Properties of Reactive Dyes

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Reactive dyes have a reactive group that reacts with fiber molecules. In this context, we will talk about the properties of reactive dyes.

Image: Properties of Reactive Dyes
Image: Reactive Dyes

Properties of Reactive Dyes areas:

  • It contains a group that reacts with hydroxyl in cellulose. 
  • Make the covalent bond with fiber and become a part of the fiber. 
  • A certain amount of Dye is hydrolyzed by water during Dyeing.
  • Dying is carried out in alkaline conditions (PH=11.5). 
  • The electrolyte is necessary for the level of dying.
  • Fastener properties are good.
Reactive Dyes Reaction
Reactive Dyes Reaction

Striping is used to dye remove from faults in Dyeing fabric 

Azo group is removed.

  1. Partial Striping: treating the fabric with Acetic Acid or formic acid 

Acetic Acid equal to 5 to 10% 

formic acid 2.5 to 10% 

Temperatures 7 to 200 degrees centigrade 

Time until the desired shade is obtained 

  1. Full Stripe: treated with hydro’s at a 100-degree

Sodium hydrosulfite 

Then wash off.

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