Top 9 Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups in USA

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Are you willing to start a clothing business? Looking for a clothing manufacturer company in the USA? All you have to do is choose the clothing manufacturer that offers the best deal for the startup. There are several best clothing manufacturers for startups in USA who offer the best quality products to start your business and make a good profit effectively.

Image: 9 Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups in USA

The clothing business is one of the most popular businesses among others, and it’ll give you a lot of opportunities to build up your career. However, choosing the best clothing manufacturer as your product source is crucial. It is not only important to find the best manufacturer for the startup but also essential for an established business as well.

Image: Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups in USA

However, how can you choose the best one? How do you assess which manufacturers of apparel are superior to others? Here, I’ll provide all the details you want concerning our list of the top 9 apparel manufacturers for startups that can help you get the best deal today! So, let’s get started:

9 Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups in USA

Let’s explore this list of the top 9 Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups in the USA and confidently start your clothing business!

Stylus Apparel Group

Stylus Apparel Group is one of the ancient clothing manufacturers in the USA. This clothing manufacturer company is not only the best option for a startup company but also the best way for an established clothing business. Stylus Apparel manufactures top-notch quality clothing products and supplies them at affordable prices.

Image: Stylus Apparel Group Website
Image: Stylus Apparel Group Website

The firm specializes in creating athletic wear, hoodies, and t-shirts of the highest caliber bespoke clothes. Among the customization choices provided by Stylus Apparel Group are printing, needlework, and personalized tags and labels. They also offer design services, collaborating with customers to realize their concepts.

Euphoric Colors

Euphoric Colors is a Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer company that you can choose to start a clothing business. This USA clothing manufacturer produced high-quality custom clothing products. One of the standout features of this company is that they follow sustainability and eco-friendly practices to manufacture clothing products.

Image: Euphoric Colors Website
Image: Euphoric Colors Website

It guarantees that each of its goods is not only of the highest caliber but also can be tailored to fit the needs of the customer. This firm ensures that in addition to the high caliber of their apparel, each item is designed uniquely and vibrantly, embodying the essence of life.

Organic Apparel USA

Organic Apparel USA is a market-leading clothing manufacturer in the USA. Not only in the USA but also it is a popular and renowned clothing and apparel manufacturer company worldwide. This company is mostly known as an organic clothing product manufacturer.

Image: Organic Apparel USA Website
Image: Organic Apparel USA Website

Before other clothing firms were aware of organic clothes, Organic Apparel USA was founded with a complete understanding of the material. Nonetheless, their superior quality and organic composition set them apart from the other companies in the market.

Royal Apparel

Custom clothing is produced by Royal Apparel for both big and small fashion brands and companies. This business is a one-stop shop for bespoke clothes manufacturing, offering you any kind of requirements you would need for your clothing line. With decades of expertise in the fashion industry, this firm has produced a wide selection of garments.

Image: Royal Apparel Website
Image: Royal Apparel Website

As one of the best clothing manufacturers, Royal Apparel has developed into one of the most dependable and trustworthy places to establish a clothing business. Our organization strives to provide top-notch services and assist customers with any kind of modification they require.

Sans USA

Sans USA is a clothing manufacturer in the USA that provides completely personalized experiences. Sans USA can offer you precise information on each of your fashion brands, for example, if you are introducing many brands and need such information. Their methods of creation enable them to produce exceptional items.

Image: Sans USA Website
Image: Sans USA Website

Furthermore, the best materials available were used to make such items. As a result, their apparel designs are well-known worldwide. Their minimal minimum order quantity makes them ideal for businesses in the expansion stage. Ultimately, it is one of the best clothing manufacturers for startups in the USA that you should consider!


ARGYLE Haus is one of the leading custom clothing manufacturers in the USA. This company is one of the perfect clothing manufacturers for small businesses as well as national brands. This company has around 150 years of experience in the fashion, clothing, and manufacturing industry, which makes it one of the leading companies.

Image: ARGYLE Haus Website
Image: ARGYLE Haus Website

The company is an excellent option for organizations because of its emphasis on creativity and trend awareness. They manufacture goods that aren’t only fashionable but also comfy, long-lasting, and up to strict quality requirements. Additionally, this corporation provides prompt delivery, guaranteeing that companies receive their products within the set time frames.

MGOO Fashion Apparel

MGOO Fashion Apparel is among the most diversified clothing manufacturer companies in the United States of America. This company collaborates with small companies, eco-friendly startups, as well as entrepreneurs nationwide.

Image: MGOO Fashion Apparel Website
Image: MGOO Fashion Apparel Website

MGOO Fashion’s practical industry expertise and experience enable them to provide you with the best garment production solutions. The MGOO team works directly with customers to bring their unique concepts and aspirations to life.  MGOO streamlines and secures all procedures. All you can do is concentrate on marketing and sales.

Lefty Production Co

Lefty Production Co can be your perfect destination if you are looking for a one-stop clothing product source to start a clothing business. It is not only a clothing manufacturer company; this company can help you establish your business from scratch.

Image: Lefty Production Co Website
Image: Lefty Production Co Website

This company manufactures different types of top-tier quality garment products, ranging from men’s wear to home textiles. Lefty Production Co also offers other services, including fashion web design, product sourcing, sample making, marking and grading, and consultation.

Nature USA

Nature USA was founded with the preservation of nature in mind. Sustainable materials are used in this clothing line by the company. It not only preserves the environment but also extends the useful life of things. The fact that Nature USA provides private label services is its greatest feature.

Image: Nature USA Website
Image: Nature USA Website

This company uses premium materials because it specializes in doing so. Also, proprietors won’t have problems importing goods into their nations because they utilize eco-friendly materials in their apparel designs. Thus, Nature USA is the company to contact if you’re searching for a sustainable clothes manufacturer.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups in the USA, this article may help you a lot. Here, I’ve discussed some of the best clothing manufacturers in the USA that offer the best quality products at the best price to start a clothing business. So, choose a company among these 9 and start your clothing business today.

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