Types Garments Dyeing Machine

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There are two types of garment dyeing machines:

  1. Pedal dyeing machine
  2. Rotary dyeing machine

1. Pedal dyeing machine

  • First and oldest type of apparel dying m/c (used in European countries)
  • Are used for the wooden knitwear type.
  • Dyeing costs are higher due to manual operation.
  • Higher labor load.
  • Manual loading and unloading, and manual chemical feeding. 
Pedal dyeing machine
Image of Pedal dyeing machine

Types of pedal dyeing machine

  1. Overhead pedal
  2. Side pedal

2. Rotary apparel dyeing machine

There are modified versions of the pedal dyeing machine. The types are as follows:


1. Atmospheric pressure rotary apparel dyeing machine

2. High-temperature rotary apparel dyeing machine

Rotary apparel dyeing machine
Image of Rotary apparel dyeing machine

1. Atmospheric pressure rotary dyeing machine

The elements of atmospheric pressure rotary dyeing machine are as:

  • Water inlet 
  • Panel
  • Motor
  • Glass- tube
  • Water outlet
  • Outer cylinder
  • Inner cylinder
  • Stem pipe
  • Front view
  • Sliding bar
  • Ban 
  • Inner cylinder outer cylinder
  • Side view


Contains two stainless steel cylinders one inside the other. 

The outer cylinder is fixed on the machine frame, and the machine frame is lightly fixed on the floor to avoid jerking during operation.

The outer cylinder is solid and has two sliding doors (like a microbus) at the upper-middle half position.

There are two chemical dosing doors on the sliding doors of the outer cylinder to facilitate chemical addition during operation.

The inner cylinder is perforated having two stainless steel side shots, which are fixed with machine frame with a ball bearing. 

Two machine pulleys are fixed on the two sides of the shaft with the help of two big high-power motors and a motor pulley, the /c pulley is rotated. As a result, the inner cylinder freely (at 5-35 rpm) rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise by reversal driving unit. 

The doors of the inner and outer cylinders are aligned to the same position by the use of a meshing motion switch to load and unload garments.

Inner cylinder dia 4 feet

Width – 6 feet

Depends on m/c capacity. 

There are 3-4 inches gaps between inner and outer cylinder.

A solid steam pipe is supplied between the gap, hence liquor is indirectly heated. 

Dyeing temperature is controlled y dial & indicator.

The inner cylinder has 3 triangular bars (6” high) at 120º distance each, which confirms the rotations.

The biggest advantage- Same m/c can be used for resizing, scouring, dyeing. Capacity of garments dyeing m/c may vary from 50 kg- 500 kg. (300 kg capacity is mostly used)

High temp. rotary machine

Could be carried at 140º C 

Very big central door facilities material, loading & unloading mechanically

Light m/c structure, facilitates high speed m/c running with self-balance

Simple AC drive and AC converter facilitates 5 – 35 rpm of main cylinder

Additional two chemical tank facilities auto- dozing of dyes and chemicals during operation without any manual effort

Separate chemical dozing tanks may be attached

Separate liquor circulation pump, heater and filter facilitate additional liquor circulating, additional liquor healing and liquor filtration.

Available only built-in; less risk of installing.

*** Controlled by microprocessor, maintained by m/c automatically. In this machine up to 200 dyeing/pretreatment program can be shared and reused easily. 

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