What is Fabric Consumption? Key Consumption Factors

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Apparel consumption means the amount of raw material (fabrics, trimmings, and accessories) used to make that apparel. Meanwhile, fabric consumption is how much fabric is required to make the complete garments from cutting to finishing.

Example: Fabric consumption for woven shirt 18 yds/ apparel, button consumption, 12 pes/ apparel, sewing thread 155m / apparel, etc.

  • Woven fabric consumption is determined in length units (yds, meters, etc )
  • Knit fabric consumption is determined in weight units (pound, gm, kg, etc)
Fabric Consumption
Image of Fabric Consumption

Fabric consumption Factors

  • Types of Apparel (knit/ woven)
  • Measurement of Apparels  160z  = 1 lbs
  • Weight of the fabric (GSM, ounce/ yds)
  • Fabric width
  • Different allowances (sewing allowance, seam, allowance, wash allowance)
  • Waste %
  • Size of apparels
  • Fittings of Apparel
  • Types of the fabric

Why knit fabric doesn’t measure in length units? Let me know in the comments.

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