Pigment Wash Recipe with Process

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Garments made from pigment-dyed or pigment-printed fabric will be pigment-washed.

1. Load garment and liquor (consider M: L = 1: 5)

2. Raise temp. up to 500c (By steam supply)

3. Add detergent @ 1% o.w.m.

Detergent and frictional effects of garments remove a portion of pigment resulting in fading effect.

4. Raise temp. to 600c and continue washing for 20-30 min.

5. Drop the liquor and add fresh water. Wash for 5 min at 500c.

6. Add 0.1 – 0.5% softener (if softness feeling is desired) 

7. Hydro-extraction and dry.

  • During pigment wash, batch size should be less than 30% – 40% of m/c loading capacity. Otherwise, the fading effect may be unsatisfactory due to a lack of frictional effect. This process may be applied on single-color and multi-color pigment-dyed or pigment-printed garments.
Image: Hydro-Extraction Machine
Image: Hydro-Extraction Machine

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