What is Chino Fabric? An Ideal for Outdoor Wear

Md Mahedi Hasan

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It is hard to find any durable and well-constructed twill weave fabric. Chino Fabric is one of them. However, Chino fabric was in the textile industry for military outfit purposes. But its easy-to-use features make it durable enough to wear for a long time. This article concerns Chino fabric, its applications, and small to big details.

Image: Chino Fabric
Image: Chino Fabric

What is Chino Fabric?

Chino means a cotton twill fabric with wide use in the manufacturing process. The sturdiness and durability make the fabric unique regarding diagonal weave patterns. Chino fabric is 100% cotton-made fabric with a few blends with synthetic fibers to improve the performance features. 

Image: Chino Fabric
Image: Chino Fabric

To make chino fabric, the yarns are tightly twisted to produce a strong fabric. Let’s know what it’s made of.

What is Chino Fabric Made of?

Chino fabric is made of 100% cotton. It is mainly colored as khaki or tan mostly. A few blends of synthetic fibers improve the performance of the chino fabric. Although Chino fabric is made of cotton, it is primarily complex with a twill weave structure. No matter whether the chino fabric is cotton-made or blended, it works fantastic for jackets, skirts, and trousers.

Characteristics of Chino Fabric

Chino Fabric has a good range of features. They are:

  1. Fit: Chino fabric fits well. It accentuates the individual who wears any outfit made out of it.
  2. Material: Chino fabric is breathable and stretchy, which makes perfect outdoor clothing.
  3. Functionality and Durability: Chino fabric is functional and durable, offering great benefits.
Image: Characteristics of Chino Fabric
Image: Characteristics of Chino Fabric

Applications of Chino Fabric

  1. Clothing: Tops, Button-down Shirt, Classic dress shirt.
  2. Uniforms: Military, Hospital, and Corporate uniforms.
  3. Home Furnishing: Slipcovers, Upholstery, and Drapery.
  4. Accessories: Bags, Hats, and Belts
Image: Chino Fabric Clothing
Image: Chino Fabric Clothing


Because chino fabric doesn’t wrinkle or crease easily, it’s a popular choice for anyone looking for low-maintenance apparel. 

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