PSC Viva Question for Textile Department

Md Mahedi Hasan

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An interview or PSC Viva recently occurred. Here, I will share all the questions that the interviewer asked. So, let’s see the PSC Viva Question for Textile Department.

Date: 20/12/2023.


1. How many are you in the family?

2. what do you do?

3. Do you have a Master?

4. What is vat?

5. What is carbonization?

6. What is scouring?

7. Bleaching?

8. What is the length of silk fiber?

9. What is degumming?

10. Do you know pigment dyeing?

11. Can you explain the process briefly?

12. What is ribbon winding?

13. What is the temperature of silk throwing?

14. What is the rubbing fastness rating of pigment printing?

15. How to improve it. Do you have any idea?

16. Shogging motion?

External 2:

17. Classify natural fiber on the source.

18. Classify On length

19. The difference between staple fiber and filament fiber?

20. What is the length limit for filament fiber?

21. What is the comber feed material?

22. Lap size?

23. How many types of jute carding?

24. What is the feed material of jute carding?

25.. What to do before carding Jute?

26. Which machine does?

27. What to do next?

28.. What is it called?

29. Which color fastness test should be done for a traffic police? Say the name of 2.

30. Name 2 fancy yarns.

31. If the tissue box in front of you is made of cloth, then how can you design that cloth? Say 2 ways.

32 by weaving through which shading mechanism?

33. How much minimum fiber is needed to make silk yarn?

34. 100 metric count, how much will be converted to English count?

35. Tell the objective of carding in 1 sentence.

External 3: Answered many questions. I won’t ask more questions.

36. 4 Challenges and benefits of IR.

37. What is the current social economic condition of our country?

38.. Smart said 4 foundations of Bangladesh.

External 4:

39. What is the budget?

40. Answered a little more.

41. What are the types of budgets?

42. Do monopolies or oligopolies have ideas about them?

43. What do you say?

44. Is monopoly better or oligopoly better?

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