3 Types of Filament Yarn

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Filament yarn can be classified by: 

  1. FDY – Fully Drawn Yarn 
  2. POY – Pre-Oriented Yarn 
  3. DTY – Draw Textured Yarn

Filament Based On Orientation

i. Based on Texturing/Intermingling 

  1.  NIM – No Intermingling 
  2. SIM – Semi Intermingle 
  3.  HIM – High Intermingle 

ii. Based on Air Texturing/Intermingling 

  1. ATY – Air Textured Yarn 
  2. ACY – Air Covered Yarn 

iii. Based on Covering 

  1.  SCY – Single Covered Yarn 
  2.  DCY – Double Covered Yarn

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