How to Pick Matching Nail Polish that Complements Any Look

Md Mahedi Hasan

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We have all been there when nail polish aisles overflow with trendy colors without giving us enough opportunity to pick one that suits us. Fear not, our fellow Polish enthusiasts! We bring you the secrets of choosing the perfect nail polish color matching your skin tone, dress, and overall look in this guide. 

Picking Matching Nail Polish

Choosing matching nail polish has been always tricky. But there are secrets to unlock based on 3 factors that mostly our Polish enthusiasts focus on. They are:

Image: Nail Polish Based on Skin Tone
Image: Matching Nail Polish With Skin

1. Based on Skin Tone:

If you want to keep your nail polish minimal, always match the color density to your skin tone. Pastels and nudes go well with pair pale skin whereas medium dark skin tone always prefers medium tones of nail polish hues. For dark skin, there is no alternative to choose midnight blue, dark grey, purple, or even black. Here are more tips for you on matching your nail polish with skin tone:

  1. Check out the veins (on the inside of your wrists) For example,  If the veins show a bluish shade, it indicates that you have a cool complexion. Cool complexions imply cool shades that include hues of green, purple, and blue. 
  2. Endless possibilities are there for darker skin tones. Those of you have similar skin tones, you can easily pull off pretty much any color from pale hues.
Image: Nail Polish Based on Skin Tone
Image: Nail Polish Based on Skin Tone

Based on Outfits:

Here goes another criteria to match your nail polish with outfits. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Choose a polish color that complements the main color of the outfit.
  2. If your outfit comes with a statement belt or scarf, grab a nail polish in a similar color too.
Image: Pink Dress with Pink Nail Polish
Image: Pink Dress with Pink Nail Polish

3. Based on Occasion:

To attend any occasion, always opt for neutral colors. Neutral colors tend to work anywhere possessing a safe option. Here are some examples for you:

Image: Nail Polish Based on Occasion
Image: Nail Polish Based on Occasion
  1. For professional outings, grey, white, peachy, and beige shades work fine. 
  2. Holiday-themed occasions always prefer a look that represents fun and festivity. In that case, bright colors are to the rescue!
  3. Season-based nail polish is also a trend. For instance, grey, purple, and silver all are up for fall months fashion where whereas green, yellow, and red work even better in spring months. 


Apart from these three criteria, personality is another one to look for. Personality is something that makes you see yourself from a point of view. So, if you have a wild personality, using metallic colors on nails would not reveal a different vibe. To give off an edgy look, black polish seems to be appealing. We believe you can pick matching nail polish based on the given criteria discussed in this article. 

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