How to Pick the Matching Nail Polish That Goes with Your Outfit

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Like your outfit, nails also have a great impact on your appearance. The right matching nail polish shade can bring your entire dress together. Black is a nail color that goes with every outfit. However, always wearing a black nail shade can be boring. 

Still, choosing the perfect nail polish that matches your outfit isn’t easy. If you try to match too much, it can feel childish. Are you facing a hard time in picking the right color for yourself? We will give you some good tips to make this process easier.

1. Look at Your Skin Tone

The first step in choosing the nail shade that goes with your outfit is to check your skin tone. Some shades go with every type of skin color. These include pink and blue. So, if you are searching for a nail color that goes with every outfit, pick any of them. But if you are too fair, go with bright colors.

Look at Your Skin Tone
Look at Your Skin Tone For Matching Nail Polish

Women with medium skin can opt for red-orange shades as these flatter their skin tone. If you have a dark complexion, deep wine-red shades will look beautiful.

2. Choose a Neutral if You Are Unsure.

Often, women feel confused while picking nail colors, especially with so many options. But here’s a great piece of advice. A nail color that goes with every outfit is neutral. These include beige, white, blue, and grey.

Choose a Neutral if You Are Unsure
Pick a Neutral if You Are Unsure

The shades correspond with many other colors. So, no matter what you wear, they will look appealing. Black is also a neutral shade. But avoid wearing it with black outfits. It gives a very gothic look instead of a polished one.

3. Pick Multiple Colors from Your Outfit

Picking various colors for your outfit lets you create exciting designs. For example, your outfit may have yellow, orange, and green colors. You can use all these colors or a combination as your nail paint. This is an advanced technique called color blocking

Pick Multiple Colors
Pick Multiple Colors for Matching Nail polish

If your outfit has a textured look, use them on your nails. Various nail art courses online teach you about creating beautiful designs like textured looks, ombres, and line arts. You also learn about design theory. Thus, they will help you rock visually pleasing nails.

4. Matching Nail Polish Color with Your Makeup

You put your makeup in sync with your dress. So, matching your nail color with it helps achieve an even look. The best way to do it is by matching your nail paint to your lipstick. 

Match Your Nail Color with Your Makeup
Compare Your Nail Color with Your Makeup

Here, we can say that red is a nail color that goes with every outfit. It’s because most women wear lipstick in one or another shade of red. Some popular lipstick shades are light red, maroon, dark red, ruby, and crimson. So, wearing a similar nail color will give you a sophisticated appearance.

Besides lipstick, you can match your nail color with your eye shadow. For example, an ombre eyeshadow and nail color look simply mesmerizing!

5. Match Your Nail Color with Your Accessories

This is a really interesting way to jazz up your look. If you like to accessorize, why not match your nails with them? Suppose you are wearing a silver pendant. In such a case, paint your nails with a sparkly silver shade. 

Match Your Nail Color with Your Accessories
Compare Your Nail Color with Your Additions

On the other hand, if you have a gorgeous blue handbag, paint your nails blue. Are you someone who loves to adorn themselves with chunky earrings? You can use that as inspiration. Choose a shade from those earrings for your nails.

6. Experiment with Colors

There are endless options when it comes to nail colors. Matching them with your outfits will be much more fun if you are willing to play around with them. The greater you experiment, the more you’ll be able to find the color pairs that you love.

Experiment with Colors
Investigation with Colors

Free online nail art courses also help you experiment with colors. Testing different colors and working with UV gel polish in these courses enables you to unleash your creativity. Thus, you can be sure to always rock stunning nails!

Advance Your Knowledge of Nail Cosmetics

Do you love experimenting with colors on your nails? Maybe you are the one everyone turns to when they want advice about the best nail polish colors. If you enjoy the process of decorating your nails, why not advance your skills further with an online course?

Today you can easily master nail art online for free with nail technician courses. From creating a perfect gel manicure to stunning designs like an ombre and textured look, the free courses teach a lot! The helpful how-to videos and instructional guides will help you speedily learn various nail art processes at your own pace.  Besides learning to create beautiful nail extensions, many of them also teach you how to run your nail technician business! Thus, they are perfect for anyone wanting to become a pro at nail cosmetics. 

Summing up

From classic to simple and neutral, the world of nail colors is very vibrant. You can choose a nail color that goes with every outfit, like black or red. Alternatively, try something different, like color blocking. The tips above will help you easily choose the perfect nail for every outfit and occasion.

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