Top 5 Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers

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Are smart textile testers manufacturers of today well ahead of detecting faults in textiles using the equipment? Find out the answer while exploring the details.

List of Top 5 Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers

Smart textile testers manufacturers well-design the tester formation to bring confidence in the textile function. Also, their tester equipment proves their intended work even if it’s a clothing item. Since clothing manufacturers are building up textile testers around the world, it has become easy to ensure the clothing gets the properly standardized tagline with desired quality. Some of the manufacturers are:

1. ChiuVention

ChiuVention comes up with a smart textile testers manufacturer that provides consistent and proven test results. This smart textile testers manufacturer here save automation time and provide innovative testing equipment. You get enough support in every stage of the smart textile testers’ experiment from ChiuVention. Their service is high-quality in nature. With the lab building assistance, you get deeper knowledge about the textile testers’ equipment as well.

Greatest Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Helpline: + 86 769 2329 4842
  • Email:
  • Address: Industrial Zone No.1, Gangyuan Avenue, Shimei Community, Wanjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

2. Direct Industry by Virtual Expo Group

Virtual Expo Group comes with quality fabric testers that enable you to be a master in quality testing. Quality is their main priority. You can avail yourself of factory direct sales with the assurance of quality and customization. They also deliver their best equipment upon your need!

Greatest Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: 17 Avenue André Roussin, 13016 Marseille

3. EuroFins

A startup to a full-fledged industry of various textile testing services manufacturer is none other than Eurofins. Their consumer product division of testing starts from the year 2012. Since then, Eurofins has been providing an extensive international laboratory network. Their focus is Textile, leather, and other forms. One of their services is testing services. Contact them in the following details:

Greatest Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers
Top 5 Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers 7

Contact Information:

  • Website:

4. Gester Instruments

Gester Instruments manufacturer provides textile testing equipment. One of their products is mask testers, PFE, BFE testing equipment, and other mask differential pressure testers. Contact them here:

Testers Manufacturers

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Helpline: +86 595 28886108
  • Email:
  • Address: No.15, Chifeng Road, Licheng Region, Quanzhou city of Fuijan, PR China

5. James Heal

James Heal is a well-known supplier of textile testing instruments for the market of North America. Their products are testing experts developed that remain in the leading sector of testing innovation. Since 1872, James Heal has been working on improving different aspects of materials testing.

Greatest Smart Textile Testers Manufacturers

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Helpline: +1 703 436 1288
  • Address: PPT Group Corp, t/a James Heal 45921 Maries Road, Suite 120, Sterling, Virginia, USA

Importance of Smart Textile Testing

Smart textile refers to textiles that are competent to sense and respond to any environmental changes. Smart textile testers are newly proven standardized test methods that examine and determine the various properties of textiles in physical, mechanical, and chemical areas.

Smart textile testers are extremely critical in ensuring product safety and confirming the industrial quality control mechanism. Smart textile testers cover more than 5 important environments starting from electrical, mechanical, optical, and others mentioned above. These testers complete their task of ensuring any faults during the textile creation. Moreover, 3 factors affect the overall result of these smart textile testers. They are:

  • Atmospheric Condition.
  • Methodology
  • Testing Instruments

Most of the leading manufacturers conduct these testing using the equipment. The reasons are wide-ranging. For instance:

  • To control the faults of textiles before the manufacturing process.
  • To ensure the product quality.
  • To retain customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure the brand image of the manufacturing company.


Do Smart Textiles and E-Textile mean the same thing?

Smart textiles and e-textiles are not the same things because the passive type of smart textiles does not count as electronic or e-textile. Smart textiles are those textiles that sense their surrounding environment and react to the environment by changing certain behaviors. Meanwhile, e-textiles enable electronic equipment that fulfills a specific purpose. Meanwhile, passive smart textiles do not include any electronic equipment, for instance: UV protective, anti-microbial functions can be well-conducted using smart textiles testers only.

Final Words

Manufacturers today are coming up with developing new and innovative textile testers. That is where exactly the importance of smart textile testing lies. These developments not only ensure the fabric quality but also provide insights into where exactly more changes are required. In this fast fashion world, it has been a need for manufacturers to carry out necessary tests. We are glad to come up with 5 manufacturers who are in the lead to do so!

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