What is Mohair Yarn? Characteristics & its 10 Advantages

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Mohair yarn, being highly lustrous and sheen, gets a blended version while assimilating with the silk fibers. Consider a review of this yarn-making in this article!

What is Mohair Yarn
Figure: Mohair Yarn

What is Mohair Yarn?

What is Mohair Yarn

Mohair Yarn refers to the yarn of soft wool available in Angora goat hair. It is also known as diamond fiber because of its distinct luster and shiny look. Many yarns of this soft wool include hand-dyed yarns.

To make it more high-quality, this yarn gets blended up with different textiles like alpaca or merino-type wool. The Angora-Goat-made yarn tends to be resilient in all senses! Moreover, Mohair is not any less expensive yarn. The production process is rigorous, intending to make it a luxury one!

How is Mohair Yarn Constructed?

Mohair Yarn Constructed

There are 2 specific seasons when the Mohair farms start the shearing process. The production involves cleaning the wool to get rid of any kind of dirt from the wool. Producers use the spinning process to turn the wool into yarn. After that, the yarn gets useful for knitting and weaving the fabric version of Mohair.

There is confusion about Angora Goats and rabbits. Mohair tends to be the extracted version of the wool fiber of the Angora goat. Here the age of the goat is the most important because based on the age, the hair differs in thickness and tensile strength.

Characteristics of Mohair Yarn

The versatility of Mohair yarn knows no bounds when they are helpful in garment applications. The features behind this diamond fiber are as follows:

1. Odor-Resistant: The yarn is odor-resistant to any kind of bacteria. Also, it is resistant to wrinkles because of the premium fiber structure.

2. Moisture-Wicking Ability: The Moisture-Wicking ability is high. Naturally, it is flame-retardant.

3. Elasticity: Mohair is very elastic. They are well-stretched up to nearly thirty percent.

4. Sheen and Durability: Both sheen and durability with a warm feel are supreme compared to synthetic ones.

Comparing Yarn: Mohair vs. Angora Wool vs. Cashmere

Mohair vs Angora wool, the difference lies in the fact that the wool version comes from the rabbits of Angora whereas the Mohair wool one comes from the goats of Angora. Both are resilient because of their soft nature and silky performance. In this comparison area, Cashmere wool is the one that comes from goats.

Figure: Mohair vs. Angora Wool vs. Cashmere
Figure: Mohair vs. Angora Wool vs. Cashmere

The other area is the soft version. It is an estimated fact that Cashmere is softer compared to Mohair. In terms of durability and resilience, Mohair stands first on the list of both Cashmere and Angora wool.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mohair Yarn

Listing down the advantages is easy when it is about yarn like Mohair. The advantages surpass the disadvantages in most cases. For instance:

Advantages of Mohair Yarn

  • Shiny like Silk.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • It holds dyed properly with added color.
  • Remains warm and lightweight.
  • A great insulator.
  • Good for any sensitive skin person to wool.
  • Breathable.
  • Easily absorbs moisture.
  • Comfortable In any weather.
  • Fireproof.

Disadvantages of Mohair Yarn Clothing:

  1. Expensive type among all wool versions.
  2. The Mohair industry is full of negative experiences of inhuman practices on animals.


Is Mohair Yarn Sensitive to the skin?

For those of you, who have sensitive skin, Mohair yarn can be a good alternative to anti-itchy fabric. The wool is less itchy. Rather, the wool is standard enough like sheep’s wool.

What are the application areas of Mohair Yarn?

In the case of this yarn, the fiber diameter increases accordingly with the age of the goat. Here, the thinner fibers mean wool has been well-resourced from younger goats. However, Mohair yarn clothing is one of the specific areas of application of this yarn. Using this yarn, it is easy to make sweaters, carpets, any kind of drapery, and outerwear. The total 4 specific areas of this yarn’s utilization are:

  1. For gorgeous knitting opportunities.
  2. Home Furnishings items: Upholstery, carpets.
  3. Doll Wigs: To get shiny hair just like humans on dolls.
  4. Artificial Fur-making: To mimic fake and fluffy animal furs.
Application areas of Mohair Yarn
Application areas of Mohair Yarn

The Bottom Line

In 2023, mohair yarn clothing has become one of the softest yet luscious materials. These yarns are not only bulking up thin yarns but also knitting alone in creating airy-like wool fabrics. These yarns are also easy to wash. They require hand-washing and flat-dry methods. Putting them on the washing machine not only damages the fiber but also worsens the lustrous effect. Since the yarn’s smooth fiber does not irritate the skin, why not go align with this fast-fashion trend?

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