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You have probably browsed a ton of articles on the yarn vs thread debate. We are pretty sure you have not realized these small distinctions between them.

What are Yarn and Thread?

In simple terms, yarn refers to the twisted threads of fibers and their continuous strand. Meanwhile, thread refers to the long and thin fiber strand of cotton, nylon, or any other. Not only are they different in terms of definition, but also, they differ based on use and function. Although there are many differences, both yarn, and thread depict the source of fibers. Here, one of them is popular for giving a solid structure. Another one is useful for the product making itself.

Let’s know yarn and thread difference.

Typologies of Both Yarn and Thread

Threads are mostly available on either spools or cones. It depends on your project size and how many of them are required.

Types of Threads

. Both yarn and thread have their types. Let us begin with the thread that has a total of 3 types. For instance:

Sewing Thread:

For sewing purposes, this thread makes a perfect deal for any fabric.

Crochet Thread:

To make doilies or upholstery, or table clothes, there can be no other alternative apart from the crochet thread. Many colors and sizes are also available.

Embroidery Thread:

This thread tends to be thin. It is a type that comes in use for embroidery.

Yarn comes in several types as well. Each of the types differs based on fiber, thickness, and colors. Such as:

Types of Yarn


Wool yarn derives from the fleece of animals. Its durability turns it suitable for knitting.


Cotton yarn comes from the plant-seed pod. The soft texture makes it wearable and useful in making clothes projects.


Acrylic yarn is a petroleum-based yarn offering a variety of colors.

Different Counts: Thread vs Yarn

Thread count refers to the thread number that fits in a specific fabric square. Finer threads are well-packed together in a fabric. Weaving and knitting fibers make threads altogether.

Meanwhile, Yarn count refers to the expression of the fineness of the material. It helps you to determine whether the yarn is available in thickness or thinness. Besides, yarn count also depicts the existing relationship that lies between the length and the weight of the yarn. Technically, this yarn count denotes the mass of each unit of yarn length.

Similarities in Concept: Between Yarn and Thread

There are a few areas where both yarn and thread closely align with each other. For instance:

  1. Both yarn and thread are fibers-made.
  2. Each of them comes in three types.

Differences between Yarn and Thread in Summary Table

The given summary table depicts their differences in a consolidated form. Look at the below!

Do you know the difference between yarn and thread? Let’s know yarn vs thread:

SL No.YarnThread
01.The yarn consists of one or more plies.Thread always has more than one ply.
02.It is normally used in weaving and knitting.It is mostly used in sewing clothes and in needlework.
03.All yarn is not thread.But All thread is yarn.
04.The yarns have less elongation and strengthIt is mostly used in sewing clothes and needlework.
05.Usually, yarns are sold in a bigger package.Thread is normally sold in a smaller package.
06.Yarns are produced by spinning textile fibers together.Thread is obtained by twisting two or more piles of yarn together.
Difference between yarn and thread

What is the difference between thread and yarn?

Areas of DifferencesYarnThread
Who are the thinner/thicker?Yarn is the thinner one!Thread is the thickest!
Which industry needs what?The manufacturing industry needs yarn.The clothing industry needs a thread.
Weight DifferenceHeavier in weight comparativelyLighter in weight.
How do they get sold?In Bigger packageIn Small Package
UsesKnitting, Crocheting, WeavingSewing, embroidery, darning
Yarn Vs Thread


What does it mean by Yarn Weights?

In the U.S., the yarn has a numerical value starting from 0 to 7 on the basis of the standard yarn weight system, given by the Craft Yarn Council. Let us remind you that the yarn weight simply means the thickness that a yarn has. The given chart will give you a bit more insight into yarn weight.

0Lace (For Crochet Thread)
2Sport purpose
3DK one
4Worsted (Medium category)
5Bulky nature
6Super Bulky
7Jumbo (For Arm Knitting)
Yarn Weights Numbering

The Bottom Line

So far you have understood the basic difference that lies between Yarn and Thread. Yarn, being a continuous twisted fiber strand, is mostly useful for knitting and weaving purposes. Meanwhile, a thread is a fiber strand, kind long, thin, and useful for sewing objectives. Since the purposes are different, it is well-estimated that differences based on yarn count, weight, and types are valid for both yarn and thread. 

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