50 Best Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail

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Looking for awesome clothes to sell online in your store? Boutique wholesale clothing vendors are the go-to folks who sell lots of clothes at cool discounts to online shops. They’ve got all those super cool, unique, and trendy outfits you won’t find everywhere else. When online stores team up with these wholesale boutique clothing websites, it’s like unlocking a treasure trove of fashion!

Best Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail
50 Best Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail 11

Want to boost your online store profits? Let’s dive into the top 50 best boutique wholesale clothing suppliers together!

Best Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail

1. Sugarlips Wholesale

Sugarlips Wholesale offers women’s clothing that costs cheap. Clothes such as blouses, dresses, and leggings are in their offerings.

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail
Figure: Sugarlips Wholesale

Their garments are trendy, comfortable, and made of elastic, soft fabrics. They’re stylish for everyday wear and come in a variety of sizes and hues. Shops can purchase large quantities to sell online or in-store.

2. Emilia George

Emilia George provides beautiful and functional apparel for parents, designed to add flare and comfort at all stages of parenting.

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail
Figure: Emilia George

Their women’s wholesale collection is created in the United States and featured in Vogue, Forbes, People, Popsugar, Elle, and The Bump, among other prominent media.

3. Bloom Wholesale

Offering dresses, tops, pants, and accessories at wholesale prices for online sellers, Bloom Wholesale specializes in boho-chic women’s clothes. Their assortment highlights natural materials like cotton and linen with eye-catching motifs and designs.

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail

It fits a variety of body shapes and sizes. For a carefree, laid-back look, retailers can purchase in quantity for their establishments.

4. Wholesale Fashion Square

Online retailers can purchase a variety of clothing options. Options for men, women, and children at wholesale prices from none other than Wholesale Fashion Square. They offer a wide range of sizes and colors in dresses, tops, pants, and accessories in current, modern, and classic styles. 

5. Wondery Outdoors

Wondery Outdoors creates useful women’s clothes that combine style and utility. Along with being stylish, their brand supports women and girls from all backgrounds by being affiliated with the charity organization The Women’s Explorer Alliance. This program provides funding for increased outdoor access as well as support for outdoor education.

6. Vustra

Vustra started as a brand of stylish, modern, European-styled button-down men’s dresses made of certified organic cotton. Their attire emphasizes elegance with a variety of stylish hues, textures, and patterns. 

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail
Figure: Vustra

Using only 100% Italian and Turkish organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, Vustra is committed to sustainability and quality, fusing eco-friendliness with style.

7. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel, an online company, specializes in plus-size women’s wear. It provides dresses, shirts, jeans, and accessories at wholesale prices. Their stylish, cozy, and adaptable look comes in various hues and sizes. 

Recognized for their reasonably priced clothing, they frequently refresh their lines to reflect current fashions and accommodate a wide range of tastes and body shapes. Retailers can buy in bulk to resell online or in-store.

8. Magnolia Wholesale

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is venturing into the online market and provides boutique clients with a far larger selection of items than just dresses. Inspired by the Fashion and Arts District in Miami, these styles are modeled after those of celebrities. They guarantee timely deliveries, with shipping within the US taking 3 to 5 days.

9. LA Showroom

Located in LA’s Fashion District, LA Showroom is an online B2B fashion hub. It provides a comprehensive wholesale fashion destination by facilitating connections between designers, producers, and distributors. 

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail

To increase sales and brand awareness, their network facilitates international connections between large-scale sellers and retail buyers. Besides, To ensure seamless business operations, registered buyers are granted access to a carefully selected wholesale marketplace and receive assistance from a committed customer service team.

10. Mello USA

Mello offers the newest trends for shops, retailers, and fashion enthusiasts. Also, it combines affordability and enthusiasm for fashion. Their main focus is on luxury apparel for women. 

Their years in the business helped them hone their talent for a variety of collections, starting with a goal for dependable, fashionable clothing. They choose clothing that reflects the newest trends in fashion, ranging from classic to contemporary styles.

11. En Creme

En Creme Wholesale is a downtown Los Angeles-based retailer that specializes in modern and boho women’s clothing. They provide stylish bottoms, dresses, sweaters, coats, and shirts in plus and contemporary sizes at affordable prices. 

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors

They put quality and service first and strive for client happiness. They sell sundresses, cover-ups, beachwear, and wholesale boho items. Clients can get in touch for more information.

12. Stylepick

STYLEPICK is a B2B eCommerce platform. It helps retailers and wholesalers improve their business operations. It has an attractive interface, a digitalized sales system, and a large buyer network. 

Fast Ordering, inventory control, and a customizable website with automatic product uploads, payments, and storage are all made possible by this platform. Their goal is to ensure efficiency by cutting costs, increasing orders, and streamlining the sales process for customers.

13. Boulevard Apparel

BLV Apparel provides a varied assortment of stylish clothing that combines comfort and style. Their online store features trendy collections for men and women, with vivid designs and high-quality fabrics.

est Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail

BLV Apparel caters to a wide range of tastes, from warm sweatshirts to sophisticated gowns, helping fashion-forward customers find their perfect fit.

14. Davi & Dani

You need to go no further than Davi & Dani if you’re looking for a reliable supplier of wholesale apparel. Since 2014, they’ve dominated as a prime supplier of wholesale women’s attire to LA’s boutiques, extending their chic, affordable styles worldwide. 

15. Heart and Hips

Heart and Hips is well-known for its modern fashion offers, which combine trendy trends with comfort. They usually curate a variety of apparel, from casual wear to stylish attire, for people who live a fashionable lifestyle. Their collections frequently cater to a wide range of tastes, with a concentration on quality and trendy designs.

16. Timing Fashion

Bright prints and an upbeat fashion sense set the tone for Timing Fashion. It eventually emerged as a major supplier for major US retailers.

Best Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Online Retail

It rose to prominence in the Junior market over time. With steady growth, it gave rise to three successful sibling lines, each with a distinct style: Coverstitched, Lumiere, and Misia Fashion.

17. Mudpie

Mudpie offers a diverse array of clothing, household essentials, and accessories. Their line caters to men, women, and infants, available both online and across multiple retail outlets. Esteemed for their affordability, style, and reliable quality, Mudpie enjoys wide popularity among fashion-savvy shoppers.

18. Faire

Faire is a wholesale marketplace that collects goods from 100,000 independent brands in the United States. They have flexible terms that allow you to pay with no interest for up to 60 days after the due date. Every product is different, and when you place an order, you can return it for free. Faire also provides pre-paid return labels for merchandise returns.

19. Cherish

Cherish Boutique specializes in fashionable, high-quality apparel. The name alludes to their cherished and unique offerings. They have a wide range of clothing products for ladies, including skirts, dresses, tops, slacks, and accessories.

20. Judson

Judson.biz is a wholesale fashion website that offers a wide range of garments and accessories to retail stores and boutique owners.

21. Catwalk Wholesale

Catwalk Wholesale is an online marketplace that provides wholesale apparel to shops. They offer a wide choice of clothing and accessories to meet a variety of styles and consumer preferences. The website offers stylish, low-cost items for their storefronts.

22. Caroline Hill Wholesale

Caroline Hill is a wholesale fashion and accessory company, including apparel, handbags, and jewelry. 

They work with department shops, boutiques, and internet merchants to offer products at reduced prices for larger transactions. They are wholesalers who only supply retailers for their resale, never for personal consumption.

23. Emma Cloth

Emma Cloth provides a range of sizes and styles to cater to different retail establishments. They help retailers with purchasing and inventory management by providing an online ordering system. Their primary goal as a fashion supplier is to supply goods that are meant to be resold to final consumers.

24. Style State

Style State is an Australian fashion label that specializes in modern and elegant clothing. They cater to women’s fashion choices with their broad and attractive selections, which vary from casual wear to sophisticated ensembles.

25. Cotton Bleu

Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, Cotton Bleu by Nu Label is a supplier of women’s clothing with an emphasis on stylish, casual looks. They offer clothing in Missy to Young Contemporary sizes, with a focus on distinctive, comfortable, and reasonably priced high-quality items. Their mission is to deliver boutique-only fashion options with a focus on first-rate customer service.

26. Apparel n Bags

Apparelnbags.com is an online wholesale clothes company that offers a large assortment of garments for a variety of uses. They offer a wide range of clothing alternatives from prominent brands, making them perfect for bulk purchases for merchants, businesses, or teams looking for branded or plain apparel.

27. Tyche

Tyche, based in Los Angeles, is a wholesale clothing firm founded by L.A. trendsetters. They serve department shops, boutiques, and retailers by providing a distinctive, contemporary wholesale range created in the USA. 

Well-known for their vivid hues, eye-catching designs, and carefully chosen textiles that characterize their unique aesthetic. They want to turn every woman into a stylish, carefree California girl, so they develop, manufacture, and transport their products all over the world. 

28. Paper Doll Wholesale

Based in LA’s Fashion District, Paper Doll provides business owners with a wide variety of current fashion trends. By providing a large assortment, they expedite shopping by preventing clients from visiting numerous websites. 

Recognizing consumer needs, they seek to streamline the purchasing process and promote frequent online visits for new products and fashion updates.

29. Mio Wholesale

Mio Wholesale has a large selection of stylish women’s clothing. They have been producing and selling clothing since 2009 and are located in LA’s Fashion District. They promise excellent quality and offer dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, and bottoms. Their specialty is providing excellent products to clients at competitive pricing. These garments are sold at a discount to retailers so that they can be purchased in bulk, and the retailers resell them to consumers.

30. Wholesale Box

WholesaleBox sells wholesale clothing and accessories. It is aimed at businesses and offers a diverse assortment of products from a variety of categories, assisting merchants in finding bulk merchandise at reasonable costs for resale in their stores.

31. Zenana Wholesale

Zenana Wholesale focuses on women’s apparel, selling dresses, tops, slacks, jumpsuits, and accessories. For instance, scarves, hats, and jewelry. They sell at wholesale prices to retailers. Known for stylish collections influenced by the newest fashion, with online ordering possibilities for shops that want to resell.

32. Pol

POL Clothing, a wholesale fashion firm, supplies trend-inspired clothing to retailers. Their emphasis is on mixing fashion with worldly inspirations, suggesting a desire to combine style with commerce in their creations.

33. Mia Fashions Wholesale

Mia Fashions is an online wholesale clothing provider that offers a wide range of contemporary clothing for stores. Their selections cover a wide range of designs, including the most recent fashion trends, giving retailers options for stocking their stores with attractive clothes.

34. Hailey & Co

Hailey & Co. is a wholesale seller of luxury women’s clothing that combines fashionable colors and embellishments with comfortable, wearable styles. They prioritize inclusion, catering to a wide range of sizes and tastes in anything from loungewear to sophisticated outfits. 

35. Andree

Andrea’s Andrée debuted in 2009. It epitomizes sassiness, refinement, and everyday style for young ladies. They create wardrobe staples with modest embellishments for stores that want a stylish yet versatile look. Known for her playful, feminine, and free-spirited style.

36. L Love

L LOVE, a modern apparel maker headquartered in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, with decades of business experience. They prioritize quality over comfort, style, and affordability in apparel. They handle design, production, and distribution for their brand, which they offer to retailers, boutiques, and department stores.

37. Doe & Rae

Doe & Rae is a clothing company, established in Los Angeles. They specialize in modern, sophisticated, and edgy looks. Their style symbolizes a lawlessly feminine aesthetic, which has contributed to the fashion industry’s tremendous rise. 

38. Gilli

Gilli, a fashion brand since 2008, stands out for its quality, inventiveness, and timeless style. They are trusted by a dedicated clientele and keep up with the current trends. Their design team focuses on creating innovative, accessible clothing that connects fashion to everyday life. 

39. Rose Wholesale

Rose Wholesale is a lively display of affordable fashion that focuses on contemporary clothing and accessories. It includes varied styles for men and women with fascinating pictures, attracting fans with discounts and outfit suggestions. It embodies a cost-effective yet fashionable attitude, displaying its diverse range of inexpensive collections.

40. Umgee

Umgee USA creates comfortable, simple-designed women’s clothes inspired by southern boho trends. They prioritize comfort and offer adaptable wardrobe necessities for a variety of occasions. 

41. Listicle Clothing

Listicle Clothing provides fashionable, versatile, and stylish women’s clothing. Their online store features a diverse selection of fashionable clothing, including tops, dresses, bottoms, and jumpsuits. They are known for their contemporary designs and offer economical yet attractive solutions that cater to a wide range of tastes, resulting in a seamless shopping experience.

42. Fashion Domino

Fashion Domino is a wholesale fashion center situated in Los Angeles. They connect manufacturers of apparel, accessories, and cosmetics with global customers. 

Despite their youth, they place a premium on providing an amazing online purchasing experience. This provides benefits such as free shipping, larger discounts, and excellent customer service. They also provide information to shops to provide a better service.

43. Wholesale Fashion Couture

Wholesale Fashion Couture, a well-known online store in Los Angeles, serves local boutiques, internet retailers, and large stores. They include fashionable brands, are constantly updated with new arrivals, and offer free shipping on orders over $299 inside the United States. They are renowned as an industry leader in trendy dresses, shirts, loungewear, plus sizes, and diverse clothes.

44. Paris Fashion Shops

Paris Fashion Shops serves as a specialist platform for fashion professionals, facilitating interactions between merchants and a variety of wholesale businesses. Their directory has a unique area for kids, with separate categories for girls, boys, newborns, and numerous accessories. The bulk purchasing policy encourages parents to buy items in a variety of sizes to meet their children’s needs.

46. Fashion Go

Established in 2002, FashionGo.net is a B2B fashion wholesale marketplace that connects the industry to exchange the newest trends. Being a preeminent worldwide marketplace, it speeds up growth and eases discovery for both consumers and sellers by offering reliable tools and data. An extensive network of buyers and sellers creates limitless opportunities in the fashion sector.

46. Katy Did

The boutique seller, Katydid Wholesale, offers stylish apparel and accessories for ladies at affordable costs. Their low $50 minimum order at wholesale pricing is complemented by their straightforward returns policy, quick shipping, and easy shopping. They provide a range of styles to appeal to different types of customers.

47. Ruby’s Rubbish

Ruby’s Rubbish, a clothing brand, integrates heart and passion into its creative process. Each shirt symbolizes experiences from the creators’ lives, recorded in cotton. Moreover, their tees, designed for wives, moms, and women, describe life’s highs and lows. They inspire wearing clothes to make new memories, believing life is a lovely chaos.

48. Lonca

Lonca is the main location for Turkey’s largest wholesale clothes market. They have a large selection of comfortable and attractive wholesale dresses, tops, jeans, and modest wear such as abayas. 

49. BrandsGateway

BrandsGateway is a wholesale fashion marketplace that sells designer brands and high-end items. It’s a global marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, with a diverse selection of high-end fashion items from renowned labels. It serves businesses, providing access to exclusive collections and premium products for shops all over the world.

50. FashionTIY

FashionTIY is a wholesale platform that connects retailers to a diverse range of fashion goods such as apparel, accessories, and jewelry. It has low costs and is aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises, operating as a handy one-stop shop for finding trendy stuff and assisting retailers in acquiring a varied range of fashion items for their stores.

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