Madonna in the 80s Fashion: Styles that Still Have a Long-Lasting Legacy

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Madonna, being the undisputed queen of pop culture defined a specific decade, an iconic fashion landscape. The decade is none other than the 1980s. Through pushing the boundaries of fashion in a continuous process, the decade has been transformed into an ever-evolving style all because of Madonna’s new album and music video. Let us delve into the 80s fashion where Madonna influenced fashion with her pop culture spirit. 

Figure: Madonna in the 80s Fashion
Figure: Madonna in the 80s Fashion

Madonna In The 80s Fashion that Had a Great Impact on

Madonna’s early years had been rebellious and punk aesthetic that completely changed her glamorous image because of the phase of ‘Material Girl.’ How her new music video had an impact on the 80s fashion, let’s have a look: 

  • Lucky Star: Introducing Black Mesh Crop Top

Well well, Madonna in the 80s, published her ‘Lucky Star’ music video that consisted of a black mesh crop top, fingerless lace gloves, a ribbon in hair, leggings, and stars. All these outfits were in ‘black.’ Soon, the fashion became popular among youngsters. 

Figure: Madonna in the 80s Lucky Star
Figure: Madonna in the 80s Lucky Star
  • The Iconic ‘Material Girl’ & Satin Sheath

In the year 1985, the Material Girl music video came into being and Madonna copied Marilyn Monroe’s fashion sense that included a bubblegum pink colored strapless satin sheath, a waisted belt, and a huge bow. All these fashionable items hit her admirers with a black lace fan. 

Figure: Madonna Material Girl & Satin Sheath
Figure: Madonna Material Girl & Satin Sheath
  • La Isla Bonita & Religious Transformation in Fashion

Madonna’s first Latin-influenced music video was La Isla Bonita. In this video, she played the role of a religious woman by wearing plain clothes. She soon transformed her fashion into a dancer where she wore a voluminous red colored flamenco dress with flowers stayed up in her hair. 

Figure: La Isla Bonita & Religious Transformation in Fashion
Figure: Madonna in La Isla Bonita Fashion

Madonna’s Styles throughout the 80s Fashion

Apart from her music video-centric fashion look, the 1980s fashion was nothing short of adopting different styles within a decade. Here is a closer look at what has been most iconic throughout different phases of the 1980s:

  1. Maddona and Her Early Fashion Revolution

Madonna’s fashion in the 1980s started from her early-punk-inspired look to the ‘Material Girl’ phase to the look from ‘Desperately Looking Susan’ to ‘Like a Prayer Era’, Madonna covered up all the diversity that was not only confined to the industry of music. In the ‘Desperately Looking Susan’ phase, Madonna influenced through her outfits-Lace tops, feminine blouses, Layered clothing, for instance, vests, jackets, and oversized, bold colored and oversized accessories, sunglass that reflected the mystery and coolness in her ensemble. 

Figure: Maddona and Her Early Fashion Revolution
Figure: Maddona in the Like a Prayer era

Meanwhile, in the ‘Like a Prayer era’, Madonna introduced black leather and outfits including lace, crosses, and the symbol of sacred religious imagery, blonde and wavy hair, and fingerless lace gloves. 

  1. The Impact of Madonna on Bridal Fashion in the 80s

Not in the entire outfit idea, Madonna contributed her fashion sense to the bridal fashion of the 80s through her unconventional choices that later on became popular. For instance: The lace and fingerless gloves showed up as a touch of femininity, the corset and bustier undergarments appealed to brides, bridal lingerie as outerwear, and the wedding gowns incorporated beading, dramatic details, and sequins. The ‘Material Girl’ phase of Madonna did not really spice up the entire influence on Bridal Fashion and the luxurious trend.

Figure: Madonna on Bridal Fashion in the 80s
Figure: Madonna on Bridal Fashion in the 80s
  1. The style of Maddona on ‘Material Girl’ Look

This particular look needs to be mentioned due to the key elements of sequined dresses-from fitting as well as full-length. Curly blonde hair, luxurious fur accessories that emphasized the overall theme, pearl necklaces and drop earrings, glamorous makeup look that went well with high heels or footwear. 

Figure: Madonna on Material Girl Look
Figure: Madonna on Material Girl Look
  1. How Madonna’s Fashion Influenced Street Style

Other than the influence on bridal fashion, Madonna’s fashion served as an expression of individuality to Street Style. For instance: The Layering and Mixing Patterns with a combination of denim, lace, as well as leather. On the other hand, there are Androgynous fashion choices that came up with Madonna’s style which includes tailored suits, ties, and other jackets. The love for layered jewelry did not vanish as necklaces and bracelets all created self-expression.

Figure: Madonna Fashion Street Style
  1. Long Lasting Legacy of Madonna in the 80s Fashion

Madonna’s influence in the world of style as well as popular culture seems to be long-lasting. All thanks to the spirit of their rebellious and individualistic personality that encourages people to express themselves by adopting her fashion. Besides, there is a mix of high and low fashion that emphasizes the chic and unique look in an affordable item. Moreover, the trend of DIY (Do it Yourself) and Customization also comes up among Madonna’s fans to express creativity through clothing. 

Figure: Long Lasting Legacy of Madonna in the 80s Fashion


For Madonna, the 1980s decade could be the peak of her coming to the industry. But the impact she left on fashion, is still enduring. Her legacy is still followed as a source of inspiration for designers, fashion enthusiasts, and artists. This article just worked a glimpse of Madonna in the 80s fashion through her vivid symbol of influence and ability to make the youngsters her very own in the form of creativity and self-expression.

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