowledge will be available to you as well.

What Content for Clothing Brand Should Be?

Content ideas for clothing brand: Use the tips for the Content for Clothing Brands in this article in a convenient to find out what content you should use on social media. or How to describe a brand to get noticed. Remember that clothing brand content should be exciting and original to raise credibility and increase sales. Hiring a professional top-rated content writer who creates quality posts for your business accounts is a good solution.

1. Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is the content pillars for fashion brands. It is the most prominent fashion brand content ideas across the content ideas for fashion brands.

Brand Story Telling
Brand Story Telling

Whether you’re a designer or selling other brands, you must tell the story. Customers need to know what they’re buying and the person behind the brand. Find brand story telling content for fashion.

Content for Clothing Brand Sample Ideas:

  • The story behind the brand’s creation
  • Values
  • Manufacturing
  • History of particular model design
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Goals for the future

2. Assortment Demonstration

Of course, it’s the most popular and prominent type of content, but you can also add new colors to it. For example, include images of dressed models (it looks more interesting than just product photos), add small details or thematic pictures, and shoot a beautiful video.

  1. Fabric quality
  2. Cut features
  3. Available colors
  4. Availability of goods
  5. Cost of delivery
  6. How to order/pay

3. Customer Testimony/ Unpack

Customer Testimony Sample
Customer Testimony Sample

Client testimony is a powerful sales tool. Not only do you get content for Instagram, but potential customers can click on the tag in the stories and subscribe. You can even encourage them to show their looks or unpack and tag you by offering a small discount on their next order.

4. Contests


Contests help to diversify the content, increase the number of subscribers, and bring in new customers. It is the finest content for fashion.

Examples of actions may be as follows:

  • Repost, or put a hashtag
  • Post a photo and tag the profile
  • Tag the number of friends under the post
  • Invite friends to the group
  • Leave a comment or review

5. Reels

For now, short videos or fashion vlogs with music are one of the most popular social media formats.

Reel content for clothing brand examples are as following:

⭐️ Show assortment

⭐️ Fashion trends

⭐️ Tips from a stylist

⭐️ Announcements of new collections

⭐️Promotions and discounts

⭐️ Contests as Content for clothing brand

6. Educational Content

Fashion Educational Content
Fashion Educational Content

If your store account consists only of commercial posts, your audience can quickly tire. Thus, include in your content-plan educational publications that are indirectly related to the fashion industry.

Fashion educational clothing content ideas are as:

  1. 3 must-have items in any woman’s jewelry
  2. 10 looks for the summer season
  3. Mistakes in your look
  4. How to choose the right dress style
  5. Top 3 accessories of this season

7. Outfit Selection Ideas

An outfit is a look created with the help of things that go well together: clothes, shoes, and accessories. Tell your subscribers what the trends are this season and what you should wear your outfit with.

Some fashion content creation ideas are as:

  1. Fashionable images every day
  2. 10 summer outfits for any weather
  3. Street style: best trends for women

8. Discount Information

Finding out about discounts on time is one of the reasons why people decide to subscribe to you. In addition, it’s a great reason to remind people about your products, and even a 10% discount can be enough to lead to a purchase. It could be a unique content for clothing brand

Discount Information Strategy
Discount Information Strategy

Common types of discounts on fashion content are:

  • Buy one, get one free discounts
  • Price bundling
  • Free shipping discounts
  • Overstock sales
  • Early payment discounts
  • Percentage sales

9. Inspirational Content

The main task of today’s clothing stores is not just to sell, but to inspire, to convey their philosophy and vision. Just like the clothes purchased in the store, the brand/boutique/clothing line/showroom should inspire buyers with its aesthetics.

Inspiring fashion content may be in the form of:

  1. Images
  2. Text
  3. Videos

10. Engaging Content for Clothing Brand

Engaging Content for Clothing Brand
Engaging Content for Clothing Brands

Whether a post or a story, the main thing is to establish contact with potential customers and discover their opinions, tastes, and preferences. Check the example of fashion content:

  1. Comment your favorite 1-8
  2. Would you try such a look?
  3. What colors do you prefer to wear?

11. Games for Stories

Gamification is one of the significant trends of recent years. Be sure to use them to increase engagement as content for clothing brands.

if you can hack games, then you will know how to create content for a clothing brand.

  1. Ask subscribers to find the differences in the photos. Take two product photos. Remove one item from one of the photos, post two images, and ask subscribers to see the differences.
  2. Invite subscribers to make a mosaic of your product photos, take a screenshot, and then post it in your account with your profile tagged. You can give a discount or a product in return.
  3. Together with your subscribers, put together a few looks with your clothes. Then, shoot a video of the model trying on two pieces of clothing and post it in stories.
  4. Make a list of 7-12 facts about the store and invite subscribers to guess which ones are false.
  5. Associations. The sense of the game is to write your associations to the word. Set a specific topic related to the company, specify the first word, and watch the comments develop.

12. Live Broadcasts

content for clothing brand
content for clothing brand

Show your clothing collection, tell subscribers what inspired you, give advice, or suggest interesting product combinations in one look.

The best channels for fashion content:

⭐️ Instagram

⭐️ YouTube

Crucial Part of Fashion Content Creation

The most important thing in social media is the regularity of posts and stories to remind visitors of your existence, attract fresh subscribers, and retain existing ones. Consider that you should always keep a balance between selling and neutral posts. To summarize, we distinguish such basic types of essential content for a clothing brand:

  1. Informative clothing brand content reveals the product from new sides and should occupy about 50% of all posts.
  2. Entertainment content helps to engage passive subscribers in communication, increasing their loyalty. So there should be about 20% of it on your social media.
  3. Finally, when you’ve gained the audience’s loyalty, you can post selling content, which brings customers and makes sales. 30% of selling posts will be enough.

These are the best strategy of content for clothing brand examples. You may watch the Video for Content for fashion ideas.

Content Marketing for Clothing Brand

How to create content for clothing brand?

At first, understand the target audience, then demography, age, gender and search intent. The content for clothing brand must have to fulfil the search intent of an ordinary clothing enthusiasm.

How to be a fashion content creator?

1. Always to the point 2. Be consistence 3. Try to understand your audience. These are the three tips I can tell you from my experience.

How to write fashion content?

Create content fashion content outline, gather data and information, merge and simplified the ideas, proof read, plagiarism check, and complete writing of your fashion content.

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