10 Sustainable Clothing Brands Men: From Outdoor to Wardrobe Basics

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You are bound to change your style if you come across guilt-free sustainable clothing brands for men. We have curated here 10 ethical clothing offered by Webshops is one-stop clothing that you get to see easily.

What is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing means clothing made of biodegradable components made of natural as well as recycled fiber. These materials require no pesticide, no use of fertilizer, and less consumption of energy and water.

Sustainable Clothing
What is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing brands men try to reduce their carbon emissions using ethical measures and the disposal of chemicals in a safe method.

10 Sustainable Clothing Brands List:

A sustainable clothing brand men responsibly make a positive impact by treating fairly across the supply chain process. They focus on manufacturing products using recycled materials. Not only do they expect the products to be sustainably sourced, but also take part in ethically produced.

Make yourself aware of these 10 ethically made clothing brands for men in 2023 in the following:

1. Everlane

If you are looking for wardrobe basics with a bit of minimal style, choose Everlane over any other sustainable clothing brand for men.

Homepage image of Everlane

Everlane is popular to be the clothing retail company partnered with ethical factories around the world with the finest materials. Radical transparency is one of their measures to bring a new bunch of clothing.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.everlane.com/

Helpline: Check here.

2. Asket

While staying in the choice of wardrobe basics and looking for premium favorite labels, Asket comes forward to serve you. Asket is a Swedish brand that offers a tightly curated collection of well-made items.

Image of Asket
Homepage Image of Asket

It also maintains a high standard. Sustainability is also their key motive to lessen the impact on the environment. The eco-friendly packaging has a low impact on the non-toxic dyes due to the product.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.asket.com/bd

Address: Fiskargatan 8,116 20, Stockholm

3. Tentree

Another sustainable clothing brand men is none other than Tentree. You can wear their products almost daily.

Image of Tentree
Homepage Image of Tentree

Their products are also wearable, accessible to all. The company’s ethics are to keep sustainability intact from sourcing, and manufacturing to accessibility. Besides, the minimal-style brand is pretty carbon-neutral in recommending the dress-up.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.tentree.com/

Helpline: support@tentree.com

Address: 230 – 1275 Venables St, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, V6A 2E4

4. Nudie Jeans

This is another Swedish denim sustainable clothing brand for men. Nudie Jeans uses sustainability in fabric composition and exclusive manufacture of bulk products.

Nudie Jeans
Homepage of Nudie Jeans

Since most of their products are denim-made, they extend the product lifespan by offering repair and washing. Their encouragement towards long-lasting denim is to wash the jeans at a less frequent time. Besides, the aim is to have jeans in a strong and long-lasting method.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.nudiejeans.com/

Helpline: customercare@nudiejeans.com

Email: info@nudiejeans.com

Address: Nudie Jeans Marketing AB, Västra Hamngatan 6, SE-411 17 Göteborg, Sweden

5. Patagonia

Sustainability is another name for Patagonia. This brand makes the choice that is responsible for helping the planet with ethical means.

Image of Patagonia
Homepage Image of Patagonia

Using trade-certified factories, they produce products that remain in safe working conditions using eco-friendly materials. Patagonia is proud to be one of the sustainable clothing brands men that use organic cotton and materials of recycled in making their products.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.patagonia.com/home/

6. Older Brother

Older Brother is a Los Angeles-based sustainable clothing brand men that uses natural ingredients in dyeing their clothing products. For instance, Chaga mushrooms and sea kelp. On the other hand, they come up with organic cotton, linen, wool, and rice paper which are directly sourced from farms in Japan.

Image of Older Brother
Homepage Image of Older Brother

They dye them without any use of toxic chemicals and heavy materials in the studio in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, they use renewable as well as biodegradable materials to make different puffer coats.

Contact Information:

Website: https://olderbrother.us/

7. Pact

Pact, a sustainable apparel brand from Boulder, Colorado, specializes in making wardrobe basics. They aim to make quality products ethically in Fair Trade Certified Factories.

Image of Pact
Homepage Image of Pact

They also bring a collection of underwear and outerwear in the softest and most sustainable basics.

Contact Information:

Website: https://wearpact.com/men

Address: Colorado

8. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a California-based sustainable clothing brand men dedicated to timeless apparel for men.

Image of Taylor Stitch
Homepage Image of Taylor Stitch

They are thoughtful enough to bring essentials focusing on men’s apparel. Taylor Stitch brings a repair and resell program that extends a product’s life. Also minimizing waste is their prime concern. Their product size range is from XS to XXL.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.taylorstitch.com/

Helpline: (415) 304-8208

9. Passion Lilie

Passion Lilie, a fair trade, and sustainable clothing brand for men, denotes the classic and streamlined silhouettes in designated fabrics. This is a fair-trade brand located in New Orleans. The button-down collection is also available.

Passion Lilie
Homepage image of Passion Lilie

It is made of handwoven fabric using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Small batches are handmade in India by artisans to preserve heritage authenticity. Moreover, their focus on fitness and comfort is what helps them to create timeless pieces and ignore over-consumption.

Contact Information:

Website: https://passionlilie.com/

Helpline: Check here

10. All Birds

All Birds is a New Zealand located sustainable clothing brand for men. They have covered you in the clothing line from morning to afternoon. Their sustainable clothing brand men has t-shirts, sweaters, underwear, and socks.

All Birds
Homepage image of All Birds

Besides, the brand ensures materials named sugarcane SweetFoam midsoles, and laces from different recycled plastic bottles. Also, there are sustainable materials like Lyocell, Merino Wool, and Patented blends-TrinoXO all of these are used in the manufacturing of clothes.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.allbirds.com/


Before sustainability becomes jargon for everyone, the set of conscious shoppers ensures sustainability by investing in buying comparatively fewer products. Once upon a time, buying better was always the preference of those shopaholics. Buying from sustainable clothing brands men help you shop for new things in secondhand. Look for these 10 clothing brands that are committed to reducing waste as well as sourcing eco-friendly materials.

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