How to do CAD Based Pattern Making for Polo-Shirt

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Let’s know about CAD Based Pattern Making for Polo-Shirt. CAD means computer-aided design. CAD is to create, modify, analyze, and make a design. A pattern is a copy of different parts of a garment caused by the garment CAD software “Rich Peace.” After sketching it, it is cut using the FoxFX tool. According to this Pattern, Cloth is cut by machine & then the garment is made. For this industrial production, different Patterns are made from different Size & a marker is made with these different Patterns for large-scale production.


  1. To know about pattern making of a Polo-Shirt by CAD Software of ‘’Richpeace’’.
  2. To know about its importance.
  3. To know about Pattern making from CAD software.
  4. To know about pattern grading from CAD Software.
Image: CAD Based Pattern Making for Polo-Shirt
Image: CAD-Based Pattern Making for Polo-Shirt

Pattern making Procedure:


Finalneck drop

Back neck drop

Half neck width

Shoulder width

Shoulder slope

Armhole Curve

Waist & hem

Separate front & back part

Cut front & back parts for pattern making.

Front & back Part Pattern symmetry



Collar and Collar stand.

Measurement Chart for Polo Shirt

” M size”

1. ½ Chest width = 52 cm.

2. ½ waist width = 48 cm.

3. ½ hem width = 49 cm.

4. UPPER Chest width = 39.5 cm.

5. Measurement height = 17.5 cm.

6. Front length = 70 cm.

7. Back length = 68.5 cm.

8. Upper back width = 40.5 cm

9. Measurement height = 40.5 cm.

10. Shoulder width = 12.5 cm.

11. Shoulder slope = 3 cm.

12. UPPer Sleeve length = 20.5 cm.

13. Sleeve cap height = 12 cm.

14. Armhole dept = 23 cm.

15. UPPER arm = 21.5 cm.

16. Neck width Seam to seam = 18 cm.

17. Васк neck drop = 2 cm.

18. Front neck drop from HPS = 11.5 cm.

19. Collar length = 48 cm.

20. Collar width = 8 cm.

21. Placket length = 14 cm.

22. Placket width = 6 cm.

Image: Measurement Chant for Polo Shirt
Image: Measurement Chant for Polo Shirt

Working Procedure: (M size for Polo-shirt)

First, take a rectangle whose width is half of ½ chest and the length is front & back length, where half of ½ chest is 26 cm & the front length is 70 cm, and the back Length = 68.5.

Then take front neck drop & back neck drop 2 & 11.5 cm from HPS.

After that, half neckwidth is taken where half neck width is 10 cm.

Then take the shoulder slop 3 cm from HPS.

Before taking the shoulder slope, then take the shoulder width 12.5 cm.

After that take the armhole depth 233 cm.

Then make the armhole curve width the help of across the front point & across the back point.

Then take the ½ waist 24 cm & half of ½ waist 24.5 cm from HPS to bottom.

After that, separate the front and back parts. Cut front & back parts for pattern making.

Then make the front & back parts symmetry.

Then prepare the neck which length is 52 cm and a width of 4 cm.

Image: M size for Polo-shirt
Image: M size for Polo-shirt

Sleeve Preparation:

At first, take the rectangle whose length is 21.5 cm & width is 20.5 cm.

Then take the Sleeve Cap height of 12 cm.

After, that make the Curve.

Then take the sleeve hem is 17 cm.

Mirror the half-sleeve

Cut the Sleeve for Pattern.

Image: Polo-shirt Sleeve Preparation by Cad Software
Image: Polo-shirt Sleeve Preparation by Cad Software

Collar Preparation:

Length is 48 cm.

The width is 8 cm.

Then make the required shape.

Image: Sleeve & Collar Pattern
Image: Sleeve & Collar Pattern

Placket Preparation:

Length is 14 cm. 

The width is 6 cm.

Then make the regained shape.

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