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A sewing machine with an overlocker is a two-in-one machine where you are able to stitch fabric and material with the use of thread. Overlocker will help you to join the edges of two pieces of fabric with an overlock stitch. Here, I have reviewed the best sewing machines with overlockers that you can purchase in 2023. Have a glance!

Best Sewing Machines Reviews

A sewing machine with an overlocker is supposed to perform a variety of tasks of sewing, for instance, basic sewing, professional finish seams, and hemming. I considered sewing demands, my budget, and the precision of machines through their performance. All these helped me to shop for a sewing machine with the overlocker. Also, it is worth considering the amount of threads the machine can handle in terms of stitch options and the build quality. 

Janome My Excel 3018 (MW 18)

This sewing machine comes up with a jam-proof bobbin system with an effortless tackle from silk to denim, also an efficient sewing speed. The MW18 number basically shows that the machine can do 18 essential stitches starting from doing an automatic buttonhole to helping in simplifying sewing. 

Figure: Janome My Excel 3018 (MW 18)
Figure: Janome My Excel 3018 (MW 18)

My Review: I have found the sewing machine very easy to use for beginners. The manual which was attached to the machine was easy to go through. Besides, there is no material that the machine cannot handle when it comes to sewing multiple layers of denim without giving any effort. The machine is supposed to last for decades if it is well taken care of. 

Janome MyLock 644D

The Janome MyLock 644D is an overlocker with a stitch speed of 1300 per minute. The product includes a two-feed dog differential feed system to prevent puckered edges on woven fabrics. It stretches well on the materials that are knitted. Besides, When rolled hemming, the machine offers a rolled hem conversion mechanism.

Figure: Janome MyLock 644D Sewing Machines with Overlocker
Figure: Janome MyLock 644D Sewing Machines with Overlocker

My Review: I found the machine’s color-coded guides amusing as they simply track the thread’s path. Besides, if I point out its fantastic review:

  • Easy to thread.
  • Achieving a uniform stitch on any fabric type is possible.

Baby Lock BLCS02 Coverstitch

One thing that describes this product is the machine stitches perfectly. If you are planning to sew woven or stretch fabric, the Baby Lock has no other alternative to look beyond. The machine is solid, sturdy, and high-quality. All you need is to focus on the good quality thread and frequent change of needles.

Figure: Baby Lock BLCS02 Coverstitch
Figure: Baby Lock BLCS02 Coverstitch

My Review: The Baby Lock machine works like an industrial machine at home. The machine is fast to sew and easy to use. Totally the value for money!

Janome Memory Craft MC5200

Janome Memory Craft MC5200 is a heavy machine indeed. If you want to sew garments, home decor items, or any bags, this machine will come of great use. In the manual, you will be given instructions on needle thread tension, the foot pressure. Besides, the machine comes with a convertible needle plate.

Figure: Janome Memory Craft MC5200
Figure: Janome Memory Craft MC5200

My Review: The Janome Memory Craft is a perfect machine for any handy stitch designs to flourish your creativity. I like the accuracy of the product. Most importantly, the machine comes up with a number of functions that you may not be able to experiment them all at once. Since it is a bit heavy, traveling with it will be a bit difficult but it would be an excellent purchase for sure. 

Bernina 215

While writing down the features of Bernina 215, it is worth considering the perfect stitches, easy changing stitches along with the keypad, and the bobbin. Bernina 215 does not make a great noise while sewing any thick fabric, rather the noise seems comforting. The size is compact, and solid, yet small compared to Janome product ones. 

Figure: Bernina 215 Sewing Machines with Overlocker
Figure: Bernina 215 Sewing Machines with Overlocker

My Review: Although the product is good enough during the change of stitches, the reverse of the machine is quite slow to react. I found the needle thread difficult to use. Besides your generic threads may not work in this machine. Apart from all these odds, the machine does everything as per your expectations. Besides, the advantage of using this machine is the memory function. The memory function saves your favorite stitch combination and provides you with an automatic buttonhole function. Moreover, not all machines come up with LED lights, but this machine illuminates the work area of you to allow you to acreage decorative stitches.


Overlockers without any hassle give seams a professional touch of finish. It is true that not all of you will prefer sewing machines along with overlockers. But if they complement each other in your purpose, it is never wasteful to give it a try. Like me, you can also check dozens of sewing machines to determine what suits your requirements. Do not forget to focus on performance, features, and ease of use. 

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