Advantage of Trick Plater Over Conventional Needle Bar

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Loop formation in a raschel machine takes place on the upper edge of the trick plate. This bar can be considered a needle bar.

In comparison to the conventional needle bar needles are placed trick put into it. The top edge of this bar trick plate is designed to ensure perfect knock-over operation. Which is the most important part of fabric production with long underlaps.

  1. Higher Speed: Trick plates allow higher m/c speed compared to conventional needle bars.
  2. Reduce yarn breakage: Trick plates can help in reducing yearn breakage as they have less friction.
  3. Improved quality: Trick plate can enhance the knitting process’s overall efficiency, leading to faster production.
  4. Enhanced fabric quality: Trick plate can contribute to better fabric quality by minimum fabric defect.

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