12 Ways You Never Thought To Use Windbreak Netting

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Strong Wind and destructive weather are some of the damage to crops and other plants. Flexible windbreak netting is specifically manufactured to protect from high winds that protects from animals such as birds, who may ravage plants in your garden. 

Use Windbreak Netting
Examples of Use Windbreak Netting

There are so many suitable uses of windbreak netting.

Such as construction material industry, steel industry, cement industry, construction site, coal storage yard, coal mine, coal washery, power plant, coking plant, badminton court, tennis court, road engineering, and so on. 

Here we will provide detailed applications of using windbreak netting you never thought about it.

Flexible Windbreak Netting – 12 way to Use

1. Keep Your Fruit and Vegetable Garden Clean:

Strong breezes and bright sunlight may be a problem for delicate fruit and veg. Luckily double-layer windbreak netting can be turned into an easy-to-position windscreen that cuts out 40% of light and air movement in your greenhouse.

Often flexible windbreak netting is used by steel wire rope to get flexible structure.

Consequently, this fence can also keep wild animals and children away from the garden so that no harm may occur to your garden. Windbreak netting is a simple, UV resistant, cost-effective way to reduce wind and dust. So, windbreak netting keeps your fruit and vegetable garden green and clean.

2. Contain Your Pets Inside the Yards by Windbreak Netting:

Windbreak netting creates a very smart fence, attractive & safe environmental protection fields for pets. A containment area is necessary to keep your belongings safe from a destructive pet while you are out of the home.

Contain Your Pets Inside the Yards by Windbreak Netting
Contain Your Pets Inside the Yards

An enclosure will keep your pet safe while you are away. 

So your pet can’t go outside from your place. A perfect windbreak structure will protect your pet animals from cold winter wind protection. It will allow summer winds to circulate in the farm.

Besides, it provides protection from predators and shelter from severe. Thus Windbreak netting keeps your pets safe and contains your pets inside the yards.

3. Keep Tree Leaves from Littering the Deck:

Leaves, twigs and pieces of bark that have fallen to the ground make up leaf litter.

Keep Tree Leaves from Littering the Deck
Keep Tree Leaves from Littering the Deck By Windbreak Netting

Any overhanging branches could contribute to falling leaves that soon clutter the surface of your ground. Strong winds generate large amounts of leaf litter. 

You can protect the leaves with wind protection by establishing windbreak netting securely to your tree’s canopy. It can protect your tree from harsh winds and keep tree leaves from littering the ground.

4. Block Sun’s Glare on Car Windows:

If you’ve ever driven a car parked directly under the sun, you’ll know it’s like steering a burning stove.

Block Sun’s Glare on Car Windows
Block Sun’s Glare on Car

However, there is an easy solution to this burning problem! 

All you need is a double color windbreak netting shield. Windshields don’t produce glare; they either reduce it as it passes through or reflect it. 

5. Keep Bugs Away from Outbuildings:

A bug infestation can turn a perfectly good storage building into something out of a horror movie.

Keep Bugs Away from Outbuildings
Image of Keep Bugs Away from Outbuildings

Bug infestation can spread unsanitary conditions and pose numerous health hazards for individuals. The simplest way to prevent infestation is to keep bugs out entirely. 

To do this, you need to seal up the cracks and gaps in your farm’s exterior by steel windbreak netting. You can improve your chances of staying bug-free by covering up the entry points that insects could use to gain access. 

6. Protect Newly Seeded Grass or Just-Sewn Flower Beds:

Steel windbreak netting is also used to protect newly seeded grass or just-sewn flower beds. It will keep heat in, bugs out, and provide an excellent windbreak for young transplants. Steel windbreak netting will allow rain and overhead irrigation to reach plants and soil.

Protect Newly Seeded Grass or Just-Sewn Flower Beds
Image of Protect Newly Seeded Grass or Just-Sewn Flower Beds

This is also known as Shield netting. 

The hot summer sun could affect the lush, moist flavor of seed grass. UV-stabilized polyethylene wind nets cut summer sun by 50% while allowing freely cool air to circulate. 

Use small wire diameter fiberglass hoops to support the fabric; secure it with clothespins. Flexible windbreak netting has a good advantage when starting late-season crops at the end of the summer.

7. Keep Kitty From Making a Home Under Your Deck:

The area beneath your deck is prime real estate for animals looking for a dark, dry place to build their nests. Lots of animals, from chipmunks to raccoons, woodchucks, skunks, and opossums, like the dark space under your deck.

Keep Kitty From Making a Home Under Your Deck
Image of Keep Kitty From Making a Home Under Your Deck

Cause it’s usually quiet and protects them from predators. 

To prevent smaller creatures like bats and squirrels from entering your home, you can seal off the area. The most effective way to prevent them from getting under your deck is by erecting a physical barrier by the steel windbreak netting. 

For example, windbreak netting can be buried in a trench around the deck. It will stop the animals from getting under your deck.

8. Keep bird droppings off car finish, boat and RV:

Bird poop can do some considerable damage to your vehicle’s paint. Cause it has acidic qualities. Bird droppings will dry and etch onto your vehicle’s paint.

Keep bird droppings off car finish, boat and RV
Save the car Keep bird droppings off, the boat and RV

It will be the reason of everything from discoloration to early-onset corrosion and rust. But the world isn’t over just because Birds left a present on your vehicles. 

Here is an effective way to stop the bird from pooping off your vehicles before permanent damage sets in. You can use flexible windbreak netting as shade netting. Windbreak shades are even an effective tool against light wind and other moderate weather events that can potentially damage the paint finish. Windbreak netting is also effective at keeping out potentially harmful UV rays.

9. Reduce Soil Erosion Around the House and Barn, Shed, and More:

High-density polyethylene material made Windbreak netting is also an important way to prevent soil erosion.

Reduce Soil Erosion Around the House and Barn, Shed, and More
Reduce Soil Erosion

Flexible windbreak netting can reduce soil erosion by ameliorating wind speed across open fields. 

Windbreak netting protects crops’ land by reducing wind velocities and providing significant reductions in the rate of soil loss over large areas. Best quality flexible windbreak netting, can provide both protection and blockage from sunlight and wind. 

10. Help Keep Dust, Pollen, and Leaves out of Your Pool or Spa

A strong wind can lift a large amount of dust, pollen, and leaves, which makes your pool or spa dirty. Windbreak netting has awesome wind reduction and dust suppression performance.

It can block almost 65-85% of high wind and dust, which can prevent re-entrainment of wind and dust, pollen, and leaves. 

A cable ties fence is the easiest solution to keeping dust, pollen, and leaves off of your tarp pool cover. A windbreak netting will fit at the top of a tarp cover once the pool is closed. The net catches the pollen and leaves from your cover for you. Hence it keeps your fish pond, pool, or spa clean.

11. Protect Your Livestock from the Elements and Predators:

Flexible windbreak netting plays a crucial role in the protection of livestock. During the winter and early spring, young animals suffer most. When the temperature drops, cattle require more food to maintain their body temperature. 

Protect Your Livestock from the Elements and Predators
Protect Your Livestock

Double layer windbreak netting can offer long-term solutions for protecting livestock during cold season. During colder periods, a windbreak saves feed costs by lowering livestock’s required intake. 

Moreover flexible windbreak netting help minimize illness and protect the young during calving seasons and saves ranchers money on feed. It will provide shelter from severe weather as well as protection from predators. It keeps wild animals and predators away from your place.

12. Catches Water during Storm Events to Prevent Flooding Around the House and More:

The wind is the leading cause of storm damage. One of the smartest ways to keep wind speed over your property low is to use high-density polyethylene-made wind break netting. You need extra wind breaks to provide impact resistance protection. 

Flexible windbreak netting can be strategically placed in specific weak spots of your greenhouse.

Catches Water during Storm Events to Prevent Flooding Around the House and More
Catches Water during Storm Events to Prevent Flooding

It doesn’t have to be permanently placed there and can be removed after the threat of a storm has passed.

Flexible windbreak netting material made fence is the best solution for protecting against the wind to reduce storm damage and other natural hazard. Its flexible, UV resistant, fire retardant, age resistance, dust breaking properties ensure protection from surrounding environments.


Windbreak Netting is known around the world for its versatile uses. It is used in many fields that we could not even imagine using in its service life. Flexible windbreak netting is ideal for all kinds of plants and offers instant protection from various factors such as wind, dust and even livestock. 

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