Benefits of ERP in Textile Industries

Md Mahedi Hasan

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  1. Quality control of the raw materials(cotton bale, fabric, trimming, accessories, and so on).
  2. Well-arranged textile production and inventory
  3. Scrapping of damaged garments.
  4. Production without overflow and underflow.
  5. Surveillance of the quality of garments.
  6. Planned stock removal.
  7. Maintains relationships among payroll, expense,profit, and other financial facts.
  8. Business intelligence
  9. Customer Satisfaction.
  10. Creating invoices and reports.
  11. It plays an important role in easy monitoring of the textile industry.
  12. It helps to prepare necessary reports within a very short time.
  13. It also reduces the possibility of data manipulation in the textile and apparel industry.
Benefits of ERP in Textile Industries
There are many Benefits of ERP in Textile Industries

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