15 Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping

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In the previous post, we discussed cheap online clothing stores with fast shipping. Many of our audience members have asked to write content for cheap websites with free shipping. Today, we will discuss it.

Who does not want to experience the abundance of paying no shipping charges during online purchases? In many cases, the shipping charge comes so high that another product can be purchased with that amount. That is when people start to look for cheap online clothing stores with free shipping.

The shipping charge is something other than what most of us are willing to pay, even if it is a few dollars. During the festival seasons and holidays, many people go through online clothing stores to find products to purchase that they will use to gift other people.

So, for such reasons, we have listed 15 cheap websites with free shipping with free shipping for you to purchase from at any time.

1. Dress Lily

Dress Lily offers some of the best clothing items at a reasonable price. If you are searching for online stores where you can buy good quality products at a low price, then Dress Lily is your place. They offer free home delivery within the states and nearby countries.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Dress Lily

They cater clothes primarily for women but also Halloween outfits and clothes for males. To avail of free shipping, you have to spend more than $50, and that should be fine since most of their products look good, making you want to purchase more.

2. Target

It is one of the best places to purchase clothes since they have all clothing items from the latest fashion trends. Target is a place where you can find anything you have been looking for. Their clothing section is an excellent place to choose clothes from since you will get a lot to choose from, and the prices are not steep.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Target

Target offers free home delivery if you shop for clothes over $60 from their store. However, some items need to qualify to account for the free shipping. To know which ones do, check the description box of each of the products.

3. Macy’s

Macy’s offers a vast online shopping website because they have a lot of things in their collection. You will not only get clothes, but all of them are of good quality. Macy’s has everything from clothing items for men, women, and kids to various accessories and gifting items.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Macy’s

Some of their clothing items can be expensive, but you will get free shipping if you shop for over $25. Macy’s delivers to more than 200 countries, and even though they charge a shipping rate when it is outside of the US, the rate is comparatively low.

4. Puma

Are you looking for sportswear for yourself or to gift it to someone else on a special occasion? Then Puma is your place to shop from. Puma offers free shipping even though some items can be a bit pricey. However, you can find various things within your budget from Puma, and you do not have to worry about the quality.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Puma

Puma is known as one of the top five sports brands in the world, which means that the products they offer are good quality. They offer free shipping for many of their stuff and clothing.


ASOS is one of the shopping stores that caters to various products, and there is much to choose from. They offer free shipping on their orders, and they also have store locations, so you will be able to purchase from the mall. They mainly sell clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for females, and you can avail of free shipping on your order.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping

Their items are not pricey, making them perfect for gifting other people during the holiday or if you want to give yourself a new wardrobe without breaking the bank.

6. Etsy

If you are into handmade items, you are indeed aware of Etsy. Etsy features many different and creative items from small brands that have just started or want to create their own business. Most of their products are rare since they are handmade, meaning some items can be expensive.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Etsy

But the good part is that all the products are eye-catching, and some designers offer free shipping. Most of them offer free shipping if you purchase over a specific limit. Some clothing stores offer exclusive items, which are shipped for free.

7. Zaful

Zaful is the online store to visit if you are searching for clothing items for men and women in the same place at a reasonable price point. They offer female wear of various designs at as low as $6. All of their clothing items are affordable, and there are various choices.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Zaful

For free shipping, you have to order more than $35, and it should be a smooth job since most of their items are worth purchasing. Zaful is one of the top online sites to purchase cheap clothing from and avail of free shipping. 

8. Amazon

Now comes the name of one of the world’s most talked about online stores. Amazon offers some cheap clothing items, but there are various options, so stay on time with the latest fashion trends. They also offer free shipping but only to their Prime members.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Amazon Cheap Clothing

For regular members, you must purchase from their particular clothing items or during any ongoing sale to avail of free shipping. Amazon offers clothing items that are of good quality and they do not cost a lot of money. You can also save some bucks by using Amazon review sites.

9. GAP

If you have a list of gifts for almost the entire family during the holidays and want to stick to a budget, visit GAP. This store offers online and in-store facilities so that you can choose items from the store. Their collection is vast; they offer clothes for women, men, kids, infantry, and adults.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: GAP

GAP is known for offering good quality denim items so that you can get something from that section. To get free shipping from GAP, you need to shop for over $50. GAP also sells different products, such as toys and accessories.

10. Sears

Sears has store locations in certain parts of America, but you can order from them online even if you are away from that state. They deliver clothing items nationwide without shipping charges if your order exceeds $199.99. This may be steep for most people since, usually, no one wants to spend so much on clothing, but they have many different items to choose from.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Sears Cheap Online Clothing Store

Moreover, their vast clothing range allows you to pick various items for yourself. They cater clothing items for men, women, and teens.

11. Vova

You might have yet to hear of this online shopping website since they stay lowkey about their business. Vova caters to quality products at a low price, meaning you do not have to get good products without putting a strain on your wallet.

They offer clothing items, gadgets, and other stuff. Most of their items are of good quality so do not limit yourself to buying only clothes the next time you are at the Vova online website. They offer free shipping even if you have ordered items for as low as $10.

12. Shein

Shein is a well-known clothing store that sells clothing items for most girls. Their online business started blooming in the last four to five years, and that is because of the quality of their products. Various online influencers have been promoting their clothes because of the quality and the cheap rate.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Shein

They offer free express shipping if you shop for over $150 at once. You will also find some items for males on their website, but they mainly cater products for females. Their price makes it easy for most people to purchase their products.

13. Forever 21

One of the most famous clothing stores in the USA is Forever 21. This is a shopping place for most girls in their early teens or teenagers. But you will find various clothing items for females and males for every age. They offer free shipping if you order products worth more than $50.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Forever 21

The prices of their products are very reasonable while the quality is top-notch. They also have accessories, bags, shoes and other items for men and women, and the designs are charming.

14. Yes Style

This is an Asian-based online clothing store that has various Asian clothes to offer. Their products are adorable and follow the latest fashion trends, which means you will find all the trendy clothes on their website. Both men and women will find something according to their preference from Yes Style.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Yes Style

This store offers free shipping to any state within the US if you order products worth more than $49. They also take little time to ship their products, meaning that you will receive your order within 2 to 3 days since their free shipping is also express shipping.

15. Rosegal

Last but not least comes Rosegal. This online store sells quality apparel at a reasonable price. You will receive free shipping if your order is more than $59. They offer free standard shipping, meaning your products will be delivered as soon as possible.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores with Free Shipping
Fig: Rosegal

Rosegal caters to various items for women, all of which are of good quality. The clothing items from Rosegal have top-notch quality and last a long time. The best part is that they offer free shipping to more than 100 foreign countries, which many brands do not offer.

Final Words for Cheap Online Clothing Stores:

When searching for cheap online clothing stores with free shipping, there are many stores to shop from. In this article, we have mentioned 15 cheap online clothing stores with free shipping. Still, so many other online clothing stores offer free shipping. However, most of the stores will provide you with free shipping if your order bill comes more than a certain limit.

Nevertheless, everyone wants online clothing stores with good quality items at a reasonable price and does not charge so much for shipping. But if you can find clothing stores that offer free shipping, then why not?

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