10 Best Сlothing Stores for College Students

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Fashion-forward college students are conscious about their attire and always want to express themselves through their clothing and stand out from the crowd. Most of the clothing stores comes against limited financial resources, making choosing what to wear and where to buy it more difficult. But with so many options out there, where do you begin? Fear not, because we’ve got some great ideas for you. Below is a list of 10 top clothing stores for college students to consider.

A Basic Guide on Where to Buy Clothing for College Students

Before we dive into the list of must-visit clothing stores, let’s talk about some factors to consider when looking for affordable clothing stores. As a college student, you’re likely on a budget, so finding stores with cheap attire is vital. You don’t want to walk around in cute clothes while falling behind with your bills. The intention is to find the right balance while still looking classy, not faking it. So, be price-conscious and look for stores within your budget range.

The second factor to consider is variety. You want to find stores that offer a wide range of styles so that you can express your unique fashion sense. It’s about being fashionable and setting trends, not stale.

Thirdly, it’s critical to consider the quality of the clothing. While the temptation to shop at fast fashion retailers for their low prices is strong, be weary of their standards. You don’t want other students to brand you as a cheap fashionista.

Climate change has made many customers conscious of organizations’ carbon footprints. Some stores, especially fast fashion retailers, have environmental and ethical impacts that should concern any fashion-forward college student. Look for stores that prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices.

Finally, consider the shopping experience. Do you prefer to shop in-store or via online clothing stores? Are you looking for a personalized shopping experience, or do you like to browse alone? Consider these factors before deciding where to buy clothes.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

Fashion has been integral to American college life for decades, with annual beauty pageants spicing up university calendars from the South to the North Coast. But away from the glamor, those in fashion and design struggle to locate top clothing brands for college students. Whether you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe, add some statement pieces to your collection, or find the latest streetwear, vintage finds, or eco-friendly fashion, there’s no shortage of clothing stores to suit your needs.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a popular retail chain that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and home decor. With a focus on trendy and unique styles, it is a go-to for fashion-forward college students.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

They offer a mix of in-house and third-party brands, making finding something for every budget easier. One unique feature of the outlet is its curated collections, including vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces.


ASOS is an online retailer that offers a massive selection of clothing, add-ons, and beauty products. With over 850 brands and an established in-house label, it is a one-stop shop for many. Besides offering a wide range of styles, ASOS is committed to sustainability, with a dedicated “Eco Edit” section on its website. They also offer free returns, making online shopping a breeze.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

E-commerce has taken the internet by storm, with major traders like Amazon amassing millions daily. You’re missing out if you’ve not tried internet shopping through platforms such as ASOS. You can get barely any service online nowadays. 


H&M is a fast-fashion retailer that offers affordable clothing and accessories for women. While fast fashion may not be the most sustainable choice, the company has made strides to improve its production practices and offer more sustainable options in recent years.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

Despite its weaknesses, H&M is among the most popular clothing stores in the USA.


Zara is a popular Spanish fashion retailer known for their fast-changing trends and affordable prices. With a focus on high-quality fabrics and unique designs, Zara is a favorite among college fashionistas.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

Added to their robust online presence, user-friendly websites, and active social media accounts, they’re likely to dominate the industry soon.

Free People

Free People is a bohemian-inspired clothing brand that offers a range of clothing, including dresses, jackets, shoes, and other add-ons. The company has over five decades of experience in the fashion and design industry, demonstrating its commitment to quality and customer service.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

With a focus on unique and bohemian styles, Free People is a go-to for classy students looking for the best outfits.

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is an Italian brand that has made significant inroads in the US, especially California. The teen-centric brand is widely considered controversial for its minimalist style.

Сlothing Stores

One unique feature of Brandy Melville is its one-size-fits-all approach, which can be a pro or a con depending on your body type. Despite the criticisms, the company’s approach makes the business more economically and environmentally efficient.


Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion retailer. Its design is minimalist, clean, simple, modern, and functional. It focuses on quality basics and timeless pieces that are versatile, comfortable, and affordable.

Сlothing Stores

It’s amongst the best men’s clothing stores and is an excellent option for students who appreciate minimalist styles.


Reformation is a sustainable brand that offers clothing made from eco-friendly materials and produced in ethical factories. Focusing on minimalist and vintage-inspired styles, it is a massive hit with customers who prioritize sustainability.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

While Reformation may be pricier than some options on this list, its commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices makes it a worthwhile investment.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a fashion brand offering trendy, edgy, fun styles. It specializes in statement pieces, from bold colors to embellished prints.

Сlothing Stores for College Students

It’s perfect for anyone looking to stand out, especially on a tight budget, making it the ideal choice for most students.


Poshmark is a peer-to-peer online marketplace where users can buy and sell new and used clothing.

Сlothing Stores

While the shopping experience may be more time-consuming than traditional retail, the ability to find unique and affordable clothing makes it the best clothing store for a college student.

Stay on Trend and Express Your Style!

As a college fashionista, there are plenty of options for upgrading your wardrobe without hurting your pocket. Whether you prefer trendy boutiques or budget-friendly ones, there is something for you! Just don’t forget to express your style and have fun with fashion.

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