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Soil releasing agents are used in fabric to modify the fabric surface to minimize subsequent soiling. It helps to reduce get attracted by soil or other dirt and helps fast cleaning during washing.

What is Soil Releasing Agent?

Soil release agent is textile auxiliaries which modifies the fabric surface to minimize subsequent soiling.

Soil Releasing Agent
Soil Releasing Agent

It produce from specific polymers are specific soil release agents. Here are the Key Feature of Soil Release Agents and their benefits.

Key Features and Benefits

NoProductKey Features & BenefitslonicityRecommended Dosage

tonicitySuitable for durable hydrophilic, anti-static and soil-releasing finishing of polyester and its blended fabric significantly improves the oil and stain removal effects with good washing durabilityNon-ionicExhaust:3.5% o.w.fPadding: 20-40 g/L
2WholeWin 700anti-MicrobialAgentWHOLEWIN 700 have good inhibitory effect on Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungi and molds on treated fabrics has a good inhibitory effect on the door, deterioration and damage of fabrics caused by bacteriaWHOLEWIN 700 can bound irreversibly to the fiber surface excellent durability to washing (>50 time)Minimal influence on shade, color fastness and hand-feel of fabricsStable in acid to neutral working fluid, resistant to 180-190 high temperature suitable for padding, exhaustion, spraying, coating etcNon-ionicExhaust:3.5% o.w.fPadding: 20-40 g/L

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