12 Best Leggings Wholesale Suppliers

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Do you want comfortable elegant leggings wholesale supplier? This article will take you into a wide selection of suppliers who provide leggings wholesale. If you want straight-leg, cropped, mom jeans or any type, you just browse and get popular variations of leggings. Globally, the market size of women’s leggings and tights will reach USD 31.69 billion by the end of 2028. From this, you can come up with an idea of how leggings can be popular at the industrial level. To get more information on choosing a reliable supplier of leggings, have a quick review of our selected wholesale supplier list given in this article. 

Leggings Wholesale Suppliers List

Leggings have multiple enhancement techniques to motivate the customer to work out or stretch easily maintaining utmost comfort. Suppliers of today try to stock those leggings which are heavy in demand and ideal for any kind of exercise. Find wholesale suppliers who give their best effort to find manufactured leggings of high material to meet your needs! They are: 

1. Alibaba 

Is there anyone who has not heard about Alibaba yet? Well, Alibaba, being a leading partner of multiple brands, has the largest selection of women’s fashion online. If you are looking for leggings, be confident enough to find a wide range of leggings wholesale. Be it for straight-leg, skinny, mom jeans, or whatever type you may get here pairs at affordable prices. The leggings have been made by a quality supplier company which are ideal and sweat-absorbent.  

Leggings Wholesale Suppliers
Figure: Alibaba

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/leggings-wholesale.html 
  • Help Center & Email: fulfillment_services@service.alibaba.com 
  • Address/Type: Online 

2. Royal Apparel 

Royal Apparel, a USA Fashion, is the global hub for women’s fashion in the Garment District named Manhattan. They have been evolving from supplying classical pieces to garment production of all time picked by top artists. You will be glad to know that they have an amazing collection of leggings, yoga pants, biker shirts, sweatpants, and many other things in different colors. No doubt they have been pouring all their experiences into giving you a comfortable experience.  

Leggings Wholesale Suppliers
Figure: Royal Apparel

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.royalapparel.net/usa-made-leggings 
  • Help Center: Customer Service here. 
  • Email/Contact No: 866 769 2517 
  • Address: 91 Cabot Court Hauppauge, New York 11788 

3. Made in China 

As you can see, in the fashion industry China has come a long way to provide you the premium products at reasonable prices. For being a comprehensive service provider, Made in China, is a committed B2B marketplace to connect suppliers with overseas buyers. They are reliable to approach. For this reason, women’s fashion, cannot be an alternative to any other from China to deal with this huge expectation from customers. They have a wide selection of leggings wholesale from different suppliers to carry all year round. 

Made in China

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.made-in-china.com/aboutus/main/ 
  • Help Center: +1-909-309 7788  
  • Email: contact@inQbrands.com 
  • Address: 1801 E. Holt Blvd, Ontario, CA 91761 USA 

4. IndiaMART 

Even a B2B marketplace can be a reliable supplier! IndiaMART proves it with its connection with buyers in different ways. Based in India, IndiaMART is all focused on supplying products to SMEs (the enterprise of small and medium) as well as individuals. The interesting fact about their business is there is no inconvenience to reach out from any place. The PPP (payment protection program) has gone through a long way to be this suitable. This marketplace works like a bridge between suppliers and customers. For a lead management system and increased credibility, products like leggings or any activewear are easy to ship from their store to customers one! 


Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://corporate.indiamart.com/about-us/ 
  • Help Center: +91 120 67777777 
  • Email: customercare@indiamart.com 
  • Address: 6Th floor, Tower-2, Assotech Business Cresterra, Plot No.22, Sec 135, Noida-201305, Uttar Pradesh, India 

5. Dong Yang New Dong Huang Garment Co. Ltd 

So, Dongyang is a supplier and manufacturer in China with more than 22 years of experience in yoga wear products. If you are looking for leggings for a similar reason, then you are most welcome to find this valuable asset! Their MOQ is 300 units for each color and each design. Most of their customers are from North America and Europe as they have quality control suitable for their products. Brands from different countries send their products for inspection here. Isn’t it enough to get a supplier this trusted? 

Leggings Wholesale

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://leggingsupplier.com/ 
  • Help Center: +86 136 7683 8198  
  • Email: sales@dong-huang.com 
  • Address: Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China 322100 

6. EROS Wholesale 

EROS Hosiery Wholesale company, a family-owned business, has been operating for 60 years and is a successful international wholesaler of all time. Their products are over 15000 with countless product lines. They are the ultimate shop for small to medium-sized brands. If you have an online business, they will contact and deliver your product as well! The leggings from their website are a great deal to achieve. Because purchasing from them is easier as products will directly ship to you from the warehouse! 

EROS Wholesale

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.eroswholesale.com/wholesale-clothes-apparel/wholesale-leggings.html 
  • Help Center: 1-888-EROS-PRO (376-7776) 
  • Email: help@eroswholesale.com 
  • Address: 1430 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006 

7. Activewear 

Activewear proudly pulled off by being the trusted supplier for leggings wholesale globally. It is based in the USA. They rightly found out the consumers’ needs and then came up with long-lasting solutions by providing them in the fashion industry. Leggings for women are in the widest catalog of Activewear. Besides, you can have everything from the finest quality to accurate delivery of an all-in-one-stop website. If you want to have someone working similarly to a private-label manufacturer, you may get them in Activewear too! 


Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.activewearmanufacturer.com/wholesale/bulk-leggings/ 
  • Help Center: +1 855 525 2642 
  • Email: info@activewearmanufacturer.com 
  • Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA 

8. YMI Royalty  

YMI, founded in 2000, is now the leading advertised brand in Los Angeles. Their passion for every product they own is surprising. They ensure from their end that every woman should feel empowered by the way she wants to look at herself! The leggings from YMI royalty are one of the great-selling items. Their category for products of junior, junior plus, girls, missy, and missy plus, all these will remind you of the journey of your growing up. Do not miss the opportunity to go through their weekly deals and sportswear section for your desired leggings! 

YMI Royalty

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.ymiwholesale.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwoIqhBhAGEiwArXT7Kzf8YdJhb6uclVcv96v6ceaDBETu–DKayKcT0N5DjDcGyS6DJI6RRoCgcIQAvD_BwE 
  • Help Center & Email: Contact them here. 
  • Address/Type: Web-centric 

9. Wholesale Textile. In 

For fashion, there is no specific geographic location to dig in! Wholesale Textile from India has just proven in an innovative way. For wholesale leggings, their price just dropped from 1350 to 4400 INR. Can you believe that? The sizes are flexible and fit all your purposes. There are ONE SIZE leggings that are comfortable for the wearer. Also, there are leggings that come up with L, XL, and XXL. Prices are cheap from their end. Now, you have to decide whether you want to afford the luxury of having premium quality dress at affordable prices or not. 

Wholesale Textile. In

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.wholesaletextile.in/leggings 
  • Help Center: +919638106876 (Whatsapp) 
  • Email: info@wholesaletextile.in  
  • Address: 2nd 2043 Floor New Sardar Textile Market Puna Khumbariya Road- 395010 

10. Wholesale Shopping 

With the advent of the internet, Wholesale shopping steps into the bulk clothing industry. Women’s fashion clothing has been their prime reason. It helps customers or buyers like you to find the best stylish leggings at reasonable prices. They understand the buyer’s point of view on fashion. According to them, fashion should be at the price that everyone can afford. That is why they keep their profit margins too low to provide premium quality. Their new hot deals have just dropped on their website. To grab them, visit the following address! 

Wholesale Shopping

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.wholesaleshopping.co.uk/collections/womens-leggings 
  • Help Center: +44 7482 071701 (Whatsapp-9 am to 6pm) 
  • Email: sales@wholesaleshopping.co.uk  
  • Address: 36c Broughton St, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8NN, United Kingdom 

11. Textile Export India Pvt. Ltd. 

Generally, Textile Export is an India-based ready-made garment export company. They source products from the manufacturing companies of Surat through different team acts. Most of the countries have been their direct customers. With the aim of maintaining the highest quality standards with competitive prices, they have come up with different production techniques to give you the best quality product wholesale. Besides, being ranked as a High Street fashion brand, they are proud to make leggings for any size and for any purpose. 

Textile Export India Pvt. Ltd

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.textileexport.in/wholesale-leggings 
  • Help Center: +91 9033176505 
  • Email: info@textileexport.in  
  • Address: E 301-302, Kuberji Textile Park, Ring Road- Surat 395002 

12. Leggings Wholesale Superstore 

Leggings Wholesale Superstore, located in Los Angeles, California, offers the best women’s leggings sourced from all over the world. Not only do the leggings come in many styles but also, they are being cut and sewn down in the United States. Leggings Wholesale Superstore guarantees you the highest quality of clothing from leggings to women’s activewear, and all. They ship women’s fashion internationally to almost 100 countries. The legging’s quality is premium and shipping prices are affordable as well. You are just a click away to get your expected leggings on your doorstep! 

Leggings Wholesale Superstore

Contact Info: 

  • Website: https://www.leggingswholesale.com/wholesale-leggings/ 
  • Help Center: 1-888-999-8820  
  • Email: support@leggingswholesale.com  
  • Address: 1458 S San Pedro St. Unit L-30, Los Angeles, CA 90015 

Guide to Consider Purchasing Leggings in Wholesale 

It does not matter what is your purpose behind purchasing leggings wholesale. But it is important to address the customer’s need to understand the exact leggings type. In all types of leggings, you may need to consider a few things. Since you are purchasing wholesale, you need to follow the common guidelines such as: 

  1. Observing A sizing chart: A sizing chart becomes a crucial factor for buyers while buying leggings wholesale. 
  • Following the Length of the ankle, knee, and Capri: This is also a part of consideration because the comfortable size will not cause any differences in these 3 length areas. 
  • Considering the body type: It is important to know which body type suits which type of leggings. For instance. Knee-length leggings effectively work and suit better slim legs wearer. Meanwhile, for all body types, ankle-length is a great choice. 
  • Paying attention to the Rise in Area: The Rise area refers to the area between the area of the waistband and the crotch. In the case of the Curvaceous, it becomes more important to follow. 

Other than these, there are a few factors too to look for in purchasing leggings. For instance: 

  • Whether leggings are fashionable and stylish 
  • Seamless and comfortable to wear. 
  • Whether it is wearable all day long. 
  • Stretchable. 
  • Smooth and sweat absorbent. 
  • Abrasion-preventive or scratch-preventive. 
  • Finally, whether leggings are safe for the body or not.

For Running Leggings, it is wise to consider: 

  • Leggings with pockets to keep valuables. 
  • Adjustable waist area. 
  • Reflective trim. It will help for running where there is low light.  

In the case of Gym Leggings, buyers must follow: 

  • Squat-proof leggings 
  • Moisture-wicking quality fabric materials. 
  • Comfortable so that it does not slip down. 
  • Flexible for stretching and recovery. 


Whether you are looking for leggings for clothes or gym exercise, you can get them all in the online selection of suppliers. Leggings must be long-lasting. Hence, getting leggings wholesale to wear all year round requires a trusted supplier to meet the requirements of the customer’s needs. Based on size and material, leggings can vary. However, our curated 12 suppliers of wholesale leggings are consumer-friendly and easy to approach. Let us hear your success story of getting a reliable leggings wholesale partner in the comment box! 

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