Function of Apparel Merchandising

Md Mahedi Hasan

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  • Study of fashion trend & fashion forecasting
  • Sourcing information about the customer & their profile
  • Sourcing information about the products, categories, style, size, assortment, and specification. 
  • Sourcing foreign buyer
  • Consumption coloration 
  • Costing quoting
  • Negotiation
  • Price collection
  • Order confirmation
  • Receive master L/C
  • Prepare TNA
  • Sourcing fabrics, trimmings & accessories 
  • Sample developing
  • Follow up sampling
  • Taking samples approval
  • Receive fabrics, trimmings, accessories
  • Inspection raw material
  • Making swath cards get approval from buyers & distribute in a different section
  • Arrange pre-production meeting
  • Booking production line
  • Arrange the testing of raw material & send test response to the buyer
  • Arrange test cutting
  • Start bulk production
  • Follow up the production
  • Inline inspection
  • Monitoring, Production & product quality
  • Arrange final inspection
  • Arranging payment against an export order 
  • Quick response in respect of any buyer query
Apparel Merchandising
Image of Apparel Merchandising

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