What is Jersey Knit Fabric?

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In the world of fabric, there are various kinds of textiles that are used for different clothing or apparel items. You will be surprised to know how many types of fabric exist and the color variations they come in. If you are familiar with the textile industry then you will have some idea about some of these fabric materials. 

Now coming to jersey knit fabric, it is a single-knit cotton fabric. This material is notorious for its softness and stretchability. Because of the knitting pattern, the material gets natural elasticity without needing stretch fibers such as elastane. 

Jersey knit fabric is mostly used for manufacturing jerseys for sports players but is also used in making cotton tee-shirts or shorts. However, this fabric is also used for making sheets or bedding sometimes. That is because, jersey knit bed sheets are very soft, and stretchy and release wrinkles easier than percale. 

Jersey Knit Fabric
Image of Jersey Knit Fabric

Jersey knit fabric has a fabric composition made using wool, synthetic fibers, and cotton. The fabric’s possible thread count variations are 150 to 600. This fabric is very breathable and has medium heat retention abilities. 

Now that you have some idea about the jersey knit fabric, let us dive deeper into its usage. 

What is Jersey Knit Fabric Used For?

Jersey knit fabric is not an uncommon type of fabric as it has various uses. It is characterized by its close-knit and considerable stretchiness. You will see that a lot of t-shirts, underwear, shorts, and various other types of garments are made using jersey knit fabric. The fabric is very lightweight so it is not exactly durable or insulative. It is uncommon to wear any garment made from jersey knit fabric during the chilly weather as it allows air and wind to pass through very easily. 

Using of Jersey Knit Fabric
Using Jersey Knit Fabric

Garments that you usually wear close to the skin are made using this fabric as it helps to keep the body cool and has high water retention abilities. A lot of bedsheets are also manufactured using this fabric as it is very soft and has a high absorbency nature. 

However, most sportswear and athleisure items are made using this material. This is because it wicks off sweat very easily and is also not high maintenance. Many tank tops are made using jersey knit fabric because of its stretchability. As the fabric can be found in various colors, it also has different usages. Recently, many sweatshirts and sweatpants are also made using this popular fabric

The Types of Jersey Knit Fabric. 

There are a lot of types of jersey knit fabric in the market with various characteristics. Here we will be talking about some of them. 

The Types of Jersey Knit Fabric
Different Types of Jersey Knit Fabric

1. Jacquard Jersey

Jacquard jersey is a weft-double kit fabric where the jacquard type of mechanism is used. This fabric is made using a lot of complex and highly patterned knits which are achieved using industrial knitting machines. 

2. Single Jersey 

The single jersey is a basic fabric which is a weft knitted fabric. It is knitted using only one row of needles. The fabric consists of a reverse loop structure on one side and a flat loop on the other side which is why the front and back side of the fabric does not look the same. 

3. Slub Jersey 

Slub knit jersey is made using slub yarn which is usually a cotton yarn. The slub cotton consists of some imperfections and lumps which are usually left behind on purpose as the fabric is made by twisting it. 

4. Clocqué Jersey 

This fabric is a double fabric with a jacquard effect. It is made using various yarns of different characters or twists. Usually, it is blended with silk/cotton or silk/wool. This fabric has amazing stretchability properties. 

5. Stretch Jersey

This is another basic fabric that features a common jersey fabric material like polyester or wool. Often, this material is combined with spandex or any elastic fiber which is similar to this one. Most t-shirts or skirts are made using this material. 

6. Interlock Jersey

The interlock fabric is a double-knit fabric made using two sets of needles. The loops get interlock which results in a smooth and durable fabric item. The fabric has light stretch and high recovery which means it can bounce back to its shape after stretching. 

What is Sports Jersey Material?

The t-shirt and shorts set that football players cricket or any sports players wear during their performance is known as a jersey. This is because of the kind of material their clothing is manufactured with. In the past, usually the jersey fabric was made using wool but now, it is mostly made with cotton or synthetic jersey garments. 

Since the fabric has high moisture-wicking ability and the breathability is also high, people prefer using it to manufacture garments that are usually worn during sports. The jersey sets are made using 100% polyester and go through rapid dry processing which is beneficial in keeping sweat away. To ensure that the clothing is lightweight and does not feel heavy on the wear, it is made using cotton or a blend of cotton. 

Sports Jersey Material
Image of Sports Jersey Material

Those are the ones that are usually worn by sports players to ensure they do not feel uncomfortable during the match. However, there are various jerseys that are made using different types of materials such as bamboo, silk, rayon, hemp, viscose, or cotton. It is very easy to make designs or prints on the jerseys and the prints do not wash off after several usages. The reason sports jerseys are expensive as they are long-lasting. 

Is Jersey Fabric Good for Summer?

As the jersey fabric is manufactured to wear while playing sports when players get very sweaty, this fabric is also good for the summer. Jersey knit fabric is drapey and flexible and one of the all-time best fabrics to wear during the hot weather. along with classic tunics and breezy dresses, jerseys are also suitable for lightweight cover-ups or beach-ready sweaters. It does not hold onto sweat and is very breathable. 

Jersey Fabric in summer
Jersey Fabric in summer

Air circulation is at its best for the jersey knit fabric. For the summer, linen or cotton jersey is an excellent choice as both of them are very lightweight and do not feel hot when you wear them. moreover, the fabric does not stick to your body which allows air to cool you down. As the jersey fabric has extensive versatility, you can wear it in different colors and styles. 

It is also very easy to customize your favorite designs on the jersey so that it is easy for you to stand out from the rest. However, close-knit jersey fabrics tend to trap heat which can make you feel warmer than usual. They are not the best option to wear during summer as it keeps you warm. 

What is the Jersey T-shirt Material?

Jersey material is used for making different types of clothing items that are different from each other. For t-shirts, the jersey fabric is made using cotton and synthetic fibers. As a result, the cost of cotton jersey t-shirts is lower than that of polyester ones. Synthetic fibers used for making jerseys allow them to be more durable. These jerseys are very breathable and absorbent. You will not feel suffocated or hot while wearing jerseys made using this material. 

Jersey T-shirt Material
Image of Jersey T-shirt Material

A lot of brands manufacture t-shirts that are made using jersey fabric. Most sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, puma, reebok, converse, fila, and many more have jersey t-shirts in their collection which are often preferred by most people. They look appealing when worn and come in various sizes and colors. Some brands also offer customized designs on the t-shirts as it is very easy to print on jersey fabric. the prints also do not wear off over time and stay on as it was the first time. There are a lot of jersey fabrics that are used in making t-shirts so you have various options to choose from in the market. 

What is Cotton Jersey Fabric?

From the name you can understand that this fabric is made using cotton. The cotton jersey fabric is a kind of knitted fabric that is known for its comfy and soft feel. Since this fabric is made using 100% cotton, it is very breathable and absorbent. The fabric has a laid-back aesthetic which is preferable for people who do not want to go for a fancy look. This material is also very stretchy because of the fabric. You will notice that traditional cotton does not have a lot of flexibility but because of the knitting technique, the fabric gains an elastic quality. 

Cotton Jersey Fabric
Image of Cotton Jersey Fabric

There is no need to blend synthetic fibers such as spandex or elastane to achieve elasticity. Cotton jersey fabric is also great for making clothes that are worn during summer or in hot climate countries. That is because cotton allows a lot of air to pass through which helps in keeping the body cool and sweat-free when humidity is high. This fabric is also wrinkle-resistance and low-maintenance which means you do not have to worry about the quality declining over time. Moreover, clothes made using the cotton jersey fabric can be worn over and over again as the quality retention is at its peak for these items. 

What Are the Characteristics of Jersey Fabric? 

The jersey fabric has various characteristics that set it apart from other fabric materials. Such as – 

1. Soft 

Jersey fabric is very smooth and soft and that is crucial for the wearer. If you have sensitive skin then you will not feel itchy or uncomfortable while wearing any item made from this fabric. 

2. Well-made

Usually, all the jersey fabrics have a nice drape but it also depends on the fiber composition of the fabric. jersey fabrics which have silk or viscose blend have a smoother drape than cotton based, which has more structure. 

Characteristics of Jersey Fabric
Some Characteristics of Jersey Fabric

3. Opaque

Because of the jersey’s knitted composition, the fabric is quite opaque. As a result, the fibers are closer together which allows no light can pass through them. 

4. Stretchy

Once again because of the knitted structure, the fabric has a stretching property. This makes the fabric great to use for manufacturing clothing which are worn during heavy movements. In some cases, spandex is also used to make the fabric stretchier.

5. Absorbent and breathable. 

Cotton jerseys are best for breathability as they allow air circulation. Jersey blends with cotton are ideal for everyday use as they can absorb sweat without any difficulty and let air pass through to keep the wearer cool. 

Comparison Between Cotton Jersey and Cotton. 

As both the fabric materials are very different from one another, a comparison table is helpful to identify which is which. 

Cotton Jersey Cotton
Has a soft, flowing texture along with drapes. Does not have much texture. Has a rigid and structure texture and does not flow with the wind not have any drapes. 
Feels very smooth and comfortable against the skin.  Feels slightly coarse on the skin but soft and comfortable regardless. 
Jersey is made using knitted construction which gives it a natural stretchability.When cotton is in its traditional form, it does not have much stretchability. 
Cotton jerseys have a good amount of elasticity which allows the clothing to stretch and accommodate the body during various movements. This fabric is comparatively less elastic and does not provide the similar levels of flexibility and stretchability. 
It is made by interlocking loops of yarn which makes the fabric stretchy and flexible. Made by a weaving process where there are vertical warp and horizontal weft yarns crossing over each other. 
It is known for its high levels of breathability which allows to keep the body cool and comfortable during summer time.Cotton is also very breathable and allows air to pass through which ensures heat and moisture to escape from the body. 
Jersey cotton has moderate moisture absorption and can retain moisture up to some extent. Cotton is known for its high moisture absorption and also known for its amazing moisture-wicking properties. 

Final Words:

The jersey knit fabric is an amazing material that has various uses. You will find several clothing items that are manufactured using this fabric as it is super versatile and comfortable to wear all year round. 

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