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The pollution made by the fashion industry has been catching a great concern in the textile industry. Create Fashion Brand hears you. In the apparel market, recycled cotton is not a whole new terminology. Because of the growing interest in recycled cotton, Create Fashion Brand brings you each detail of recycled cotton and its manufacturing process.

Cares about Recycled Cotton

We create fashion and enjoy every bit of it. But there is another reality. That is the truck of clothes that get destroyed either by burning or landfilling. This is high time we stopped ignoring it. Through clothes, we create memorable stories.

Stop wasting old clothes
Awareness of recycled old clothes

It takes initiatives to save water, energy, and chemicals up to 85% by turning them into recycled products. We believe cotton fabrics have enormous possibilities. That is what pushes us to create new stories of recycled cotton.

Everything to Explore About Recycled Cotton

We focus on the clothes that have the chance to be re-utilized. Recycling cotton is a reconditioned concept where cotton fabric turns into cotton fiber. It is nothing but a natural material. The recycled cotton that we make is cellulose fibers. We can assure you about the sources of our cotton. They are renewable.

Old clothes to cotton
Old clothes recycling process

After that, the fibers get reused in textiles in different products. Two sources you might want to know for generating Recycled Cotton. They are:

  • Pre-Consumer: It includes cutting scraps and by-product fabric.
  • Post-Consumer: It includes upholstery and household materials.

Categories Preferability in Manufacturing Recycled Cotton

Apart from these two categories, we prefer sources like excess material (yarn, fabrics), used garments, and household items. Thus, we consider recycled fabric to be made from pre-consumer cotton. Because of clothing production, we get many textile wastes. Throughout the recycling process, assesses the quality of cotton. The stages of collection, sorting, and mechanical or chemical processes help to make used clothes into recycled clothes.  Although most of the recycled cotton goes through the mechanical recycling process.

Step-by-Step Process to Manufacture Recycled Cotton

After collecting the fabrics and materials, they go through the sorting process. Then, the sorting process makes the fabrics colored. After that, the fabrics, being shredded into yarn, turn into raw fiber through a machine. During shredding, fibers get broken. The raw fiber afterward gets spun back into yarns.

Mechanical and Chemical Processes in Recycled Cotton Manufacturing

In mechanical process refers to the process of fiber shredding. Here, the textile fabric, being shredded into the fibers, gets back to yarn. Without any chemical use, cotton turns into a short length of the fiber. It affects nothing but the end use of the textile. In this mechanical process, the non-textile elements get removed. After that, the materials, being into small shapes, run through the shredding process.

In the case of chemical recycling, textile wastes turn into chemicals. It makes sure that chemical reactions be produced by recycled fibers by dissolving polymers. 

Dyeing Enzymatic Treatment

This process utilizes enzymes to purify wastewater. After the treatment, the waste is discharged back into the river. This is entirely a biological process. It uses aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for degrading components. This bacterium makes components into small pieces. After all of these, the freshwater gets pH balanced. Besides, it gets upcycled and becomes a fertilizer.

Best Features of Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton has several key features. You might want to change your mind about disposing of your existing fabrics after getting to know about the features.

Best Features of Recycled Cotton
Features of Recycled Cotton

They are worth mentioning in the following:

  1. Washable and Easy-Cleaning.
  2. Quality varies (from medium to high)
  3. Appearance like regular cotton.
  4. Durable.
  5. Moisture Absorbent.
  6. Quick drying.
  7. Better Heat Retention Abilities.
  8. Extremely biodegradable.

Manufacturers recycled fabric by keeping in mind skin-sensitive people. Apart from all these features, our recycled cotton tends to be a waste reducer. It saves water, energy, and carbon emission.

Why Look for Recycled Cotton?

You might be excited to hear about the benefits of Recycled Cotton. Apart from preventing textile waste, our recycled cotton requires a few resources to make itself sustainable. Any leftover textile cotton is recyclable in nature.

Benefits of Recycled Cotton
Benefits of Recycled Cotton

But, in terms of quality, recycled cotton may get lower than the organic one. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Low-grade products (rags, insulations) can be recycled cotton fabric.
  2. In the case of recycled cotton, the yarns get already dyed before being recycled.
  3. Recycled cotton does not require high-quality fibers.
  4. Recycled fabric reduces wastage.
  5. Lightweight and Breathable.

Challenges Faces in the Recycled Cotton Process:

You might be thinking about the recycled fabric’s impact on the fiber length. Well, they get short, and the length uniformity changes. We face challenges like the quality and strength of end-uses getting changed.

Challenges Faces in the Recycled Cotton Process
Recycled Cotton Process Challenges

However, as a natural fiber, we always suggest that cotton is the best material for maintaining sustainability.

  1. Our blending process makes cotton strong and durable.
  2. There is a risk of getting contaminated by other fibers.
  3. Collecting exact materials can be a challenge for the recycling process.
  4. We understand that not every country has a program for recycling in terms of cotton. So, you may find a policy gap.

How Sustainable is Recycled Cotton?

Being a specialized manufacturer, Create Fashion Brand emphasizes maintaining high-quality recycled cotton fabrics. We all know that Cotton is eco-friendly in terms of the environment. For those who want customized recycled cotton clothes, our agenda, clothing development, is for the same cause. All you need is to drop off your used clothing to make preferable measurements of recycled cotton. There, we will be creating recycled cotton using your previously used clothes.

Recycled Cotton

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Textile Details hears you and brings to you the opportunity to be a one-step biodegradable. Drop your old clothes and get recycled products in return for everyone’s better.

To get more information about recycled cotton, do not hesitate to ping us. We can offer you recycled cotton at the cheapest price maintaining sustainability.

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