5 White Label Clothing Manufacturers: Create Your Brand

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White-label clothing is a popular option for both product advertising and personal style. It is preferred by many due to its adaptability and stylish appeal. Keep up with the times with chic white-label options that are accessible in large quantities and satisfy a variety of tastes at discounted prices. Learn more to take advantage of white-label clothing by purchasing from various manufacturers mentioned in this article. 

White Label Clothing Definition

White-label clothing is the product of blank clothing manufactured by a third-party manufacturer. It requires customization with one’s branding. The entire process involves services where products come directly from the manufacturer. 

Image: White Label Clothing Definition
Image: White Label Clothing

The main benefit of white-label clothing is, that the entire manufacturing is cost-effective and customizable. The white-label clothing includes an inside label with information on size, material, country of origin, manufacturer’s anime, and another brand identity.

5 Top-Listed White-Label Clothing Manufacturers

Here is the list of the top 5 white-label clothing manufacturers with their detailed services.

  1. Printify

Website link: https://printify.com/

Printify’s white-label manufacturing service makes the process of developing personalized clothing brands easier. You can choose from a range of blank products provided by reliable manufacturers and build their clothing items. Besides, you may easily integrate your designs with Printify’s platform and create mockups to see the finished output. 

Image: Printify Website
Image: Printify Website

Printify’s network of printing partners takes care of manufacturing, packing, and customer-direct shipment after an order is placed. You can easily customize an experience by adding components to their branding. Throughout the process, Printify provides customer service support and guarantees quality control

Image: White Label Clothing Manufacturers
Image: White Label Clothing

With the help of this service, people and companies may start their clothing brands without the hassles and upfront expenditures associated with traditional production. They have a product catalog of product blanks, that are in high quality, making white labeling easy.

Product Catalog of Printify: https://printify.com/app/products

  1. Apliiq

Website link: https://www.apliiq.com/private-label

White-label clothing manufacturer Apliiq focuses on producing distinctive, personalized clothes. In contrast to conventional clothing producers, Apliiq provides a unique method of producing personalized clothes and enables you to add a range of decorations and fabric applications to your outfits.

Image: Apliiq Website
Image: Apliiq Website

Apliiq has an assortment of premium blanks, which include t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Customers can use Apliiq’s creative fabric applications to customize their things after selecting the base garment. Patches, embroidery, appliqué, and other techniques are examples of these applications that give the clothes personality, color, and texture. 

Apliiq can withdraw the manufacturer’s tag and the goods will contain your branding. Even logos can be printed on white labels in the size 1” X 1” @ 300 dpi. Also, here is the method of ‘pay as you go’ where you do not need to buy in bulk.

  1. White Label MFG.

Website link: http://www.whitelabelmfg.com/

White Label MFG is a manufacturer that manufactures clothing in private label (white included) for other brands. They specialize in creating knitwear such as t-shirts, fleece, and hats. Moreover, they can also make different forms of clothing, such as pants and accessories. 

Image: White Label MFG Website
Image: White Label MFG Website

They deal with a wide range of stores, from large to small, both online and offline. The key goals of White Label MFG, are to get things to market quickly, to sell directly to customers, and to offer programs that make products available right immediately.

  1. Appareify

Website link: https://appareify.com/

Appareify, a leading clothing manufacturer, is pleased to assist various industries and enterprises in creating their unique attire. You have complete control over everything, from the materials to the smallest details, while we work hard to make your vision a reality. 

Image: Appareify Website
Image: Appareify Website

They also employ materials and textiles that degrade naturally, allowing us to be a more environmentally conscious garment manufacturer while maintaining high-quality standards every time. Appareify is also a private-label clothing manufacturer. They offer woven labels, satin labels, printed labels, heat press labels, hang tags, and plastic seal tags. 

  1. Create Fashion Brand

Website: https://createfashionbrand.com/

Create Fashion Brand is a private label manufacturer specializing in clothing which high quality in nature. They are eco-friendly and sustainable at cutting and sewing of circular knitting and woven fabrics. On the other hand, they have a separate private label app that allows you to customize, select style, select label and design types, and also you can set quantities per color style.

Image: Create Fashion Brand Website
Image: Create Fashion Brand Website


In conclusion, white-label apparel offers businesses a versatile and affordable way to introduce their apparel lines. Despite possible competition from other businesses that use the same manufacturer, distinctive designs and strong branding can support the upkeep of a distinctive market presence.

If a manufacturer brand has unique and recognizable looks, competitors’ purchasing from the same manufacturer might not be a major threat to market share. We believe our given 5 white label clothing manufacturers serve your questions at this point. 

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