Basic requirements for garment costing

Md Mahedi Hasan

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  • CM of a particular style of garment, 
  •  Fabric consumption & cost,

 ✓ Body fabric (S/J), Neck, collar-cuff (1×1 Rib) Trims/Accessories consumption & cost, 

  • Trims: zipper, button, label, 

      ✓ Accessories: poly, cartonape, sewing thread, tag pin, hang tag, price tag etc.

  •  Embellishment cost, 

.     ✓ Print, embroidery, different types of fency wash etc. 

  • Transport & logistics cost, Etc. 
garment costing
Image of garment costing

How to prepare a garment cost sheet?

Cost sheet = Total Fabric Cost+ Total Trims/Accessories Cost + Total Embellishment Cost +CM + Cost of transportation from factory to sea port or airport +Clearing & forwarding cost +Overhead Cost +Commission/Profit + Other Cost. 

CM/dz = (Total revenue to be earned, $ – Total cost, $)/ order Qty x 12 

= __$

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