What is Cable Knit? Properties, and Features

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What is Cable Knit? Cable knits are cotton-made robust fabrics that require an easy-to-care method for their construction. Cable knit hardly wrinkles but requires proper maintenance to retain the garment’s shape. Have a look at the following subtopics to learn more interesting details about Cable Knit.

Image: What is Cable Knit
Image: Cable Knit

What is Cable Knit?

Cable knit refers to the knitting technique seen in sweaters mostly. In this technique, stitches intercept each other with different twists, braids, as well as cords, and patterns. With Cable Knit, you can make sweaters, blankets, cardigans, and pillows of various weights. 

Image: What is Cable Knit
Image: Cable Knit

What is Cable Knit Fabric?

Cable knit fabric refers to the textured fabric pattern made by twisting and crossing yarn threads. The stitching makes a raised, interlaced design that resembles cables. The fabric’s characteristic cables create a comfortable, complex, and visually appealing texture that adds depth and interest to the knitted garment. 

Image: What is Cable Knit Fabric
Image: Cable Knit Fabric

What is Cable Knit Made of?

Cable knit is commonly derived from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Cotton and synthetic fibers, on the other hand, have grown in popularity because they are less expensive, easier to maintain, and ideal for people who are allergic to wool. The texture, feel, and warmth of a cable knit garment can be affected by the material used.

Image: What is Cable Knit Made of
Image: Cable Knit Fabric

Properties of Cable Knit

Fabric NameCable Knit Fabric
Thickness and StructureExcellent
VersatilityVersatile in nature.
ComfortComfortable to wear
StyleClassic, fashionable, and timeles

Characteristics of Cable Knit

Cable Knit as a fabric has multi-faceted features that make it stand out among all. They are:

  • Soft Texture: Cable Knit fabric is very soft to the skin.
  • Greatly Elastic: Cable Knit Fabric has an ample amount of elasticity.
  • Interesting Pattern: Cable Knit fabric has a completely different surface pattern, created with various colors and yarns.

Applications of Cable Knit

Cable knit fabric has various uses in the textile industry. They are:

  1. Sweater: Sweater, Cardigans, Blankets, and Pullovers.
  2. Alternative to Knitwear production
  3. Applicable in Casual Dresses, vests, and Jackets
Image: Applications of Cable Knit
Image: Applications of Cable Knit


Cable knit techniques come in various types of cable stitch. The most standard one is the rope. Apart from that, you can see braid stitches on clothing items. Twist is another stitch type of cable knit. Cable knitting may appear complicated at first, but it’s a lot of fun once you get into it! Just carefully follow the patterns, and you’ll create something beautiful. 

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