6 Best Online Fabric Supplier: Your Fabric solution when need

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Online fabric shopping has become considerably more practical than going to a store in person. Consumers can peruse the available products from the convenience of their homes whenever they choose. More fabric options are available online from fabric providers than at conventional brick-and-mortar retailers. They can access a broader range of hues, designs, and materials. Online fabric providers can serve customers who do not have access to local fabric shops. This article concerns 6 Best Online Fabric Suppliers: Your Fabric solution when needed.

Your Fabric solution, when need from the 6 Best Online Fabric Suppliers

This is very helpful for those living in rural areas with limited mobility. Because they do not have the same overhead expenses as maintaining a physical storefront, online fabric providers can frequently offer lower pricing than traditional retailers. You might need to contact the fabric provider to start a new clothing business. In days past, clothing stores would buy fabrics from local garment shops or vendors, but the world has changed and so has the procedure for buying fabric. According to the new era, people are now turning to online shops. So why not for fabrics? Let’s explore:

1. Fabric.com

Fabric.com promises to show you a wide variety of materials, including cotton, silk, wool, and others. Products can be browsed by category, color, pattern, and price range for customers. Customers can add the desired fabric to their shopping cart and continue shopping after locating the fabric they want. Customers can select their chosen payment and shipping methods throughout the checkout process. This is the number 1 Online Fabric Supplier in the world.

Fabric.com, Best Online Fabric Supplier

Orders from customers on Fabric.com are shipped internationally. Consumers can follow the progress of their orders online and get email notifications. Customers have 30 days to return an item to Fabric.com for a full refund if they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Before shipping an item back, customers must get in touch with customer service to get a return authorization number. Customer support is available on Fabric.com via phone, email, and live chat.

2. Joann.com

Joann.com basically provides fabrics, sewing and quilting supplies, yarn and needlecrafts, papermaking, home décor, etc. The business was started in 1943 as a small storefront in Cleveland, Ohio, and has since grown to have over 850 locations all throughout the country.


Customers as Online Fabric suppliers can browse a large assortment of goods on Joann.com, including unique fabric and craft supply lines, and benefit from weekly deals and discounts. Together with project ideas and patterns, the website also provides a selection of online classes and tutorials. Joann.com collaborates with schools, community groups, and other non-profits in addition to its retail operations to support arts and crafts programming and education.

3. Mood Fabrics

Are you planning to open a shop selling silk and satin materials? You should definitely visit Mood Fabrics, a renowned fabric retailer in New York City established in 1991. Since then, designers, fashion students, and sewing aficionados worldwide have flocked to visit.

Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics is renowned for both its enormous inventory of designer textiles from illustrious fashion houses and its broad variety of fabrics, which include everything from silks and satins to wools and cottons. The shop has also grown in prominence due to its appearances on “Project Runway,” where it acts as the main source of fabric for the participants. Mood Fabrics is a great location to get top-notch materials for your next project, whether you’re a professional fashion designer or a home sewer.

4. Etsy

Have you any ideas about handmade, vintage, and antique fabrics? These are in high demand nowadays because vintage clothes are very hard to find. If you were thinking of starting a business selling vintage clothes, you could easily get fabrics for those clothes from Etsy. Online store Etsy focuses on selling handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind things. Etsy, a platform for small company owners, independent designers, and artists to sell their wares directly to customers worldwide, was established in 2005.


On Etsy, you may buy handcrafted jewelry, clothes, home decor, crafts, art supplies, and vintage goods. The marketplace has gained popularity among buyers looking for unique or customized goods and sellers looking for a quick and economical option to launch their online business. Etsy uses a commission-based business model, taking a cut of every sale made through the website.

5. Spoonflower

How about getting a new artistic pattern on your fabric? Are you looking for something brand new and uncommon? Then spoonflower will surely serve you. Using the online marketplace Spoonflower, people can create, print, and advertise their own unique fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Isn’t that very cool? This amazing site was founded in 2008, which is very recent, but it provides a distinctive service that enables designers and artists to materialize their concepts without having to spend a lot of money on fabric or printing tools.


Clients can use Spoonflower’s online design tools to create their own designs or explore and buy patterns from a huge library of patterns. The business prints the graphics using digital printing technology on premium, environmentally friendly materials. For artists, designers, and crafters who wish to make unique textiles and home goods, Spoonflower has grown to be a popular platform. The business offers a variety of products in addition to fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrapping.

6. Fabricworm

Whenever we shop online, one thing knocks our heads around: the quantity of the product. You cannot be sure about the product’s quality by only seeing the photos online. But you can undoubtedly trust this Online Fabric Supplier, Favricworm. This shop has many top-notch textiles for sewing and craft projects online. However, this doesn’t provide wholesale products. They provide a selection of designer textiles from well-known manufacturers. Modern and quirky prints, such as those produced by Fabricworm, are ideal for quilting, clothing, home décor, and other projects.


Consumers can browse categories like “New Arrivals,” “Sale,” “Organic,” “Kits & Bundles,” and more to find fabrics on the Fabricworm website. Also, they provide a service where customers can obtain fabric swatches before making a larger purchase. This shop also provides a variety of patterns, sewing essentials, and tools in addition to fabrics. They provide a newsletter with updates on new products and sales and a useful blog with tips and project ideas.

Final thought

It is elementary to source fabric from Online Fabric Supplier than to visit a place physically. This process will save you time and energy. We mentioned here the world’s 6 Best Online Fabric Suppliers. Due to lower overhead costs, online fabric suppliers offer lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores.

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