19 Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA

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If you are a fashion designer or want to start a business in your clothing range, you also want to invest in the best fabric you can find. But you also want to ensure the products cost a little so your profit is not minimized.

The US is a country that caters to various wholesale fabric suppliers and is known worldwide. It is easy to order your desired clothing rolls in the quantity you want from the US, as they ship internationally.

This article will discuss wholesale cotton fabric suppliers in the USA more and why you should go with the best ones.

Best Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA

Now we will look at all the best wholesale cotton fabric suppliers in the US. This will give you a clear image of whom to buy from and whom to avoid.

1. Liba Fabrics Corporation

This wholesale supplier is located in New York, meaning they have many customers to tend to. The Liba Fabrics Corporation is a leading textile wholesale company based in the US. They bring a wide range of fabrics perfect for manufacturing any clothing. Their stocks have started from organza, Bengaline, taffeta, pin tuck, peach skin, muslin, satin, poplin, velour, Shantung, velvet, voile, and so much more.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Liba Fabrics Corporation
Fig: Liba Fabrics Corporation

All these are crucial for fashion designers to conquer their dreams and create their desired pieces. They also crush fabrics such as Crystal Organza, Bengaline, Shimmer, and Mystique Satin per request.

2. Fabric.com

Just like the name suggests, this is an online-based company. Amazon owns them, and they cater to one of the vast wholesale fabric collections in the US. Their fabric collection is vast, and they are handy for any fashion designer.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Fabric.com
Fig: Fabric.com

Fabrics such as flannel, duck and canvas, cotton, batik linen, muslin, rayon, velvet, fleece, silk, knit, and wool are only some of the available fabric items. They have much more of such in their collection, like stretch materials. They regularly bring new collections so that the changing preferences of their target audience can be matched.

3. Berenstein Textiles

Another wholesale fabric supplier that is based in the heart of New York. They are known to supply their items to almost every designer house and couture based in the US. They are also clients of the Theater District of New York City. Their collection features some diverse textile items.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Berenstein Textiles
Fig: Berenstein Textiles

Fabrics such as Dupioni silk, taffeta, crepe, microfiber, suede, lace, jacquard, brocade, and corduroy are some of the fabrics from their vast range of collections. They also cater to stretchable fabrics such as spandex, which is in demand since more and more people have been joining the gym lately.

4. Mood Fabrics

Now coming to another online store that is based in the US. Mood Fabrics has its headquarters in New York City, but it sells most of its items online. They stock a massive range of premium fabrics popular in high-end designer stores. Their collection includes cotton, silk, crepe, brocade, denim, chiffon, satin, linen, rayon, polyester, lace, rayon, jersey, knit, and suede.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Mood Fabrics
Fig: Mood Fabrics

However, there are many more items in their collection, such as printed fabrics, so you must check out their website. They sold their fabrics by the yard and were featured on the Project Runway.

5. Foust Textiles INC.

This wholesale fabric supplier is based in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. They are prevalent for being well-stocked almost all time of the year. They cater to fabrics such as flannel, cotton-polyester blends, burlap, fleece, cork, seersucker, linen, polyester poplin, gingham, denim, vinyl, twill, and Ponte.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Foust Textiles INC.
Fig: Foust Textiles INC.

This shows that their collection is unique, and these items are rarely found in other wholesale suppliers. The price is also reasonable compared to the quality of their fabrics. On most weekends, you will notice that they offer regular sales of products.

6. Fabric Wholesale Direct

Looking for high-quality fabric at a discounted price? Then check out Fabric Wholesale Direct, which is based in Farmingdale, New York. They do not have a minimum order amount, which is very helpful for small designers who do not want to purchase quantities in bulk order or for fashion designers who want to produce limited edition items.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Fabric Wholesale Direct
Fig: Fabric Wholesale Direct

Their fabric collection includes challis, fleece, Dupioni silk, chiffon, flannel, suede, organza, faux fur, jacquard, brocade, peach skin, vinyl, voile, twill, linen, terry cloth, lace, poplin, and satin. They also have a vast range of printed fabrics of different and unique prints.

7. Denver Fabrics

Coming to a wholesale fabric supplier in St. Louis, Missouri. Denver Fabrics is also known as one of the largest and most well-known fabric suppliers that cater to a wide range of fabrics. Various fashion designers purchase from them as they offer hefty discounts and provide high-quality items.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Denver Fabrics
Fig: Denver Fabrics

Their fabric collection includes georgette, cotton, denim, rayon, chiffon, suede, satin, jacquard, Dupioni silk, wool, and velvet. They also have double knit, embroidered textiles, printed fabric, and sequin fabrics. The fabric items are raw, which is preferable to most customers.

8. Vogue Fabric Store

The Vogue Fabric Store is located in Evanston, Illinois. Their fabric collection is insane as they have a huge range of items. Their stock comprises textiles such as rayon, velvet, cotton, fur, polyester, poplin, wool, georgette, wool, chiffon, suede, rayon, organza, satin, nylon, knit, and jacquard. They also have stretch woven fabrics, which are also in high demand.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Vogue Fabric Store
Fig: Vogue Fabric Store

Other fabric items such as voile, vinyl, bamboo, acrylic, and cork are also available in their stores. They have unique collections in various colors, print patterns, and weaves, which only some suppliers have.

9. Nick of Time Textiles

One of the largest wholesale fabric sellers in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Nick of Time Textiles has an extensive collection of novelty and basic fabrics. This is helpful for all the fashion designers who want to cater to clothing of various kinds. Their fabrics are also of the highest quality, and the prices are pretty low compared to that.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Nick of Time Textiles
Fig: Nick of Time Textiles

Their stock includes cotton spandex, brushed denim, double-knit textiles, and canvas. They also have fabrics that have geometric, holiday-themed, or floral prints. This place is perfect for small businesses that want to produce clothing while keeping the budget minimum.

10. Fabric Selection INC.

Ending the list with a fabric store based in Los Angeles, California. Fabric Selection INC. always has all the trendy and off-beat fabric in its stock. Various dressmakers and designers purchase from their stores because they cater to many unique styles that other stores usually do not have.

Wholesale Cotton Fabric Suppliers USA at Fabric Selection INC.
Fig: Fabric Selection INC.

Regarding fashion, uniqueness will always lead you to the top. They have silk, cotton, woven, mesh, lace, polyester, satin, georgette, and Bengaline fabric items in their stock. They always try to keep up with the latest fashion trends to ensure their customers are happy.

11. E2Global

This custom-manufacturing fiber company has been around since 2013, and its business continued flourishing since then. Their company is based in Riverside, California, but they also have a store in Wichita, Kansas. E2Global sells white cotton fabric wholesale mainly.

White Cotton Fabric Wholesale
Fig: E2Global

Their fabric clothes are available in various sizes, from two to ninety-six inches long. Meaning it will be better for people to get fabric from them because of the variation in size. They offer low to high-volume production and accept orders for blankets. Their cotton can be used for silk screens and hard or soft forming.

12. FabricLore

FabricLore offers various types of white fabric wholesale at a surprising price point. Their prices are very affordable, and the quality is also outstanding. Suppose you have a specific design in mind. In that case, you can order custom-made cotton fabric from FabricLore in bulk quantity.

White Cotton Fabric Wholesale
Fig: FabricLore

The designs they offer are unique and eye-catching. Wholesale white cotton fabric is rare, but you will get it in FabricLore. If you visit their store, you will see that all the designs are organized perfectly, giving you a better chance to select the one you need.

13. Gerald Schwarts, Inc.

Searching for a wholesale fabric distributor that supplies white cotton fabric and different colors and patterns of fabric? Then Gerald Schwartz is the one, as they have been in this field since 1985. Like most fabric distributors, they provide polyester, cotton, and nylon fabrics because these are what people search for the most.

Gerald Schwarts Inc.
Fig: Gerald Schwarts, Inc.

They offer cotton fabric for people who are in the army or police. Such as fabrics in woodland green, camouflage, fluorescent black, and orange are available. Their market is vast, so remember to visit them, as you might stumble upon something that catches your attention.

14. TextileZone

The TextileZone cotton fabric wholesale distributor is situated in Gujarat, India. The brand started in 2014 as an online setup, and the company was founded later. They offer a vast range of cotton fabric at a wholesale price. You will find different types of materials and fabrics which can be used in various items.

Fig: TextileZone

Amongst them, white cotton fabric is also available. They have different materials that are ideal for a dress or just for daily use. Their unique part is that they offer pre-stitched cotton garments, which most wholesale shops do not. The price is reasonable, and you can purchase in bulk quantities.

15. Divya Fabrics

Divya Fabrics has been around since 2014, which means that their experience in this field is vast, which makes them able to offer high-quality cotton fabrics. They have white cotton fabric that is reasonably priced, and the quality is top-notch.

Divya Fabrics
Fig: Divya Fabrics

They are easy to wash, and you can style them any way you want. Most of the white cotton fabrics are plain except for the ones that have slight details on them. The fabric has a shiny appearance which is perfect for people searching for fabrics to construct a gown or long dress. Even though the brand is relatively new, its products are trustworthy.

16. Grasim Premium fabrics

Grasim is one of India’s leading fabric wholesale distributors and is also technologically advanced. They have managed to secure that place for a reason: by selling top-quality cotton fabric at a reasonable price.

Grasim Premium fabrics
Fig: Grasim Premium fabrics

For apparel manufacturing, you will come across various textiles that do not look cheap. The capacity of their fabric is ten million meters per year for finished garments. This proves that they do not slack at their job, and you can purchase from Grasim Premium fabrics blindly.

17. FabCouture

Do not have time to visit any physical store and search for white cotton fabric at a wholesale price? Then FabCouture has its online store to your rescue. You can find all your desired fabric materials from their store, and the price is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Fig: FabCouture

The quality is high, but that does not price the price. Not just cotton but silk, chiffon, linen, and cotton blend fabrics are available in their category. Their fabric design knows no boundaries, and despite your age and gender, you can find something you like in their store.

18. Virat Fabric Pvt Ltd.

Cotton fabric wholesale is relatively easy to find, but most stores will have collections that are common or not that you will like. But Virat Fabric Pvt Ltd. It is not one of them. They have a wide range of cotton fabric materials to choose from at a wholesale price.

Virat Fabric Pvt Ltd 1
Fig: Virat Fabric Pvt Ltd

Cotton products ranging from cotton yarn to cotton fabrics are available in their store. Cotton, georgette, and chiffon, which have been fan favorites for several years, can also be found. You can contact them via WhatsApp; their customer service is beneficial.

19. Fibre2Fashion

Fibre2fashion is an online textile and apparel store that has many fabric options available in its stores. This brand is based in Hebei, China, but they ship globally. You will find nylon fabric, polyester yarn, jackets, viscose yarn, denim wear, Jacquard fabric, bed sheets, and towels from their store.

Fig: Fibre2Fashion

They also sell white cotton fabric at a wholesale price on their website. The white cotton fabric is manufactured using high-quality primary threads and materials, which help to elate their durability and quality. You also do not have to worry about delivery time because they offer fast service.

Why You Should Buy from the Top Cotton Fabric Suppliers in the USA

In America, the average person is aware of the latest trends, and must follow them. This is because the number of influencers and celebrities living all around the US is much higher than in other countries. This is why wholesalers are constantly pressured to sell whatever is trendy and keep updated with their collections, or else they will get left behind.

Almost all the states in the US have something to do with fashion. California is home to various A-list celebrities and influencers that need to keep updated with the latest fashion. While from the movies, everyone knows that New York is one of the major fashion capitals in the world. Boston is gaining popularity with rising designers who mix high fashion with practicality and bring eye-catching fashion inventions. As for Chicago, they have a high concentration of luxury fashion stores within the US.

This means the top wholesale cotton fabric suppliers are always on their toes to bring new items to their inventories. This is because clothing businesses and fashion designers regularly purchase from them. The wholesale suppliers will retain customers if the quality is up to mark.

Final Words:

When you purchase fabrics for your business, you should always go for the best wholesale cotton fabric suppliers. They will undoubtedly provide you with the best items you can find, and you will also get to select from a wide range of collections. Moreover, if you are planning to start a boutique of your own, it is a good idea to start making clothes with simple and standard fabric. Going with unique and difficult-to-work-with fabrics might not be the best idea initially.

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