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The Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College (SHTEC) was established on 16.88 acres of land and is one of Bangladesh’s largest textile engineering institutions. The college was initially built on 16.88 acres, but the total land area of this college is 27.37 acres through donations from Mirza Azam (MP) and an allotment from Danbir Likhan Mondal’s inheritance. Under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army, Western Engineering (Pvt.) Limited has built the infrastructure of Sheikh Hasina Textile.


Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College offers a four-year B.Sc. in Textile Engineering under the Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) affiliation and is controlled by the Ministry of Textiles and Jute. Like BUTEX, affiliated with the other seven colleges, this college has four departments, but the government of Bangladesh has approved a total of eight departments for this college. It is only five kilometers away from Jamalpur town. It is under the “Char Banipakuri” union parishad.

Campus NameSheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College
Short NameSHTEC
LogoSheikh Hasina Textile Logo || SHTEC Logo
Founded27 November, 2022
LocationVabki, Melandaha, Jamalpur
Principal NameBishwajit Das (Additional Charge)
Number of students240
Founded27 November, 2022
Location: Vabki, Melandaha, Jamalpur.
Info of SHTEC

History of Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College

The textile industry is vital to Bangladesh’s economy, contributing more than 13% of the country’s GDP and over 84% of the export earnings. Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest exporter of Readymade Garments (RMG). The sector employs around 40 million people and is one of the leading employment sectors. To address the growing demand for skilled professionals in the textile industry, The government of Bangladesh established institutes, colleges, and universities. Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College is one of them, and it offers a four-year B.Sc. in Textile Engineering under the affiliation of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX).

While the campus is under construction, the college commenced its official activities on November 27, 2022. The orientation for the first batch, “Oritro-01,” took place in 2022, and classes commenced on November 28, 2022. 

Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College Campus SHTEC Campus
Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College Campus

The orientation for the second batch, “Binary-0010” was conducted online on December 07, 2023, with online classes starting from December 10, 2023. After the construction of the campus, on November 14, 2023, its inauguration was announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina via video conference. 


Sheikh Hasina Textile offers a B.Sc in Textile Engineering degree with the following specialization departments:

  1. Yarn Engineering
  2. Fabric Engineering
  3. Wet Process Engineering
  4. Apparel Engineering

Number of seats

There are a total of 120 seats offered in each department. The Sheikh Hasina Textile has 04 departments, each with only 30 seats available. There are 01 Freedom Fighter Quota seats and 02 Tribal quota seats in this college.

Running Batch

First BatchOritro 01
Second BatchBinary 0010
Running Student of Sheikh Hasina Textile

Campus Facilities

Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College offers a range of facilities, including a library, computer lab, and sports facilities. The college aims to provide quality education in textile engineering and produce skilled graduates who can contribute to developing the textile industry in Bangladesh.

Have a look at the Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College Campus:

  1. Academic Administrative Building ( 6 storied building)
  2. Spinning shed(Cotton & Jute, Apparel, Fashion) ( 2 storied building)
  3. Weaving shed (2-storied building)
  4. Dyeing shed (2-storied building)
  5. Workshop Cum Library Building (2-storied building)
  6. Principal’s Quarter (2-storied building)
  7. Officer’s Quarter ( 6 storied building)
  8. Officer’s Dormitory ( 6 storied building)
  9. Stuff’s Quarter ( 6 storied building)
  10. Stuff’s Dormitory ( 6 storied building)
  11. Boys Hostel-1 ( 6 storied building)
  12. Boys Hostel-2 ( 6 storied building)
  13. Girls Hostel ( 6 storied building)
  14. Sub-Station Building-1 ( 1 storied building)
  15. Sub-Station Building-2 ( 1 storied building)
  16. Mosque ( 2 storied building)
  17. Cafeteria ( 1 storied building)
  18. Open Air Theatre
  19. Multipurpose Hall (3-storied building)
  20. Effluent Treatment Plant
  21. Water Treatment Plant
  22. Shahid Minar
  23. Pond


  • Knitting shed
  • Weaving shed
  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Dyeing Lab
  • Printing Lab
  • Washing Lab
  • Cotton spinning shed
  • Jute spinning shed
  • Apparel & Fashion Design Lab
  • Textile Testing & Quality Control Lab

Library Facility

  •  Dimension of the library: 442.25 square meters
  • No. of books: 3176
  • Air-conditioned 

Hall Facility

Sheikh Hasina Textile has two boys’ halls and one girls’ hall.

Boy’s Hall- 01: 

  •  Length × Width: 35.35m.×16.66m. 
  • Dimension: 588.93 square meters 
  • Number of rooms: 75 
  • Capacity: 150 Person

Boy’s Hall- 02: 

  •  Length × Width: 35.35m.×16.66m. 
  • Dimension: 588.93 square meters 
  • Number. of rooms: 75 
  • Capacity: 150 Person

Girls Hall: 

  • Length × Width: 44.19m.×43.89m.
  • Dimension: 1939.50 square meters
  • No. of rooms for living: 85
  • Capacity: 300 Person

Club Activity

1. SHTEC Career Club (SHCC)

The main objective of the SHTEC Career Club is to provide a platform for SHTEC students to explore careers and enhance their professional development, fostering a supportive environment that empowers them to make informed career decisions. 

SHTEC Career Club

Motto: Taking your career to the next level

President Name: Rakib Al Hasan

Established: 2023

Committee list

Convener Committee
President: Rakib- Al- Hasan 

General Secretary: Talha Ibna Tamim 

Vice President: MD. Shihab Siddiqi, Rigen Barua, Shakil Anwer, Ashikul Islam, Ananto Das Lincoln, Siddiqur Rahman Polok, Saidy, Raihan kobir Al-Amin

Executive Committee 

Administration: Md. Tabassum Al Mohit, Shamir Ahmed Bhuiyan Uschach, Tanim Hasan Khan. 

Creative Affairs: Afridi Hassan Sifat, Mushfiqur Rahman, Riad Hasan. 

Videography & Editing: Tanjil Islam Rupok, Fatin Zaman, MD.Deluwar Hossain Sujat.

Media & Photography: Md. Shahed Hasan Sumon, Md. Monayem Ahmed Moon, Ashraful Islam. 

Publication: Md Sakib Hossain, MD. Mehedi Hasan Shipon, Robiul Hasan. 

Event Management: Mohsina Rahman Tisha, Asfia Nourin.

The SHTEC Career Club aims to facilitate textile networking opportunities and organize workshops, seminars, and events that expose students to various industries and career paths.

2. SHTEC Cultural and Event Management Club 

The SHTEC Cultural and Event Management Club aims to promote cultural awareness. It provides a platform for students to develop event planning and management skills. 

SHTEC Cultural Club
SHTEC Cultural Club

Motto: Be cultural, be smart

Committee list

Executive members: Md. Imran Bhuiyan, Sadman Ashik, Tawfiqul Haque Nibir, Muzaddid-E- Islam Niloy, Hasan Khandakar, Sakibul Islam Sakib, Sadia Jahan, Farhana Afrin Nishi, Mosharat Mehbuba Hossain, Khaya Saha, Esha Gupta, Momo Rakshit, Mohammad Abdullah, R K Ashik Khan, Mahadi Hasan Rudro, Ananto Das, Mehedi Hassan Shipon.

The SHTEC Cultural Club aims to organize and participate in diverse cultural events, fostering a vibrant campus community while equipping members with practical experience in coordinating and executing successful events. Through a combination of cultural enrichment and hands-on event management opportunities, the club strives to enhance its members’ personal and professional growth.

3. Niborton- SHTEC Blood Donation & Social Welfare Club

The objective of Niborton is to actively contribute to the community’s well-being by organizing regular blood donation drives and engaging in social welfare initiatives.

SHTEC Blood Donation & Social Welfare Club Niborton
Niborton Logo

Motto: Break the chain, free humanity

Committee list

Executive members: Md. Shahed Hasan Sumon, Raihan kobir Al-Amin, Jannatul Ferdous Taskia, Mehedi. 

The SHTEC Blood Donation & Social Welfare Club aims to raise awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation, encourage students and community members to participate in these life-saving efforts, and establish a sustainable network for blood donation.

4. SHTEC Sports Club

The SHTEC Sports Club is a dynamic community that promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and a competitive spirit among its members.

Committee list

Executive members: Md. Mahadi Hasan Rudro, Sakibul Islam Sakib, Sm Jakaria Sayem, Monayem Ahmed Moon, Rafi Hasan, Md. Aunik Hossain, Shamim Ahmed, Ihosanul Kabir, Shafine Ferdous Shimul

SHTEC Sports Club
SHTEC Sports Club

Motto: Prove your worth, prove your guts.

With the motto “Prove your worth, prove your guts,” the club encourages individuals to showcase their athletic prowess and determination on the field. Whether through organized sports events, friendly competitions, or fitness programs, the Sports Club provides a platform for students to engage in various sports and recreational activities.

5. SHTEC Debating Club

The objective of the SHTEC Debating Club, guided by the motto “Create the ulterior leader,” is to foster critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership skills among its members through the art of debate.

SHTEC Debating Club Logo
SHTEC Debating Club Logo

Motto: Create the ulterior leader

Committee list

Executive Committee:

President: Md Shakil Anwer 

Secretary: khondokar Izaz Ahmed

Executive members: Ananto Das, Md Yeasin Howlader, Md Rimon Sarker, Istiyak Ahmed Sakin, Md Biraz Hussen, Md sakib Hossain, Mehedi hassan Rabbi , Mohsina Rahman Tisha.

The debating club aims to provide a platform for students to engage in constructive discourse, develop the ability to articulate ideas persuasively and enhance their overall communication proficiency. 

6. SHTEC English Language Club 

SHTEC English Language Club, guided by the motto “Adorn Your Speech Better,” is to enhance language proficiency and communication skills among its members. 

SHTEC English Club Logo
SHTEC English Club Logo


Committee list

Executive members:  Mohsina Rahman Tisha, Riad Hasam , Istiak Faruk Iftee, Shamir Ahmed Bhuiyan Uschach, Eftekhar, Marzia Akter Niha, Kheya Saha, Talha Ibna Tamim, Saidy, Esha Gupta, Siddikur Rahman.

The English Language Club aims to create a supportive and engaging environment where Sheikh Hasina Textile’s students can refine their spoken and written English, focusing on eloquence, clarity, and practical expression. The club endeavors to empower members to communicate more confidently, persuasively, and articulately through various activities such as debates, public speaking sessions, language workshops, and literary events. 

7. SHTEC Research & Innovation Club

SHTEC Research & Innovation Club, guided by the motto “Innovation in every step,” is to cultivate a culture of research, creativity, and problem-solving among its members. 

SHTEC Research Club Logo
SHTEC Research Club Logo

Motto: Innovation in every step.

Committee list

Executive members: Talha Ibna Tamim, Siddikur Rahman, Rakib Al Hasan, Saidy, Tanjil Islam Rupok, Md. Aminur Rahman, Mohsina Rahman Tisha, Marzia Akter Niha.

The Research and Innovation Club aims to provide a platform for Sheikh Hasina Textile’ students to actively engage in research projects, explore innovative ideas, and contribute to advancements in their respective fields. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, the club seeks to foster an environment that encourages critical thinking, curiosity, and a proactive approach to addressing challenges. 

SHTEC Photography & Media Society

The SHTEC Photography & Media Society aims to provide a creative platform for students interested in photography and media-related activities. The society seeks to cultivate and enhance photography skills among its members, encouraging artistic expression and storytelling through visual mediums.

Through workshops, events, and collaborative projects, the society seeks to create a vibrant community of photographers and media enthusiasts who can capture and communicate narratives effectively.

Admission Test 2023

Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College Admission Activity
Sheikh Hasina Textile Engineering College Admission Activity

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