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Check out some anti-static agent names, features, and dosages.

Antistatic Agent Names

NoProductKey Features & BenefitsIonicityRecommended Dosage

POTEX HD Aanti-static agentSuitable for the anti-static treatment of polyester, acrylic, polyamide, wool, and their blended fabrics Improves the anti-pilling property able to be used together with fluorocarbon-based water & oil repellent without influencing the performance of water and oil repellencycationic5-30 g/L
2TWSOFT HSSDHydrophilic antistatic agentSuitable for anti-static finish of polyester, wool, and their blended fabrics Provides treated fabrics with soft hand-feel and excellent anti-static properties washing durabilityNo-ionicExhaust:2-3% o.w.f Padding: 10-30 g/L

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