Feed Dog in Sewing Machine: All You Need to Know

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Sewings machines are using more than a century. A sewing machine has over 30 parts+ components. One of the critical components of a sewing machine that plays a vital role in the stitching process is the feed dog. Here I present feed dog in sewing machine.

The feed dog in sewing machine is an integral part of a sewing machine that helps to move the fabric forward while you are sewing. It is a small, toothed mechanism on the sewing machine’s sewing plate underneath the presser foot. The feed dog’s function is to grip the fabric and move it through the machine consistently, which helps to create even stitches.

What is a Feed Dog?

A feed dog is a mechanism underneath a sewing machine’s needle plate. Feed dog in sewing machine consists of several small metal teeth that move up and down, pulling the fabric through the machine as it is stitched. The number of feed dog teeth can vary depending on the machine model and its purpose.

Feed Dog Part of Sewing Machine
Fig: Feed Dog Part of Sewing Machine

How Feed dog works in the Sewing Machine

When you lower the presser foot and begin sewing, the feed dog will move back and forth, feeding the fabric through the machine consistently, which helps to create even stitches. If the feed dog is not working correctly or is damaged, it can affect the quality of your sewing.

It works by moving the fabric through the sewing machine. When the sewing machine’s presser foot is lowered, and you begin to sew, the feed dog moves back and forth, pulling the fabric under the needle constantly. This ensures that the fabric is being sewn at an even pace, producing uniform stitches. The feed dog’s teeth grip the fabric and move it forward while the presser foot keeps it in place.

This part is also responsible for controlling the amount of fabric being fed through the machine. The feed dog’s speed can be adjusted to suit the type of fabric being sewn, and it can also be raised or lowered to adjust the pressure applied to the fabric. This is particularly important when working with delicate fabrics, where too much pressure can cause the fabric to pucker or become damaged.

How to fix Feed Dog issues (maintenance) in Sewing Machine?

If you are experiencing problems with the feed dog, it may be necessary to adjust its height. The feed dog’s height can be adjusted using a small screw on the sewing machine’s base. The screw controls the height of the feed dog and can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to raise or lower it. When the feed dog is too high, it can damage the fabric, while if it is too low, it may not grip the fabric correctly, causing uneven stitches. Adjusting the feed dog’s height can be a simple fix for many issues.

Adjusting Feed Dog in Sewing Machine

Or you can read the manual from brother sewing machine guide.


In conclusion, the feed dog is a critical component of a sewing machine, enabling the fabric to be moved through the Sewing machine consistently, creating even stitches. It is essential to keep the feed dog clean and adjust its height to suit the sewn fabric.

If you experience any issues with the feed dog, it is vital to address maintenance promptly to avoid further damage to your machine or fabric. With proper care and maintenance, the feed dog can provide reliable service for many years, enabling you to create beautiful and functional garments, crafts, and other sewing projects.

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